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PersonalNewsletter - Aggregator

This directory is there to aggregate different data from all over the web. All modules return a Module struct (definied in types.go) and an error.




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type Button

type Button struct {
	Text string `json:"text"` // Button text
	URL  string `json:"url"`  // Button URL

type Image

type Image struct {
	Text string `json:"text"`   // Image text
	URL  string `json:"source"` // Image source URL
	X    int64  `json:"x"`      // Image X size
	Y    int64  `json:"y"`      // Image Y size
type Link struct {
	Text string `json:"text"` // Link text
	URL  string `json:"url"`  // Link URL

Basically the same as a button, but a Module can contain multiple. They are below the text.

type Module

type Module struct {
	Caption string `json:"caption"`            // Title of the module
	Image   Image  `json:"image"`              // Image of the module - optional
	Text    string `json:"text"`               // Text of the module - optional
	Links   []Link `json:"links"`              // Collection of links - optional (ex. RSS feed)
	Button  Button `json:"button",omitonempty` // Button of the module - optional

The output of a module. Several of these make up an email

func FetchHoroscope

func FetchHoroscope(sign string) (Module, error)

func FetchQuoteOfTheDay

func FetchQuoteOfTheDay() (Module, error)

func FetchRssFeed

func FetchRssFeed(url string, count int) (Module, error)

type OhmandaRes

type OhmandaRes struct {
	Text string `json:"horoscope"`

type QUTDResponse

type QUTDResponse struct {
	Success struct {
		Total int `json:"total"`
	} `json:"success"`
	Contents struct {
		Quotes []struct {
			Quote    string `json:"quote"`
			Author   string `json:"author"`
			Language string `json:"language"`
		} `json:"quotes"`
	} `json:"contents"`

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