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Package symlink implements EvalSymlinksInScope which is an extension of filepath.EvalSymlinks, as well as a Windows long-path aware version of filepath.EvalSymlinks from the Go standard library.

The code from filepath.EvalSymlinks has been adapted in fs.go. Please read the LICENSE.BSD file that governs fs.go and LICENSE.APACHE for fs_test.go.




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func EvalSymlinks(path string) (string, error)

EvalSymlinks returns the path name after the evaluation of any symbolic links. If path is relative the result will be relative to the current directory, unless one of the components is an absolute symbolic link. This version has been updated to support long paths prepended with `\\?\`.

func FollowSymlinkInScope

func FollowSymlinkInScope(path, root string) (string, error)

FollowSymlinkInScope is a wrapper around evalSymlinksInScope that returns an absolute path. This function handles paths in a platform-agnostic manner.


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