Build desktop applications using Go & Web Technologies.

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The traditional method of providing web interfaces to Go programs is via a built-in web server. Wails offers a different approach: it provides the ability to wrap both Go code and a web frontend into a single binary. Tools are provided to make this easy for you by handling project creation, compilation and bundling. All you have to do is get creative!

The official docs can be found at


  • Use standard Go for the backend
  • Use any frontend technology to build your UI
  • Quickly create Vue, Vuetify or React frontends for your Go programs
  • Expose Go methods/functions to the frontend via a single bind command
  • Uses native rendering engines - no embedded browser
  • Shared events system
  • Native file dialogs
  • Powerful cli tool
  • Multiplatform


This project is supported by these kind people / companies:


Wails uses cgo to bind to the native rendering engines so a number of platform dependent libraries are needed as well as an installation of Go. The basic requirements are:

  • Go 1.13
  • npm


Make sure you have the xcode command line tools installed. This can be done by running:

xcode-select --install



sudo apt install libgtk-3-dev libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev

Debian: 8, 9, 10

Ubuntu: 16.04, 18.04, 19.04

Also succesfully tested on: Zorin 15, Parrot 4.7, Linuxmint 19, Elementary 5, Kali, Neon, Pop!_OS

Arch Linux / ArchLabs / Ctlos Linux

sudo pacman -S webkit2gtk gtk3

Also succesfully test on: Manjaro & ArcoLinux


sudo yum install webkitgtk3-devel gtk3-devel

CentOS 6, 7


sudo yum install webkit2gtk3-devel gtk3-devel

Fedora 29, 30

VoidLinux & VoidLinux-musl

xbps-install gtk+3-devel webkit2gtk-devel


sudo emerge gtk+:3 webkit-gtk


Windows requires gcc and related tooling. The recommended download is from Once this is installed, you are good to go.


Ensure Go modules are enabled: GO111MODULE=on and go/bin is in your PATH variable.

Installation is as simple as running the following command:

go get -u

Next Steps

It is recommended at this stage to read the comprehensive documentation at


  • Is this an alternative to Electron?

    Depends on your requirements. It's designed to make it easy for Go programmers to make lightweight desktop applications or add a frontend to their existing applications. Whilst Wails does not currently offer hooks into native elements such as menus, this may change in the future.

  • Who is this project aimed at?

    Go programmers who want to bundle an HTML/JS/CSS frontend with their applications, without resorting to creating a server and opening a browser to view it.

  • What's with the name?

    When I saw WebView, I thought "What I really want is tooling around building a WebView app, a bit like Rails is to Ruby". So initially it was a play on words (Webview on Rails). It just so happened to also be a homophone of the English name for the Country I am from. So it stuck.


Special Mentions

Without the following people, this project would never have existed:

  • Dustin Krysak - His support and feedback has been immense. More patience than you can throw a stick at (Not long now Dustin!).
  • Serge Zaitsev - Creator of Webview which Wails uses for the windowing.
  • Byron - At times, Byron has single handedly kept this project alive. Without his incredible input, we never would have got to v1.

This project was mainly coded to the following albums:


FOSSA Status

Special Thanks

A *huge* thanks to Pace for sponsoring the project and helping the efforts to get Wails ported to Apple Silicon!

If you are looking for a Project Management tool that's powerful but quick and easy to use, check them out!

A special thank you to JetBrains for donating licenses to us!

Please click the logo to let them know your appreciation!




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var BuildMode = cmd.BuildModeProd

    BuildMode indicates what mode we are in


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    type App

    type App struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      App defines the main application struct

      func CreateApp

      func CreateApp(optionalConfig ...*AppConfig) *App

        CreateApp creates the application window with the given configuration If none given, the defaults are used

        func (*App) Bind

        func (a *App) Bind(object interface{})

          Bind allows the user to bind the given object with the application

          func (*App) Run

          func (a *App) Run() error

            Run the app

            type AppConfig

            type AppConfig struct {
            	// The width and height of your application in pixels
            	Width, Height int
            	// The title to put in the title bar
            	Title string
            	// The HTML your app should use. If you leave it blank, a default will be used:
            	// <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head><meta charset="utf-8"><meta http-equiv="IE=edge" content="IE=edge"></head><body><div id="app"></div><script type="text/javascript"></script></body></html>
            	HTML string
            	// The Javascript your app should use. Normally this should be generated by a bundler.
            	JS string
            	// The CSS your app should use. Normally this should be generated by a bundler.
            	CSS string
            	// The colour of your window. Can take "#fff", "rgb(255,255,255)", "rgba(255,255,255,1)" formats
            	Colour string
            	// Indicates whether your app should be resizable
            	Resizable bool
            	// Minimum width of a resizable window. If set, MinHeight should also be set.
            	MinWidth int
            	// Minimum height of a resizable window. If set, MinWidth should also be set.
            	MinHeight int
            	// Maximum width of a resizable window. If set, MaxHeight should also be set.
            	MaxWidth int
            	// Maximum height of a resizable window. If set, MaxWidth should also be set.
            	MaxHeight int
            	// Indicated if the devtools should be disabled
            	DisableInspector bool

              AppConfig is the configuration structure used when creating a Wails App object

              func (*AppConfig) GetCSS

              func (a *AppConfig) GetCSS() string

                GetCSS returns the user CSS

                func (*AppConfig) GetColour

                func (a *AppConfig) GetColour() string

                  GetColour returns the colour

                  func (*AppConfig) GetDisableInspector

                  func (a *AppConfig) GetDisableInspector() bool

                    GetDisableInspector returns true if the inspector should be disabled

                    func (*AppConfig) GetHTML

                    func (a *AppConfig) GetHTML() string

                      GetHTML returns the default HTML

                      func (*AppConfig) GetHeight

                      func (a *AppConfig) GetHeight() int

                        GetHeight returns the desired height

                        func (*AppConfig) GetJS

                        func (a *AppConfig) GetJS() string

                          GetJS returns the user Javascript

                          func (*AppConfig) GetMaxHeight

                          func (a *AppConfig) GetMaxHeight() int

                            GetMaxHeight returns the maximum height of the window

                            func (*AppConfig) GetMaxWidth

                            func (a *AppConfig) GetMaxWidth() int

                              GetMaxWidth returns the maximum width of the window

                              func (*AppConfig) GetMinHeight

                              func (a *AppConfig) GetMinHeight() int

                                GetMinHeight returns the minimum height of the window

                                func (*AppConfig) GetMinWidth

                                func (a *AppConfig) GetMinWidth() int

                                  GetMinWidth returns the minimum width of the window

                                  func (*AppConfig) GetResizable

                                  func (a *AppConfig) GetResizable() bool

                                    GetResizable returns true if the window should be resizable

                                    func (*AppConfig) GetTitle

                                    func (a *AppConfig) GetTitle() string

                                      GetTitle returns the desired window title

                                      func (*AppConfig) GetWidth

                                      func (a *AppConfig) GetWidth() int

                                        GetWidth returns the desired width

                                        type CustomLogger

                                        type CustomLogger = logger.CustomLogger

                                          CustomLogger is a specialised logger

                                          type Runtime

                                          type Runtime = wailsruntime.Runtime

                                            Runtime is the Go Runtime struct

                                            type Store

                                            type Store = wailsruntime.Store

                                              Store is a state store used for syncing with the front end


                                              Path Synopsis
                                              Package webview implements Go bindings to C library.
                                              Package webview implements Go bindings to C library.
                                              Package runtime contains all the methods and data structures related to the runtime library of Wails.
                                              Package runtime contains all the methods and data structures related to the runtime library of Wails.