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PEPPERPICKLE is a small program that can be used to secretly store a file into an image file.

The hidden file is encrypted using AES256 and stored steganographically in the image. A hidden file can be any file, provided it is significantly smaller than the cover image (i.e. the image file it is stored in).

Supported input formats for the cover image are PNG, JPG and GIF. As output, only PNG is supported.

Currently, the message is stored using the LSB (Least Significant Bit) of the pixel data. The ability to use more LSBs and the addition of algorithms that increase the storage capability of an image are planned for a future release.

Please report any bugs you might find. Suggestions and feature requests are welcome.


to encrypt a file into an image:

$ pepperpickle -encrypt FILE_TO_HIDE -image IMAGE

to decrypt a file:

$pepperpickle -decrypt IMAGE_out.png

In both cases the user will be asked to provide a password.

to print a short help: $ pepperpickle -h

to print the version string: $ pepperpickle -version


Binaries for Windows, Linux-amd64 and Mac OS X are available at:

Simply extract the binary to a folder in your PATH, e.g. /usr/local and make sure that it is executable.

Installation from source

pepperpickle is written in Go 1.6. To successfully compile it, "" and "" are needed.

You can install the additional libraries by issuing: $ go get $ go get

or just clone the repo: $ git clone

see for further information

When all dependencies are met, build with $ go build pepperpickle.go or install with $ go install pepperpickle

Revision history

v0.0.3: added -version option; first Windows build
v0.0.2: added workaround for images with fully transparent sections
v0.0.1: initial commit

Known issues

pepperpickle_0: on some pixels with a green value of 255 in images with transparency, the green value is set to 1. Apparently this is not an overflow bug in pepperpickle itself. I am investigating the issue, but any help is greatly appreciated.


pepperpickle is released under a BSD-Style license.


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