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func Sort

func Sort(events []types.BaseEvent)

Sort events in accending order base on Key From the EventHistoryCollector.latestPage sdk docs:

The "oldest event" is the one with the smallest key (event ID).
The events in the returned page are unordered.


type HistoryCollector

type HistoryCollector struct {

func (HistoryCollector) LatestPage

func (h HistoryCollector) LatestPage(ctx context.Context) ([]types.BaseEvent, error)

func (HistoryCollector) ReadNextEvents

func (h HistoryCollector) ReadNextEvents(ctx context.Context, maxCount int) ([]types.BaseEvent, error)

func (HistoryCollector) ReadPreviousEvents

func (h HistoryCollector) ReadPreviousEvents(ctx context.Context, maxCount int) ([]types.BaseEvent, error)

type Manager

type Manager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewManager

func NewManager(c *vim25.Client) *Manager

func (Manager) CreateCollectorForEvents

func (m Manager) CreateCollectorForEvents(ctx context.Context, filter types.EventFilterSpec) (*HistoryCollector, error)

func (Manager) EventCategory

func (m Manager) EventCategory(ctx context.Context, event types.BaseEvent) (string, error)

EventCategory returns the category for an event, such as "info" or "error" for example.

func (Manager) LogUserEvent

func (m Manager) LogUserEvent(ctx context.Context, entity types.ManagedObjectReference, msg string) error

func (Manager) PostEvent

func (m Manager) PostEvent(ctx context.Context, eventToPost types.BaseEvent, taskInfo types.TaskInfo) error

func (Manager) QueryEvents

func (m Manager) QueryEvents(ctx context.Context, filter types.EventFilterSpec) ([]types.BaseEvent, error)

func (Manager) RetrieveArgumentDescription

func (m Manager) RetrieveArgumentDescription(ctx context.Context, eventTypeID string) ([]types.EventArgDesc, error)

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