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Published: Jan 29, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
broker/gocloud Package gocloud provides a pubsub broker for Go Cloud.
broker/googlepubsub Package googlepubsub provides a Google cloud pubsub broker
broker/grpc Package grpc is a point to point grpc broker
broker/grpc/proto Package broker is a generated protocol buffer package.
broker/kafka Package kafka provides a kafka broker using sarama cluster
broker/mqtt Package mqtt provides an mqtt broker
broker/nats Package nats provides a NATS broker
broker/nsq Package nsq provides an NSQ broker
broker/proxy Package proxy is a broker using the micro proxy
broker/rabbitmq Package rabbitmq provides a RabbitMQ broker
broker/redis Package redis provides a Redis broker
broker/stan Package stan provides a NATS Streaming broker
client/grpc Package grpc provides a gRPC client Package grpc provides a gRPC options
client/http Package http provides a http client
client/http/test Package test is a generated protocol buffer package.
codec/bsonrpc Package bsonrpc provides a bson-rpc codec
codec/jsonrpc2 Package jsonrpc2 provides a json-rpc 2.0 codec Based on powerman/rpc-codec: The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2015 Alex Efros
codec/msgpackrpc Package msgpackrpc provides a msgpack-rpc codec
micro/disable_rpc Package disable_rpc disables the /rpc endpoint
micro/gzip Package gzip is a micro plugin for gzipping http response
micro/index Package index is a micro plugin for stripping a path index
micro/ip_whitelist Package ip_whitelist is a micro plugin for whitelisting ip addresses
micro/router Package router is a micro plugin for defining HTTP routes
micro/stats_auth stats_auth enables basic auth on the /stats endpoint
micro/trace/awsxray Package awsxray is a micro plugin for whitelisting service requests
micro/trace/uuid Package uuid is a micro plugin for adding a trace header
micro/whitelist Package whitelist is a micro plugin for whitelisting service requests
registry/etcd Package etcd provides an etcd registry
registry/etcdv3 Package etcdv3 provides an etcd version 3 registry
registry/eureka Package eureka provides a Eureka registry
registry/eureka/mock This file was generated by counterfeiter
registry/kubernetes Package kubernetes provides a kubernetes registry
registry/nats Package nats provides a NATS registry using broadcast queries
registry/proxy Package proxy is a registry plugin for the micro proxy
registry/zookeeper Package zookeeper provides a zookeeper registry
selector/blacklist Package blacklist is a selector which includes blacklisting of nodes when they fail
selector/label Package label is a priority label based selector.
selector/static Package static is a selector which always returns the name specified with a port-number appended.
server/grpc Package grpc provides a grpc server
server/http Package http implements a go-micro.Server
transport/grpc Package grpc provides a grpc transport
transport/grpc/proto Package go_micro_grpc_transport is a generated protocol buffer package.
transport/nats Package nats provides a NATS transport
transport/rabbitmq Package rabbitmq provides a RabbitMQ transport
transport/tcp Package tcp provides a TCP transport
transport/utp Package utp implements a utp transport
wrapper/endpoint Package endpoint provides a wrapper that executes other wrappers for specific methods
wrapper/select/roundrobin Package roundrobin implements a roundrobin call strategy
wrapper/select/shard Package shard implements the sharding call strategy
wrapper/service Package wrapper injects a go-micro.Service into the context
wrapper/trace/awsxray Package awsxray is a wrapper for AWS X-Ray distributed tracing
wrapper/trace/opencensus Package opencensus provides wrappers for OpenCensus tracing.
wrapper/trace/opentracing Package opentracing provides wrappers for OpenTracing