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type DialFunc

type DialFunc func(network, addr string) (net.Conn, error)

type Options

type Options struct {
	// AdditionalHeaders is an additional headers which will be included to request to server
	AdditionalHeaders http.Header

	// AllowInsecureSSL allows to establish insecure SSL connections
	AllowInsecureSSL bool

	// PingPeriod is a period of "ping" messages sending
	PingPeriod time.Duration

	// RespondPings controls whether client will be response with "pong" messages on accepted "ping" messages
	RespondPings bool

	// TraceTo determines where to write debug messages.
	TraceTo io.WriteCloser

	// ShowHandshakeResponse allows to include handshake response (headers+body) to output
	ShowHandshakeResponse bool

	// Output is an output location for messages
	Output io.WriteCloser

	// ForceBinaryToStdout allows to ignore warning about binary output to stdout
	ForceBinaryToStdout bool

	// MessageAfterConnect allows to send message to server after successful connection.
	MessageAfterConnect io.ReadCloser

	// DialFunc is a function for creating TCP connections. If nil, net.Dial will be used.
	DialFunc DialFunc

Options describes global wurl options

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