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var (
	//ErrBadAfter means malformed pagination parameter.
	ErrBadAfter = errors.New("malformed pagination parameter after")
	//ErrParameterCountMismatch means wrong number of parameters to query.
	ErrParameterCountMismatch = errors.New("wrong number of parameters to query")


func ValidateTransactionFilter added in v0.2.0

func ValidateTransactionFilter(filt string) error

ValidateTransactionFilter verify txfeed filter validity.


type AnnotatedAccount

type AnnotatedAccount struct {
	ID         string         `json:"id"`
	Alias      string         `json:"alias,omitempty"`
	XPubs      []chainkd.XPub `json:"xpubs"`
	Quorum     int            `json:"quorum"`
	KeyIndex   uint64         `json:"key_index"`
	DeriveRule uint8          `json:"derive_rule"`

AnnotatedAccount means an annotated account.

type AnnotatedAsset

type AnnotatedAsset struct {
	ID                bc.AssetID         `json:"id"`
	Alias             string             `json:"alias"`
	VMVersion         uint64             `json:"vm_version"`
	IssuanceProgram   chainjson.HexBytes `json:"issue_program"`
	RawDefinitionByte chainjson.HexBytes `json:"raw_definition_byte"`
	Definition        *json.RawMessage   `json:"definition"`
	LimitHeight       int64              `json:"limit_height"`

AnnotatedAsset means an annotated asset.

type AnnotatedInput

type AnnotatedInput struct {
	Type             string               `json:"type"`
	AssetID          bc.AssetID           `json:"asset_id"`
	AssetAlias       string               `json:"asset_alias,omitempty"`
	AssetDefinition  *json.RawMessage     `json:"asset_definition,omitempty"`
	Amount           uint64               `json:"amount"`
	IssuanceProgram  chainjson.HexBytes   `json:"issuance_program,omitempty"`
	ControlProgram   chainjson.HexBytes   `json:"control_program,omitempty"`
	Address          string               `json:"address,omitempty"`
	SpentOutputID    *bc.Hash             `json:"spent_output_id,omitempty"`
	AccountID        string               `json:"account_id,omitempty"`
	AccountAlias     string               `json:"account_alias,omitempty"`
	Arbitrary        chainjson.HexBytes   `json:"arbitrary,omitempty"`
	InputID          bc.Hash              `json:"input_id"`
	WitnessArguments []chainjson.HexBytes `json:"witness_arguments"`
	SignData         bc.Hash              `json:"sign_data,omitempty"`

AnnotatedInput means an annotated transaction input.

type AnnotatedOutput

type AnnotatedOutput struct {
	Type            string             `json:"type"`
	OutputID        bc.Hash            `json:"id"`
	TransactionID   *bc.Hash           `json:"transaction_id,omitempty"`
	Position        int                `json:"position"`
	AssetID         bc.AssetID         `json:"asset_id"`
	AssetAlias      string             `json:"asset_alias,omitempty"`
	AssetDefinition *json.RawMessage   `json:"asset_definition,omitempty"`
	Amount          uint64             `json:"amount"`
	AccountID       string             `json:"account_id,omitempty"`
	AccountAlias    string             `json:"account_alias,omitempty"`
	ControlProgram  chainjson.HexBytes `json:"control_program"`
	Address         string             `json:"address,omitempty"`

AnnotatedOutput means an annotated transaction output.

type AnnotatedSigner added in v1.0.9

type AnnotatedSigner struct {
	Type       string         `json:"type"`
	XPubs      []chainkd.XPub `json:"xpubs"`
	Quorum     int            `json:"quorum"`
	KeyIndex   uint64         `json:"key_index"`
	DeriveRule uint8          `json:"derive_rule"`

AnnotatedSigner means an annotated signer for asset.

type AnnotatedTx

type AnnotatedTx struct {
	ID                     bc.Hash            `json:"tx_id"`
	Timestamp              uint64             `json:"block_time"`
	BlockID                bc.Hash            `json:"block_hash"`
	BlockHeight            uint64             `json:"block_height"`
	Position               uint32             `json:"block_index"`
	BlockTransactionsCount uint32             `json:"block_transactions_count,omitempty"`
	Inputs                 []*AnnotatedInput  `json:"inputs"`
	Outputs                []*AnnotatedOutput `json:"outputs"`
	StatusFail             bool               `json:"status_fail"`
	Size                   uint64             `json:"size"`

AnnotatedTx means an annotated transaction.

type AnnotatedUTXO added in v0.4.1

type AnnotatedUTXO struct {
	Alias               string `json:"account_alias"`
	OutputID            string `json:"id"`
	AssetID             string `json:"asset_id"`
	AssetAlias          string `json:"asset_alias"`
	Amount              uint64 `json:"amount"`
	AccountID           string `json:"account_id"`
	Address             string `json:"address"`
	ControlProgramIndex uint64 `json:"control_program_index"`
	Program             string `json:"program"`
	SourceID            string `json:"source_id"`
	SourcePos           uint64 `json:"source_pos"`
	ValidHeight         uint64 `json:"valid_height"`
	Change              bool   `json:"change"`
	DeriveRule          uint8  `json:"derive_rule"`

AnnotatedUTXO means an annotated utxo.


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