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const CacheConfigMediaTypeV0 = "application/vnd.buildkit.cacheconfig.v0"


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func Parse

func Parse(configJSON []byte, provider DescriptorProvider, t solver.CacheExporterTarget) error

func ParseConfig added in v0.6.4

func ParseConfig(config CacheConfig, provider DescriptorProvider, t solver.CacheExporterTarget) error


type CacheChains

type CacheChains struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCacheChains

func NewCacheChains() *CacheChains

func (*CacheChains) Add

func (*CacheChains) Marshal

func (c *CacheChains) Marshal() (*CacheConfig, DescriptorProvider, error)

func (*CacheChains) Visit

func (c *CacheChains) Visit(v interface{})

func (*CacheChains) Visited

func (c *CacheChains) Visited(v interface{}) bool

type CacheConfig

type CacheConfig struct {
	Layers  []CacheLayer  `json:"layers,omitempty"`
	Records []CacheRecord `json:"records,omitempty"`

type CacheInput

type CacheInput struct {
	Selector  string `json:"selector,omitempty"`
	LinkIndex int    `json:"link"`

type CacheLayer

type CacheLayer struct {
	Blob        digest.Digest `json:"blob,omitempty"`
	ParentIndex int           `json:"parent,omitempty"`

type CacheRecord

type CacheRecord struct {
	Results []CacheResult  `json:"layers,omitempty"`
	Digest  digest.Digest  `json:"digest,omitempty"`
	Inputs  [][]CacheInput `json:"inputs,omitempty"`

type CacheResult

type CacheResult struct {
	LayerIndex int       `json:"layer"`
	CreatedAt  time.Time `json:"createdAt,omitempty"`

type DescriptorProvider

type DescriptorProvider map[digest.Digest]DescriptorProviderPair

type DescriptorProviderPair

type DescriptorProviderPair struct {
	Descriptor ocispec.Descriptor
	Provider   content.Provider

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