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type AuthenticationMethod

type AuthenticationMethod int
const (
	AuthenticationMethodCookie AuthenticationMethod = iota

type Executor

type Executor interface {

	Request(method, url string, form url.Values) ([]byte, error)

	SetCSRFToken(token string)
	SetAuthenticationTicket(ticket string, method AuthenticationMethod)

type PVEExecutor

type PVEExecutor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewPVEExecutor

func NewPVEExecutor(base *url.URL, client *http.Client) *PVEExecutor

func (*PVEExecutor) EndAtomicBlock

func (exc *PVEExecutor) EndAtomicBlock()

func (*PVEExecutor) Request

func (exc *PVEExecutor) Request(
	method, path string,
	form url.Values,
) ([]byte, error)

func (*PVEExecutor) SetAuthenticationTicket

func (exc *PVEExecutor) SetAuthenticationTicket(
	ticket string,
	method AuthenticationMethod,

func (*PVEExecutor) SetCSRFToken

func (exc *PVEExecutor) SetCSRFToken(token string)

func (*PVEExecutor) StartAtomicBlock

func (exc *PVEExecutor) StartAtomicBlock()

type Values

type Values url.Values

func (Values) AddBool

func (v Values) AddBool(k string, b bool)

func (Values) AddInt

func (v Values) AddInt(k string, i int)

func (Values) AddObject

func (v Values) AddObject(k string, o types.Marshaler) error

func (Values) AddString

func (v Values) AddString(k string, s string)

func (Values) AddTime

func (v Values) AddTime(k string, t time.Time)

func (Values) AddUint

func (v Values) AddUint(k string, u uint)

func (Values) ConditionalAddBool

func (v Values) ConditionalAddBool(k string, b bool, cond bool)

func (Values) ConditionalAddInt

func (v Values) ConditionalAddInt(k string, i int, cond bool)

func (Values) ConditionalAddObject

func (v Values) ConditionalAddObject(k string, t types.Marshaler, cond bool)

func (Values) ConditionalAddString

func (v Values) ConditionalAddString(k string, s string, cond bool)

func (Values) ConditionalAddTime

func (v Values) ConditionalAddTime(k string, t time.Time, cond bool)

func (Values) ConditionalAddUint

func (v Values) ConditionalAddUint(k string, u uint, cond bool)


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