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const (
	StatusPending  = "pending"
	StatusRunning  = "running"
	StatusSuccess  = "success"
	StatusFailure  = "failed"
	StatusCanceled = "canceled"
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const (
	DescPending  = "this build is pending"
	DescRunning  = "this buils is running"
	DescSuccess  = "the build was successful"
	DescFailure  = "the build failed"
	DescCanceled = "the build canceled"
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const (
	DefaultScope = "api"


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func ExtractFromPath

func ExtractFromPath(str string) (string, string, error)

func GetKeyTitle

func GetKeyTitle(rawurl string) (string, error)

GetKeyTitle is a helper function that generates a title for the RSA public key based on the username and domain name.

func GetProjectId

func GetProjectId(r *Gitlab, c *client.Client, owner, name string) (projectId string, err error)

func GetUserAvatar

func GetUserAvatar(email string) string

func GetUserEmail

func GetUserEmail(c *client.Client, defaultURL string) (*client.Client, error)

func IsAdmin

func IsAdmin(proj *client.Project) bool

IsAdmin is a helper function that returns true if the user has Admin access to the repository.

func IsRead

func IsRead(proj *client.Project) bool

IsRead is a helper function that returns true if the user has Read-only access to the repository.

func IsWrite

func IsWrite(proj *client.Project) bool

IsWrite is a helper function that returns true if the user has Read-Write access to the repository.

func NewClient

func NewClient(url, accessToken string, skipVerify bool) *client.Client

NewClient is a helper function that returns a new GitHub client using the provided OAuth token.


type Gitlab

type Gitlab struct {
	URL          string
	Client       string
	Secret       string
	AllowedOrgs  []string
	CloneMode    string
	Open         bool
	PrivateMode  bool
	SkipVerify   bool
	HideArchives bool
	Search       bool

func Load

func Load(env envconfig.Env) *Gitlab

func (*Gitlab) Activate

func (g *Gitlab) Activate(user *model.User, repo *model.Repo, k *model.Key, link string) error

Activate activates a repository by adding a Post-commit hook and a Public Deploy key, if applicable.

func (*Gitlab) Auth

func (g *Gitlab) Auth(token, secret string) (string, error)

func (*Gitlab) Deactivate

func (g *Gitlab) Deactivate(user *model.User, repo *model.Repo, link string) error

Deactivate removes a repository by removing all the post-commit hooks which are equal to link and removing the SSH deploy key.

func (*Gitlab) Hook

func (g *Gitlab) Hook(req *http.Request) (*model.Repo, *model.Build, error)

ParseHook parses the post-commit hook from the Request body and returns the required data in a standard format.

func (*Gitlab) Login

func (g *Gitlab) Login(res http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request) (*model.User, bool, error)

Login authenticates the session and returns the remote user details.

func (*Gitlab) Netrc

func (g *Gitlab) Netrc(u *model.User, r *model.Repo) (*model.Netrc, error)

Netrc returns a .netrc file that can be used to clone private repositories from a remote system.

func (*Gitlab) Oauth2Transport

func (g *Gitlab) Oauth2Transport(r *http.Request) *oauth2.Transport


func (*Gitlab) Perm

func (g *Gitlab) Perm(u *model.User, owner, name string) (*model.Perm, error)

Perm fetches the named repository from the remote system.

func (*Gitlab) Repo

func (g *Gitlab) Repo(u *model.User, owner, name string) (*model.Repo, error)

Repo fetches the named repository from the remote system.

func (*Gitlab) Repos

func (g *Gitlab) Repos(u *model.User) ([]*model.RepoLite, error)

Repos fetches a list of repos from the remote system.

func (*Gitlab) Script

func (g *Gitlab) Script(user *model.User, repo *model.Repo, build *model.Build) ([]byte, []byte, error)

GetScript fetches the build script (.drone.yml) from the remote repository and returns in string format.

func (*Gitlab) Status

func (g *Gitlab) Status(u *model.User, repo *model.Repo, b *model.Build, link string) error

NOTE Currently gitlab doesn't support status for commits and events,

also if we want get MR status in gitlab we need implement a special plugin for gitlab,
gitlab uses API to fetch build status on client side. But for now we skip this.


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