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type BMPData

type BMPData struct {
	Temperature float64
	Pressure    float64
	T           time.Duration

type IMUCalData

type IMUCalData struct {
	A01, A02, A03    float64 // Accelerometer hardware bias
	G01, G02, G03    float64 // Gyro hardware bias
	M01, M02, M03    float64 // Magnetometer hardware bias
	Ms11, Ms12, Ms13 float64 // Magnetometer rescaling matrix
	Ms21, Ms22, Ms23 float64 // (Only diagonal is used currently)
	Ms31, Ms32, Ms33 float64

func (*IMUCalData) Load

func (d *IMUCalData) Load() (err error)

func (*IMUCalData) Reset

func (d *IMUCalData) Reset()

func (*IMUCalData) Save

func (d *IMUCalData) Save()

type IMUData

type IMUData struct {
	G1, G2, G3        float64
	A1, A2, A3        float64
	M1, M2, M3        float64
	Temp              float64
	GAError, MagError error
	N, NM             int
	T, TM             time.Time
	DT, DTM           time.Duration

IMUData contains all the values measured by an MPU9250, ICM20948 or equivalent.

type IMUSensor

type IMUSensor struct {
	C    <-chan *IMUData // Current instantaneous sensor values
	CAvg <-chan *IMUData // Average sensor values (since CAvg last read)
	CBuf <-chan *IMUData // Buffer of instantaneous sensor values

type PressureSensor

type PressureSensor struct {
	C    <-chan *BMPData
	CBuf <-chan *BMPData

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