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type IPVar

type IPVar struct {
	Val *string

func (IPVar) Set

func (v IPVar) Set(s string) error

func (IPVar) String

func (v IPVar) String() string

func (IPVar) Type

func (v IPVar) Type() string

type LeaderElectionConfiguration

type LeaderElectionConfiguration struct {
	// leaderElect enables a leader election client to gain leadership
	// before executing the main loop. Enable this when running replicated
	// components for high availability.
	LeaderElect bool
	// leaseDuration is the duration that non-leader candidates will wait
	// after observing a leadership renewal until attempting to acquire
	// leadership of a led but unrenewed leader slot. This is effectively the
	// maximum duration that a leader can be stopped before it is replaced
	// by another candidate. This is only applicable if leader election is
	// enabled.
	LeaseDuration metav1.Duration
	// renewDeadline is the interval between attempts by the acting master to
	// renew a leadership slot before it stops leading. This must be less
	// than or equal to the lease duration. This is only applicable if leader
	// election is enabled.
	RenewDeadline metav1.Duration
	// retryPeriod is the duration the clients should wait between attempting
	// acquisition and renewal of a leadership. This is only applicable if
	// leader election is enabled.
	RetryPeriod metav1.Duration
	// resourceLock indicates the resource object type that will be used to lock
	// during leader election cycles.
	ResourceLock string

LeaderElectionConfiguration defines the configuration of leader election clients for components that can run with leader election enabled.

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