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This library contains EnvKey's core cross-platform fetching, decryption, verification, web of trust, redundancy, and caching logic. It accepts an ENVKEY generated by the EnvKey App and returns decrypted configuration for a specific app environment as json.

It is used by EnvKey's various Client Libraries, including envkey-source for bash, envkey-ruby for Ruby and Rails, envkey-python for Python, envkey-node for Node.js, and envkeygo for Go.

If you want to build an EnvKey library in a language that isn't yet officially supported, build some other type of integration, or simply play around with EnvKey on the command line, envkey-fetch is the library for you. If you just want to integrate EnvKey with your project, check out one of the aforementioned higher level libraries.


envkey-fetch compiles into a simple static binary with no dependencies, which makes installation a simple matter of fetching the right binary for your platform and putting it in your PATH. An install.sh script is available to simplify this.

Install via bash:

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/envkey/envkey-fetch/master/install.sh | bash

Install manually:

Find the release for your platform and architecture, and stick the appropriate binary somewhere in your PATH (or wherever you like really).

Install from source:

With Go installed, clone the project into your GOPATH. cd into the directory and run go get and go build.

Cross-compile from source:

To compile cross-platform binaries, make sure Go is installed, then install goreleaser - follow instructions in the docs to do so.

Then to cross-compile, run:


Binaries for each platform will be output to the dist folder.


envkey-fetch YOUR-ENVKEY [flags]

This will either write your the app environment's configuration associated with your ENVKEY as json to stdout or write an error message beginning with error: to stdout.

Example json output
Example error output
error: ENVKEY invalid
    --cache              cache encrypted config as a local backup (default is false)
    --cache-dir string   cache directory (default is $HOME/.envkey/cache)
-h, --help               help for envkey-fetch
-v, --version            prints the version
    --verbose            print verbose output (default is false)
    --timeout float      timeout in seconds for http requests (default 2)

Further Reading

For more on EnvKey in general:

Read the docs.

Read the integration quickstart.

Read the security and cryptography overview.

Need help? Have questions, feedback, or ideas?

Post an issue or email us: support@envkey.com.


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