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var ExportedProduct string

ExportedProduct is the name of the product using this package. Users vendoring this library may override it to provide better versioning hints for their users (or set it with a flag to buildkitd).


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type Cap

type Cap struct {
	ID                  CapID
	Name                string // readable name, may contain spaces but keep in one sentence
	Status              CapStatus
	Enabled             bool
	Deprecated          bool
	SupportedHint       map[string]string
	DisabledReason      string
	DisabledReasonMsg   string
	DisabledAlternative string

Cap describes an API feature

type CapError

type CapError struct {
	ID         CapID
	Definition *Cap
	State      *pb.APICap

CapError is an error for unsupported capability

func (CapError) Error

func (e CapError) Error() string

type CapID

type CapID string

CapID is type for capability identifier

type CapList

type CapList struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CapList is a collection of capability definitions

func (*CapList) All

func (l *CapList) All() []pb.APICap

All reports the configuration of all known capabilities

func (*CapList) CapSet

func (l *CapList) CapSet(caps []pb.APICap) CapSet

CapSet returns a CapSet for an capability configuration

func (*CapList) Init

func (l *CapList) Init(cc ...Cap)

Init initializes definition for a new capability. Not safe to be called concurrently with other methods.

type CapSet

type CapSet struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CapSet is a configuration for detecting supported capabilities

func (*CapSet) Supports

func (s *CapSet) Supports(id CapID) error

Supports returns an error if capability is not supported

type CapStatus

type CapStatus int

CapStatus defines the stability properties of a capability

const (
	// CapStatusStable refers to a capability that should never be changed in
	// backwards incompatible manner unless there is a serious security issue.
	CapStatusStable CapStatus = iota
	// CapStatusExperimental refers to a capability that may be removed in the future.
	// If incompatible changes are made the previous ID is disabled and new is added.
	// CapStatusPrerelease is same as CapStatusExperimental that can be used for new
	// features before they move to stable.

type PBCap

type PBCap = pb.APICap

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