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type FakeDynamicSharedInformerFactory

type FakeDynamicSharedInformerFactory struct {
	GenericInformer *FakeGenericInformer

func NewFakeDynamicSharedInformerFactory

func NewFakeDynamicSharedInformerFactory() *FakeDynamicSharedInformerFactory

func (FakeDynamicSharedInformerFactory) ForResource

func (FakeDynamicSharedInformerFactory) Start

func (d FakeDynamicSharedInformerFactory) Start(stopCh <-chan struct{})

func (FakeDynamicSharedInformerFactory) WaitForCacheSync

func (d FakeDynamicSharedInformerFactory) WaitForCacheSync(stopCh <-chan struct{}) map[schema.GroupVersionResource]bool

type FakeGenericInformer

type FakeGenericInformer struct {
	SharedIndexInformer *FakeSharedIndexInformer
	GenericLister       *FakeGenericLister

func NewFakeGenericInformer

func NewFakeGenericInformer() *FakeGenericInformer

func (FakeGenericInformer) Informer

func (FakeGenericInformer) Lister

type FakeGenericLister

type FakeGenericLister struct {
	ListErr error
	Objects []runtime.Object

	GetErr error
	Object runtime.Object

	NamespaceLister *FakeNamespaceLister

func NewFakeGenericLister

func NewFakeGenericLister() *FakeGenericLister

func (*FakeGenericLister) ByNamespace

func (f *FakeGenericLister) ByNamespace(namespace string) cache.GenericNamespaceLister

ByNamespace will give you a GenericNamespaceLister for one namespace

func (FakeGenericLister) Get

func (f FakeGenericLister) Get(name string) (runtime.Object, error)

Get will attempt to retrieve assuming that name==key

func (FakeGenericLister) List

func (f FakeGenericLister) List(selector labels.Selector) (ret []runtime.Object, err error)

List will return all objects across namespaces

type FakeNamespaceLister

type FakeNamespaceLister struct {
	Namespace string

	ListErr error
	Objects []runtime.Object

	GetErr error
	Object runtime.Object

GenericNamespaceLister is a lister skin on a generic Indexer

func NewFakeNamespaceLister

func NewFakeNamespaceLister() *FakeNamespaceLister

func (FakeNamespaceLister) Get

Get will attempt to retrieve by namespace and name

func (FakeNamespaceLister) List

func (f FakeNamespaceLister) List(selector labels.Selector) (ret []runtime.Object, err error)

List will return all objects in this namespace

type FakeSharedIndexInformer

type FakeSharedIndexInformer struct {
	Handlers []cache.ResourceEventHandler

func NewFakeSharedIndexInformer

func NewFakeSharedIndexInformer() *FakeSharedIndexInformer

func (*FakeSharedIndexInformer) AddEventHandler

func (s *FakeSharedIndexInformer) AddEventHandler(handler cache.ResourceEventHandler)

func (FakeSharedIndexInformer) AddEventHandlerWithResyncPeriod

func (s FakeSharedIndexInformer) AddEventHandlerWithResyncPeriod(handler cache.ResourceEventHandler, resyncPeriod time.Duration)

func (FakeSharedIndexInformer) AddIndexers

func (s FakeSharedIndexInformer) AddIndexers(indexers cache.Indexers) error

func (FakeSharedIndexInformer) GetController

func (s FakeSharedIndexInformer) GetController() cache.Controller

func (FakeSharedIndexInformer) GetIndexer

func (s FakeSharedIndexInformer) GetIndexer() cache.Indexer

func (FakeSharedIndexInformer) GetStore

func (s FakeSharedIndexInformer) GetStore() cache.Store

func (FakeSharedIndexInformer) HasSynced

func (s FakeSharedIndexInformer) HasSynced() bool

func (FakeSharedIndexInformer) LastSyncResourceVersion

func (s FakeSharedIndexInformer) LastSyncResourceVersion() string

func (FakeSharedIndexInformer) Run

func (s FakeSharedIndexInformer) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

func (FakeSharedIndexInformer) SetWatchErrorHandler

func (s FakeSharedIndexInformer) SetWatchErrorHandler(handler cache.WatchErrorHandler) error

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