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const (
	DeviceTypeCdrom    = "cdrom"
	DeviceTypeDisk     = "disk"
	DeviceTypeEthernet = "ethernet"
	DeviceTypeFloppy   = "floppy"

Type values for use in BootOrder

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const (
	PropRuntimePowerState = "summary.runtime.powerState"


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var (
	ErrKeyNameNotFound = errors.New("key name not found")
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var (
	ErrNotSupported = errors.New("not supported (vCenter only)")


This section is empty.


type ClusterComputeResource

type ClusterComputeResource struct {

	InventoryPath string

func (ClusterComputeResource) AddHost

func (c ClusterComputeResource) AddHost(ctx context.Context, spec types.HostConnectSpec, asConnected bool, license *string, resourcePool *types.ManagedObjectReference) (*Task, error)

func (ClusterComputeResource) Destroy

func (c ClusterComputeResource) Destroy(ctx context.Context) (*Task, error)

func (ClusterComputeResource) ReconfigureCluster

func (c ClusterComputeResource) ReconfigureCluster(ctx context.Context, spec types.ClusterConfigSpec) (*Task, error)

type Common

type Common struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Common contains the fields and functions common to all objects.

func (Common) Client

func (c Common) Client() *vim25.Client

func (Common) Properties

func (c Common) Properties(ctx context.Context, r types.ManagedObjectReference, ps []string, dst interface{}) error

func (Common) Reference

func (c Common) Reference() types.ManagedObjectReference

func (Common) String

func (c Common) String() string

type ComputeResource

type ComputeResource struct {

	InventoryPath string

func (ComputeResource) Datastores

func (c ComputeResource) Datastores(ctx context.Context) ([]*Datastore, error)

func (ComputeResource) Destroy

func (c ComputeResource) Destroy(ctx context.Context) (*Task, error)

func (ComputeResource) Hosts

func (ComputeResource) ResourcePool

func (c ComputeResource) ResourcePool(ctx context.Context) (*ResourcePool, error)

type CustomFieldsManager

type CustomFieldsManager struct {

func GetCustomFieldsManager

func GetCustomFieldsManager(c *vim25.Client) (*CustomFieldsManager, error)

GetCustomFieldsManager wraps NewCustomFieldsManager, returning ErrNotSupported when the client is not connected to a vCenter instance.

func NewCustomFieldsManager

func NewCustomFieldsManager(c *vim25.Client) *CustomFieldsManager

func (CustomFieldsManager) Add

func (m CustomFieldsManager) Add(ctx context.Context, name string, moType string, fieldDefPolicy *types.PrivilegePolicyDef, fieldPolicy *types.PrivilegePolicyDef) (*types.CustomFieldDef, error)

func (CustomFieldsManager) Field

func (CustomFieldsManager) FindKey

func (m CustomFieldsManager) FindKey(ctx context.Context, key string) (int, error)

func (CustomFieldsManager) Remove

func (m CustomFieldsManager) Remove(ctx context.Context, key int) error

func (CustomFieldsManager) Rename

func (m CustomFieldsManager) Rename(ctx context.Context, key int, name string) error

func (CustomFieldsManager) Set

type CustomizationSpecManager

type CustomizationSpecManager struct {

func NewCustomizationSpecManager

func NewCustomizationSpecManager(c *vim25.Client) *CustomizationSpecManager

func (CustomizationSpecManager) CreateCustomizationSpec

func (cs CustomizationSpecManager) CreateCustomizationSpec(ctx context.Context, item types.CustomizationSpecItem) error

func (CustomizationSpecManager) CustomizationSpecItemToXml

func (cs CustomizationSpecManager) CustomizationSpecItemToXml(ctx context.Context, item types.CustomizationSpecItem) (string, error)

func (CustomizationSpecManager) DeleteCustomizationSpec

func (cs CustomizationSpecManager) DeleteCustomizationSpec(ctx context.Context, name string) error

func (CustomizationSpecManager) DoesCustomizationSpecExist

func (cs CustomizationSpecManager) DoesCustomizationSpecExist(ctx context.Context, name string) (bool, error)

func (CustomizationSpecManager) DuplicateCustomizationSpec

func (cs CustomizationSpecManager) DuplicateCustomizationSpec(ctx context.Context, name string, newName string) error

func (CustomizationSpecManager) GetCustomizationSpec

func (cs CustomizationSpecManager) GetCustomizationSpec(ctx context.Context, name string) (*types.CustomizationSpecItem, error)

func (CustomizationSpecManager) OverwriteCustomizationSpec

func (cs CustomizationSpecManager) OverwriteCustomizationSpec(ctx context.Context, item types.CustomizationSpecItem) error

func (CustomizationSpecManager) RenameCustomizationSpec

func (cs CustomizationSpecManager) RenameCustomizationSpec(ctx context.Context, name string, newName string) error

func (CustomizationSpecManager) XmlToCustomizationSpecItem

func (cs CustomizationSpecManager) XmlToCustomizationSpecItem(ctx context.Context, xml string) (*types.CustomizationSpecItem, error)

type Datacenter

type Datacenter struct {

func NewDatacenter

func NewDatacenter(c *vim25.Client, ref types.ManagedObjectReference) *Datacenter

func (Datacenter) Destroy

func (d Datacenter) Destroy(ctx context.Context) (*Task, error)

func (*Datacenter) Folders

func (d *Datacenter) Folders(ctx context.Context) (*DatacenterFolders, error)

type DatacenterFolders

type DatacenterFolders struct {
	VmFolder        *Folder
	HostFolder      *Folder
	DatastoreFolder *Folder
	NetworkFolder   *Folder

type Datastore

type Datastore struct {

	InventoryPath string

func NewDatastore

func NewDatastore(c *vim25.Client, ref types.ManagedObjectReference) *Datastore

func (Datastore) AttachedHosts

func (d Datastore) AttachedHosts(ctx context.Context) ([]*HostSystem, error)

AttachedHosts returns hosts that have this Datastore attached, accessible and writable.

func (Datastore) Browser

func (d Datastore) Browser(ctx context.Context) (*HostDatastoreBrowser, error)

func (Datastore) DownloadFile

func (d Datastore) DownloadFile(ctx context.Context, path string, file string, param *soap.Download) error

DownloadFile via soap.Upload with an http service ticket

func (Datastore) Name

func (d Datastore) Name() string

func (Datastore) Path

func (d Datastore) Path(path string) string

func (Datastore) ServiceTicket

func (d Datastore) ServiceTicket(ctx context.Context, path string, method string) (*url.URL, *http.Cookie, error)

ServiceTicket obtains a ticket via AcquireGenericServiceTicket and returns it an http.Cookie with the url.URL that can be used along with the ticket cookie to access the given path.

func (Datastore) URL

func (d Datastore) URL(ctx context.Context, dc *Datacenter, path string) (*url.URL, error)

URL for datastore access over HTTP

func (Datastore) Upload

func (d Datastore) Upload(ctx context.Context, f io.Reader, path string, param *soap.Upload) error

Upload via soap.Upload with an http service ticket

func (Datastore) UploadFile

func (d Datastore) UploadFile(ctx context.Context, file string, path string, param *soap.Upload) error

UploadFile via soap.Upload with an http service ticket

type DiagnosticManager

type DiagnosticManager struct {

func NewDiagnosticManager

func NewDiagnosticManager(c *vim25.Client) *DiagnosticManager

func (DiagnosticManager) BrowseLog

func (m DiagnosticManager) BrowseLog(ctx context.Context, host *HostSystem, key string, start, lines int) (*types.DiagnosticManagerLogHeader, error)

func (DiagnosticManager) GenerateLogBundles

func (m DiagnosticManager) GenerateLogBundles(ctx context.Context, includeDefault bool, host []*HostSystem) (*Task, error)

func (DiagnosticManager) QueryDescriptions

type DistributedVirtualPortgroup

type DistributedVirtualPortgroup struct {

	InventoryPath string

func (DistributedVirtualPortgroup) EthernetCardBackingInfo

EthernetCardBackingInfo returns the VirtualDeviceBackingInfo for this DistributedVirtualPortgroup

func (DistributedVirtualPortgroup) Name

type DistributedVirtualSwitch

type DistributedVirtualSwitch struct {

type ExtensionManager

type ExtensionManager struct {

func GetExtensionManager

func GetExtensionManager(c *vim25.Client) (*ExtensionManager, error)

GetExtensionManager wraps NewExtensionManager, returning ErrNotSupported when the client is not connected to a vCenter instance.

func NewExtensionManager

func NewExtensionManager(c *vim25.Client) *ExtensionManager

func (ExtensionManager) Find

func (ExtensionManager) List

func (ExtensionManager) Register

func (m ExtensionManager) Register(ctx context.Context, extension types.Extension) error

func (ExtensionManager) SetCertificate

func (m ExtensionManager) SetCertificate(ctx context.Context, key string, certificatePem string) error

func (ExtensionManager) Unregister

func (m ExtensionManager) Unregister(ctx context.Context, key string) error

func (ExtensionManager) Update

func (m ExtensionManager) Update(ctx context.Context, extension types.Extension) error

type FileManager

type FileManager struct {

func NewFileManager

func NewFileManager(c *vim25.Client) *FileManager

func (FileManager) CopyDatastoreFile

func (f FileManager) CopyDatastoreFile(ctx context.Context, sourceName string, sourceDatacenter *Datacenter, destinationName string, destinationDatacenter *Datacenter, force bool) (*Task, error)

func (FileManager) DeleteDatastoreFile

func (f FileManager) DeleteDatastoreFile(ctx context.Context, name string, dc *Datacenter) (*Task, error)

DeleteDatastoreFile deletes the specified file or folder from the datastore.

func (FileManager) MakeDirectory

func (f FileManager) MakeDirectory(ctx context.Context, name string, dc *Datacenter, createParentDirectories bool) error

MakeDirectory creates a folder using the specified name.

func (FileManager) MoveDatastoreFile

func (f FileManager) MoveDatastoreFile(ctx context.Context, sourceName string, sourceDatacenter *Datacenter, destinationName string, destinationDatacenter *Datacenter, force bool) (*Task, error)

type Folder

type Folder struct {

func NewFolder

func NewFolder(c *vim25.Client, ref types.ManagedObjectReference) *Folder

func NewRootFolder

func NewRootFolder(c *vim25.Client) *Folder

func (Folder) AddStandaloneHost

func (f Folder) AddStandaloneHost(ctx context.Context, spec types.HostConnectSpec, addConnected bool, license *string, compResSpec *types.BaseComputeResourceConfigSpec) (*Task, error)

func (Folder) Children

func (f Folder) Children(ctx context.Context) ([]Reference, error)

func (Folder) CreateCluster

func (f Folder) CreateCluster(ctx context.Context, cluster string, spec types.ClusterConfigSpecEx) (*ClusterComputeResource, error)

func (Folder) CreateDatacenter

func (f Folder) CreateDatacenter(ctx context.Context, datacenter string) (*Datacenter, error)

func (Folder) CreateFolder

func (f Folder) CreateFolder(ctx context.Context, name string) (*Folder, error)

func (Folder) CreateVM

func (f Folder) CreateVM(ctx context.Context, config types.VirtualMachineConfigSpec, pool *ResourcePool, host *HostSystem) (*Task, error)

func (Folder) RegisterVM

func (f Folder) RegisterVM(ctx context.Context, path string, name string, asTemplate bool, pool *ResourcePool, host *HostSystem) (*Task, error)

type HistoryCollector

type HistoryCollector struct {

func (HistoryCollector) Destroy

func (h HistoryCollector) Destroy(ctx context.Context) error

func (HistoryCollector) Reset

func (h HistoryCollector) Reset(ctx context.Context) error

func (HistoryCollector) Rewind

func (h HistoryCollector) Rewind(ctx context.Context) error

func (HistoryCollector) SetPageSize

func (h HistoryCollector) SetPageSize(ctx context.Context, maxCount int) error

type HostConfigManager

type HostConfigManager struct {

func (HostConfigManager) FirewallSystem

func (m HostConfigManager) FirewallSystem(ctx context.Context) (*HostFirewallSystem, error)

func (HostConfigManager) NetworkSystem

func (m HostConfigManager) NetworkSystem(ctx context.Context) (*HostNetworkSystem, error)

type HostDatastoreBrowser

type HostDatastoreBrowser struct {

func (HostDatastoreBrowser) SearchDatastore

func (b HostDatastoreBrowser) SearchDatastore(ctx context.Context, datastorePath string, searchSpec *types.HostDatastoreBrowserSearchSpec) (*Task, error)

func (HostDatastoreBrowser) SearchDatastoreSubFolders

func (b HostDatastoreBrowser) SearchDatastoreSubFolders(ctx context.Context, datastorePath string, searchSpec *types.HostDatastoreBrowserSearchSpec) (*Task, error)

type HostFirewallRulesetList

type HostFirewallRulesetList []types.HostFirewallRuleset

HostFirewallRulesetList provides helpers for a slice of types.HostFirewallRuleset

func (HostFirewallRulesetList) ByRule

ByRule returns a HostFirewallRulesetList where Direction, PortType and Protocol are equal and Port is within range

func (HostFirewallRulesetList) Disabled

Disabled returns a HostFirewallRulesetList with disabled rules

func (HostFirewallRulesetList) Enabled

Enabled returns a HostFirewallRulesetList with enabled rules

func (HostFirewallRulesetList) EnabledByRule

EnabledByRule returns a HostFirewallRulesetList with Match(rule) applied and filtered via Enabled() if enabled param is true, otherwise filtered via Disabled(). An error is returned if the resulting list is empty.

func (HostFirewallRulesetList) Keys

func (l HostFirewallRulesetList) Keys() []string

Keys returns the HostFirewallRuleset.Key for each ruleset in the list

type HostFirewallSystem

type HostFirewallSystem struct {
	Host *HostSystem

func (HostFirewallSystem) DisableRuleset

func (s HostFirewallSystem) DisableRuleset(ctx context.Context, id string) error

func (HostFirewallSystem) EnableRuleset

func (s HostFirewallSystem) EnableRuleset(ctx context.Context, id string) error

func (HostFirewallSystem) Info

func (HostFirewallSystem) Refresh

func (s HostFirewallSystem) Refresh(ctx context.Context) error

type HostNetworkSystem

type HostNetworkSystem struct {

func (HostNetworkSystem) AddPortGroup

func (o HostNetworkSystem) AddPortGroup(ctx context.Context, portgrp types.HostPortGroupSpec) error

AddPortGroup wraps methods.AddPortGroup

func (HostNetworkSystem) AddServiceConsoleVirtualNic

func (o HostNetworkSystem) AddServiceConsoleVirtualNic(ctx context.Context, portgroup string, nic types.HostVirtualNicSpec) (string, error)

AddServiceConsoleVirtualNic wraps methods.AddServiceConsoleVirtualNic

func (HostNetworkSystem) AddVirtualNic

func (o HostNetworkSystem) AddVirtualNic(ctx context.Context, portgroup string, nic types.HostVirtualNicSpec) (string, error)

AddVirtualNic wraps methods.AddVirtualNic

func (HostNetworkSystem) AddVirtualSwitch

func (o HostNetworkSystem) AddVirtualSwitch(ctx context.Context, vswitchName string, spec *types.HostVirtualSwitchSpec) error

AddVirtualSwitch wraps methods.AddVirtualSwitch

func (HostNetworkSystem) QueryNetworkHint

func (o HostNetworkSystem) QueryNetworkHint(ctx context.Context, device []string) error

QueryNetworkHint wraps methods.QueryNetworkHint

func (HostNetworkSystem) RefreshNetworkSystem

func (o HostNetworkSystem) RefreshNetworkSystem(ctx context.Context) error

RefreshNetworkSystem wraps methods.RefreshNetworkSystem

func (HostNetworkSystem) RemovePortGroup

func (o HostNetworkSystem) RemovePortGroup(ctx context.Context, pgName string) error

RemovePortGroup wraps methods.RemovePortGroup

func (HostNetworkSystem) RemoveServiceConsoleVirtualNic

func (o HostNetworkSystem) RemoveServiceConsoleVirtualNic(ctx context.Context, device string) error

RemoveServiceConsoleVirtualNic wraps methods.RemoveServiceConsoleVirtualNic

func (HostNetworkSystem) RemoveVirtualNic

func (o HostNetworkSystem) RemoveVirtualNic(ctx context.Context, device string) error

RemoveVirtualNic wraps methods.RemoveVirtualNic

func (HostNetworkSystem) RemoveVirtualSwitch

func (o HostNetworkSystem) RemoveVirtualSwitch(ctx context.Context, vswitchName string) error

RemoveVirtualSwitch wraps methods.RemoveVirtualSwitch

func (HostNetworkSystem) RestartServiceConsoleVirtualNic

func (o HostNetworkSystem) RestartServiceConsoleVirtualNic(ctx context.Context, device string) error

RestartServiceConsoleVirtualNic wraps methods.RestartServiceConsoleVirtualNic

func (HostNetworkSystem) UpdateConsoleIpRouteConfig

func (o HostNetworkSystem) UpdateConsoleIpRouteConfig(ctx context.Context, config types.BaseHostIpRouteConfig) error

UpdateConsoleIpRouteConfig wraps methods.UpdateConsoleIpRouteConfig

func (HostNetworkSystem) UpdateDnsConfig

func (o HostNetworkSystem) UpdateDnsConfig(ctx context.Context, config types.BaseHostDnsConfig) error

UpdateDnsConfig wraps methods.UpdateDnsConfig

func (HostNetworkSystem) UpdateIpRouteConfig

func (o HostNetworkSystem) UpdateIpRouteConfig(ctx context.Context, config types.BaseHostIpRouteConfig) error

UpdateIpRouteConfig wraps methods.UpdateIpRouteConfig

func (HostNetworkSystem) UpdateIpRouteTableConfig

func (o HostNetworkSystem) UpdateIpRouteTableConfig(ctx context.Context, config types.HostIpRouteTableConfig) error

UpdateIpRouteTableConfig wraps methods.UpdateIpRouteTableConfig

func (HostNetworkSystem) UpdateNetworkConfig

func (o HostNetworkSystem) UpdateNetworkConfig(ctx context.Context, config types.HostNetworkConfig, changeMode string) (*types.HostNetworkConfigResult, error)

UpdateNetworkConfig wraps methods.UpdateNetworkConfig

func (HostNetworkSystem) UpdatePhysicalNicLinkSpeed

func (o HostNetworkSystem) UpdatePhysicalNicLinkSpeed(ctx context.Context, device string, linkSpeed *types.PhysicalNicLinkInfo) error

UpdatePhysicalNicLinkSpeed wraps methods.UpdatePhysicalNicLinkSpeed

func (HostNetworkSystem) UpdatePortGroup

func (o HostNetworkSystem) UpdatePortGroup(ctx context.Context, pgName string, portgrp types.HostPortGroupSpec) error

UpdatePortGroup wraps methods.UpdatePortGroup

func (HostNetworkSystem) UpdateServiceConsoleVirtualNic

func (o HostNetworkSystem) UpdateServiceConsoleVirtualNic(ctx context.Context, device string, nic types.HostVirtualNicSpec) error

UpdateServiceConsoleVirtualNic wraps methods.UpdateServiceConsoleVirtualNic

func (HostNetworkSystem) UpdateVirtualNic

func (o HostNetworkSystem) UpdateVirtualNic(ctx context.Context, device string, nic types.HostVirtualNicSpec) error

UpdateVirtualNic wraps methods.UpdateVirtualNic

func (HostNetworkSystem) UpdateVirtualSwitch

func (o HostNetworkSystem) UpdateVirtualSwitch(ctx context.Context, vswitchName string, spec types.HostVirtualSwitchSpec) error

UpdateVirtualSwitch wraps methods.UpdateVirtualSwitch

type HostSystem

type HostSystem struct {

	InventoryPath string

func NewHostSystem

func NewHostSystem(c *vim25.Client, ref types.ManagedObjectReference) *HostSystem

func (HostSystem) ConfigManager

func (h HostSystem) ConfigManager() *HostConfigManager

func (HostSystem) ManagementIPs

func (h HostSystem) ManagementIPs(ctx context.Context) ([]net.IP, error)

func (HostSystem) Name

func (h HostSystem) Name(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

func (HostSystem) ResourcePool

func (h HostSystem) ResourcePool(ctx context.Context) (*ResourcePool, error)

func (HostSystem) String

func (h HostSystem) String() string

type HttpNfcLease

type HttpNfcLease struct {

func (HttpNfcLease) HttpNfcLeaseAbort

func (o HttpNfcLease) HttpNfcLeaseAbort(ctx context.Context, fault *types.LocalizedMethodFault) error

HttpNfcLeaseAbort wraps methods.HttpNfcLeaseAbort

func (HttpNfcLease) HttpNfcLeaseComplete

func (o HttpNfcLease) HttpNfcLeaseComplete(ctx context.Context) error

HttpNfcLeaseComplete wraps methods.HttpNfcLeaseComplete

func (HttpNfcLease) HttpNfcLeaseGetManifest

func (o HttpNfcLease) HttpNfcLeaseGetManifest(ctx context.Context) error

HttpNfcLeaseGetManifest wraps methods.HttpNfcLeaseGetManifest

func (HttpNfcLease) HttpNfcLeaseProgress

func (o HttpNfcLease) HttpNfcLeaseProgress(ctx context.Context, percent int) error

HttpNfcLeaseProgress wraps methods.HttpNfcLeaseProgress

func (HttpNfcLease) Wait

type Network

type Network struct {

	InventoryPath string

func NewNetwork

func NewNetwork(c *vim25.Client, ref types.ManagedObjectReference) *Network

func (Network) EthernetCardBackingInfo

func (n Network) EthernetCardBackingInfo(_ context.Context) (types.BaseVirtualDeviceBackingInfo, error)

EthernetCardBackingInfo returns the VirtualDeviceBackingInfo for this Network

func (Network) Name

func (n Network) Name() string

type NetworkReference

type NetworkReference interface {
	EthernetCardBackingInfo(ctx context.Context) (types.BaseVirtualDeviceBackingInfo, error)

The NetworkReference interface is implemented by managed objects which can be used as the backing for a VirtualEthernetCard.

type OvfManager

type OvfManager struct {

func NewOvfManager

func NewOvfManager(c *vim25.Client) *OvfManager

func (OvfManager) CreateDescriptor

CreateDescriptor wraps methods.CreateDescriptor

func (OvfManager) CreateImportSpec

func (o OvfManager) CreateImportSpec(ctx context.Context, ovfDescriptor string, resourcePool Reference, datastore Reference, cisp types.OvfCreateImportSpecParams) (*types.OvfCreateImportSpecResult, error)

CreateImportSpec wraps methods.CreateImportSpec

func (OvfManager) ParseDescriptor

func (o OvfManager) ParseDescriptor(ctx context.Context, ovfDescriptor string, pdp types.OvfParseDescriptorParams) (*types.OvfParseDescriptorResult, error)

ParseDescriptor wraps methods.ParseDescriptor

func (OvfManager) ValidateHost

func (o OvfManager) ValidateHost(ctx context.Context, ovfDescriptor string, host Reference, vhp types.OvfValidateHostParams) (*types.OvfValidateHostResult, error)

ValidateHost wraps methods.ValidateHost

type Reference

type Reference interface {
	Reference() types.ManagedObjectReference

type ResourcePool

type ResourcePool struct {

	InventoryPath string

func (ResourcePool) Create

func (ResourcePool) CreateVApp

func (p ResourcePool) CreateVApp(ctx context.Context, name string, resSpec types.ResourceConfigSpec, configSpec types.VAppConfigSpec, folder *Folder) (*VirtualApp, error)

func (ResourcePool) Destroy

func (p ResourcePool) Destroy(ctx context.Context) (*Task, error)

func (ResourcePool) DestroyChildren

func (p ResourcePool) DestroyChildren(ctx context.Context) error

func (ResourcePool) ImportVApp

func (p ResourcePool) ImportVApp(ctx context.Context, spec types.BaseImportSpec, folder *Folder, host *HostSystem) (*HttpNfcLease, error)

func (ResourcePool) Name

func (p ResourcePool) Name(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

func (ResourcePool) String

func (p ResourcePool) String() string

func (ResourcePool) UpdateConfig

func (p ResourcePool) UpdateConfig(ctx context.Context, name string, config *types.ResourceConfigSpec) error

type SearchIndex

type SearchIndex struct {

func NewSearchIndex

func NewSearchIndex(c *vim25.Client) *SearchIndex

func (SearchIndex) FindByDatastorePath

func (s SearchIndex) FindByDatastorePath(ctx context.Context, dc *Datacenter, path string) (Reference, error)

FindByDatastorePath finds a virtual machine by its location on a datastore.

func (SearchIndex) FindByDnsName

func (s SearchIndex) FindByDnsName(ctx context.Context, dc *Datacenter, dnsName string, vmSearch bool) (Reference, error)

FindByDnsName finds a virtual machine or host by DNS name.

func (SearchIndex) FindByInventoryPath

func (s SearchIndex) FindByInventoryPath(ctx context.Context, path string) (Reference, error)

FindByInventoryPath finds a managed entity based on its location in the inventory.

func (SearchIndex) FindByIp

func (s SearchIndex) FindByIp(ctx context.Context, dc *Datacenter, ip string, vmSearch bool) (Reference, error)

FindByIp finds a virtual machine or host by IP address.

func (SearchIndex) FindByUuid

func (s SearchIndex) FindByUuid(ctx context.Context, dc *Datacenter, uuid string, vmSearch bool, instanceUuid *bool) (Reference, error)

FindByUuid finds a virtual machine or host by UUID.

func (SearchIndex) FindChild

func (s SearchIndex) FindChild(ctx context.Context, entity Reference, name string) (Reference, error)

FindChild finds a particular child based on a managed entity name.

type StoragePod

type StoragePod struct {

type StorageResourceManager

type StorageResourceManager struct {

func NewStorageResourceManager

func NewStorageResourceManager(c *vim25.Client) *StorageResourceManager

func (StorageResourceManager) ApplyStorageDrsRecommendation

func (sr StorageResourceManager) ApplyStorageDrsRecommendation(ctx context.Context, key []string) (*Task, error)

func (StorageResourceManager) ApplyStorageDrsRecommendationToPod

func (sr StorageResourceManager) ApplyStorageDrsRecommendationToPod(ctx context.Context, pod *StoragePod, key string) (*Task, error)

func (StorageResourceManager) CancelStorageDrsRecommendation

func (sr StorageResourceManager) CancelStorageDrsRecommendation(ctx context.Context, key []string) error

func (StorageResourceManager) ConfigureDatastoreIORM

func (sr StorageResourceManager) ConfigureDatastoreIORM(ctx context.Context, datastore *Datastore, spec types.StorageIORMConfigSpec, key string) (*Task, error)

func (StorageResourceManager) ConfigureStorageDrsForPod

func (sr StorageResourceManager) ConfigureStorageDrsForPod(ctx context.Context, pod *StoragePod, spec types.StorageDrsConfigSpec, modify bool) (*Task, error)

func (StorageResourceManager) QueryDatastorePerformanceSummary

func (sr StorageResourceManager) QueryDatastorePerformanceSummary(ctx context.Context, datastore *Datastore) ([]types.StoragePerformanceSummary, error)

func (StorageResourceManager) QueryIORMConfigOption

func (sr StorageResourceManager) QueryIORMConfigOption(ctx context.Context, host *HostSystem) (*types.StorageIORMConfigOption, error)

func (StorageResourceManager) RecommendDatastores

func (StorageResourceManager) RefreshStorageDrsRecommendation

func (sr StorageResourceManager) RefreshStorageDrsRecommendation(ctx context.Context, pod *StoragePod) error

type Task

type Task struct {

Task is a convenience wrapper around task.Task that keeps a reference to the client that was used to create it. This allows users to call the Wait() function with only a context parameter, instead of a context parameter, a soap.RoundTripper, and reference to the root property collector.

func NewTask

func NewTask(c *vim25.Client, ref types.ManagedObjectReference) *Task

func (*Task) Wait

func (t *Task) Wait(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Task) WaitForResult

func (t *Task) WaitForResult(ctx context.Context, s progress.Sinker) (*types.TaskInfo, error)

type VirtualApp

type VirtualApp struct {

func NewVirtualApp

func NewVirtualApp(c *vim25.Client, ref types.ManagedObjectReference) *VirtualApp

func (VirtualApp) CreateChildVM_Task

func (p VirtualApp) CreateChildVM_Task(ctx context.Context, config types.VirtualMachineConfigSpec, host *HostSystem) (*Task, error)

func (VirtualApp) Name

func (p VirtualApp) Name(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

func (VirtualApp) PowerOffVApp_Task

func (p VirtualApp) PowerOffVApp_Task(ctx context.Context, force bool) (*Task, error)

func (VirtualApp) PowerOnVApp_Task

func (p VirtualApp) PowerOnVApp_Task(ctx context.Context) (*Task, error)

func (VirtualApp) String

func (p VirtualApp) String() string

func (VirtualApp) SuspendVApp_Task

func (p VirtualApp) SuspendVApp_Task(ctx context.Context) (*Task, error)

func (VirtualApp) UpdateVAppConfig

func (p VirtualApp) UpdateVAppConfig(ctx context.Context, spec types.VAppConfigSpec) error

type VirtualDeviceList

type VirtualDeviceList []types.BaseVirtualDevice

VirtualDeviceList provides helper methods for working with a list of virtual devices.

func EthernetCardTypes

func EthernetCardTypes() VirtualDeviceList

EthernetCardTypes are used for adding a new ethernet card to a VM.

func SCSIControllerTypes

func SCSIControllerTypes() VirtualDeviceList

SCSIControllerTypes are used for adding a new SCSI controller to a VM.

func (VirtualDeviceList) AssignController

AssignController assigns a device to a controller.

func (VirtualDeviceList) BootOrder

BootOrder returns a list of devices which can be used to set boot order via VirtualMachine.SetBootOptions. The order can any of "ethernet", "cdrom", "floppy" or "disk" or by specific device name.

func (VirtualDeviceList) ChildDisk

func (l VirtualDeviceList) ChildDisk(parent *types.VirtualDisk) *types.VirtualDisk

ChildDisk creates a new VirtualDisk device, linked to the given parent disk, which can be added to a VM.

func (VirtualDeviceList) Connect

func (l VirtualDeviceList) Connect(device types.BaseVirtualDevice) error

Connect changes the device to connected, returns an error if the device is not connectable.

func (VirtualDeviceList) ConnectSerialPort

func (l VirtualDeviceList) ConnectSerialPort(device *types.VirtualSerialPort, uri string, client bool) *types.VirtualSerialPort

ConnectSerialPort connects a serial port to a server or client uri.

func (VirtualDeviceList) CreateCdrom

CreateCdrom creates a new VirtualCdrom device which can be added to a VM.

func (VirtualDeviceList) CreateDisk

CreateDisk creates a new VirtualDisk device which can be added to a VM.

func (VirtualDeviceList) CreateEthernetCard

CreateEthernetCard creates a new VirtualEthernetCard of the given name name and initialized with the given backing.

func (VirtualDeviceList) CreateFloppy

func (l VirtualDeviceList) CreateFloppy() (*types.VirtualFloppy, error)

CreateFloppy creates a new VirtualFloppy device which can be added to a VM.

func (VirtualDeviceList) CreateSCSIController

func (l VirtualDeviceList) CreateSCSIController(name string) (types.BaseVirtualDevice, error)

CreateSCSIController creates a new SCSI controller of type name if given, otherwise defaults to lsilogic.

func (VirtualDeviceList) CreateSerialPort

func (l VirtualDeviceList) CreateSerialPort() (*types.VirtualSerialPort, error)

CreateSerialPort creates a new VirtualSerialPort device which can be added to a VM.

func (VirtualDeviceList) Disconnect

func (l VirtualDeviceList) Disconnect(device types.BaseVirtualDevice) error

Disconnect changes the device to disconnected, returns an error if the device is not connectable.

func (VirtualDeviceList) DisconnectSerialPort

func (l VirtualDeviceList) DisconnectSerialPort(device *types.VirtualSerialPort) *types.VirtualSerialPort

DisconnectSerialPort disconnects the serial port backing.

func (VirtualDeviceList) EjectImg

EjectImg removes the img file based backing and replaces with the default floppy backing.

func (VirtualDeviceList) EjectIso

func (l VirtualDeviceList) EjectIso(device *types.VirtualCdrom) *types.VirtualCdrom

EjectIso removes the iso file based backing and replaces with the default cdrom backing.

func (VirtualDeviceList) Find

Find returns the device matching the given name.

func (VirtualDeviceList) FindByKey

func (l VirtualDeviceList) FindByKey(key int) types.BaseVirtualDevice

FindByKey returns the device matching the given key.

func (VirtualDeviceList) FindCdrom

func (l VirtualDeviceList) FindCdrom(name string) (*types.VirtualCdrom, error)

FindCdrom finds a cdrom device with the given name, defaulting to the first cdrom device if any.

func (VirtualDeviceList) FindDiskController

func (l VirtualDeviceList) FindDiskController(name string) (types.BaseVirtualController, error)

FindDiskController will find an existing ide or scsi disk controller.

func (VirtualDeviceList) FindFloppy

func (l VirtualDeviceList) FindFloppy(name string) (*types.VirtualFloppy, error)

FindFloppy finds a floppy device with the given name, defaulting to the first floppy device if any.

func (VirtualDeviceList) FindIDEController

func (l VirtualDeviceList) FindIDEController(name string) (*types.VirtualIDEController, error)

FindIDEController will find the named IDE controller if given, otherwise will pick an available controller. An error is returned if the named controller is not found or not an IDE controller. Or, if name is not given and no available controller can be found.

func (VirtualDeviceList) FindSCSIController

func (l VirtualDeviceList) FindSCSIController(name string) (*types.VirtualSCSIController, error)

FindSCSIController will find the named SCSI controller if given, otherwise will pick an available controller. An error is returned if the named controller is not found or not an SCSI controller. Or, if name is not given and no available controller can be found.

func (VirtualDeviceList) FindSerialPort

func (l VirtualDeviceList) FindSerialPort(name string) (*types.VirtualSerialPort, error)

FindSerialPort finds a serial port device with the given name, defaulting to the first serial port device if any.

func (VirtualDeviceList) InsertImg

func (l VirtualDeviceList) InsertImg(device *types.VirtualFloppy, img string) *types.VirtualFloppy

InsertImg changes the floppy device backing to use the given img file.

func (VirtualDeviceList) InsertIso

func (l VirtualDeviceList) InsertIso(device *types.VirtualCdrom, iso string) *types.VirtualCdrom

InsertIso changes the cdrom device backing to use the given iso file.

func (VirtualDeviceList) Name

Name returns a stable, human-readable name for the given device

func (VirtualDeviceList) PickController

PickController returns a controller of the given type(s). If no controllers are found or have no available slots, then nil is returned.

func (VirtualDeviceList) PrimaryMacAddress

func (l VirtualDeviceList) PrimaryMacAddress() string

PrimaryMacAddress returns the MacAddress field of the primary VirtualEthernetCard

func (VirtualDeviceList) Select

Select returns a new list containing all elements of the list for which the given func returns true.

func (VirtualDeviceList) SelectBootOrder

SelectBootOrder returns an ordered list of devices matching the given bootable device order

func (VirtualDeviceList) SelectByBackingInfo

SelectByBackingInfo returns a new list with devices matching the given backing info. If the value of backing is nil, any device with a backing of the same type will be returned.

func (VirtualDeviceList) SelectByType

func (l VirtualDeviceList) SelectByType(deviceType types.BaseVirtualDevice) VirtualDeviceList

SelectByType returns a new list with devices that are equal to or extend the given type.

func (VirtualDeviceList) Type

Type returns a human-readable name for the given device

func (VirtualDeviceList) TypeName

func (l VirtualDeviceList) TypeName(device types.BaseVirtualDevice) string

TypeName returns the vmodl type name of the device

type VirtualDiskManager

type VirtualDiskManager struct {

func NewVirtualDiskManager

func NewVirtualDiskManager(c *vim25.Client) *VirtualDiskManager

func (VirtualDiskManager) CopyVirtualDisk

func (m VirtualDiskManager) CopyVirtualDisk(
	ctx context.Context,
	sourceName string, sourceDatacenter *Datacenter,
	destName string, destDatacenter *Datacenter,
	destSpec *types.VirtualDiskSpec, force bool) (*Task, error)

CopyVirtualDisk copies a virtual disk, performing conversions as specified in the spec.

func (VirtualDiskManager) CreateVirtualDisk

func (m VirtualDiskManager) CreateVirtualDisk(
	ctx context.Context,
	name string, datacenter *Datacenter,
	spec types.BaseVirtualDiskSpec) (*Task, error)

CreateVirtualDisk creates a new virtual disk.

func (VirtualDiskManager) DeleteVirtualDisk

func (m VirtualDiskManager) DeleteVirtualDisk(ctx context.Context, name string, dc *Datacenter) (*Task, error)

DeleteVirtualDisk deletes a virtual disk.

func (VirtualDiskManager) MoveVirtualDisk

func (m VirtualDiskManager) MoveVirtualDisk(
	ctx context.Context,
	sourceName string, sourceDatacenter *Datacenter,
	destName string, destDatacenter *Datacenter,
	force bool) (*Task, error)

MoveVirtualDisk moves a virtual disk.

type VirtualMachine

type VirtualMachine struct {

	InventoryPath string

func (VirtualMachine) AddDevice

func (v VirtualMachine) AddDevice(ctx context.Context, device ...types.BaseVirtualDevice) error

AddDevice adds the given devices to the VirtualMachine

func (VirtualMachine) Answer

func (v VirtualMachine) Answer(ctx context.Context, id, answer string) error

Answer answers a pending question.

func (VirtualMachine) BootOptions

BootOptions returns the VirtualMachine's config.bootOptions property.

func (VirtualMachine) Clone

func (v VirtualMachine) Clone(ctx context.Context, folder *Folder, name string, config types.VirtualMachineCloneSpec) (*Task, error)

func (VirtualMachine) CreateSnapshot

func (v VirtualMachine) CreateSnapshot(ctx context.Context, name string, description string, memory bool, quiesce bool) (*Task, error)

CreateSnapshot creates a new snapshot of a virtual machine.

func (VirtualMachine) Customize

func (v VirtualMachine) Customize(ctx context.Context, spec types.CustomizationSpec) (*Task, error)

func (VirtualMachine) Destroy

func (v VirtualMachine) Destroy(ctx context.Context) (*Task, error)

func (VirtualMachine) Device

Device returns the VirtualMachine's config.hardware.device property.

func (VirtualMachine) EditDevice

func (v VirtualMachine) EditDevice(ctx context.Context, device ...types.BaseVirtualDevice) error

EditDevice edits the given (existing) devices on the VirtualMachine

func (VirtualMachine) HostSystem

func (v VirtualMachine) HostSystem(ctx context.Context) (*HostSystem, error)

func (VirtualMachine) IsToolsRunning

func (v VirtualMachine) IsToolsRunning(ctx context.Context) (bool, error)

IsToolsRunning returns true if VMware Tools is currently running in the guest OS, and false otherwise.

func (VirtualMachine) MarkAsTemplate

func (v VirtualMachine) MarkAsTemplate(ctx context.Context) error

func (VirtualMachine) MarkAsVirtualMachine

func (v VirtualMachine) MarkAsVirtualMachine(ctx context.Context, pool ResourcePool, host *HostSystem) error

func (VirtualMachine) Name

func (v VirtualMachine) Name(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

func (VirtualMachine) PowerOff

func (v VirtualMachine) PowerOff(ctx context.Context) (*Task, error)

func (VirtualMachine) PowerOn

func (v VirtualMachine) PowerOn(ctx context.Context) (*Task, error)

func (VirtualMachine) RebootGuest

func (v VirtualMachine) RebootGuest(ctx context.Context) error

func (VirtualMachine) Reconfigure

func (v VirtualMachine) Reconfigure(ctx context.Context, config types.VirtualMachineConfigSpec) (*Task, error)

func (VirtualMachine) Relocate

func (VirtualMachine) RemoveDevice

func (v VirtualMachine) RemoveDevice(ctx context.Context, device ...types.BaseVirtualDevice) error

RemoveDevice removes the given devices on the VirtualMachine

func (VirtualMachine) Reset

func (v VirtualMachine) Reset(ctx context.Context) (*Task, error)

func (VirtualMachine) ResourcePool

func (v VirtualMachine) ResourcePool(ctx context.Context) (*ResourcePool, error)

func (VirtualMachine) SetBootOptions

func (v VirtualMachine) SetBootOptions(ctx context.Context, options *types.VirtualMachineBootOptions) error

SetBootOptions reconfigures the VirtualMachine with the given options.

func (VirtualMachine) ShutdownGuest

func (v VirtualMachine) ShutdownGuest(ctx context.Context) error

func (VirtualMachine) String

func (v VirtualMachine) String() string

func (VirtualMachine) Suspend

func (v VirtualMachine) Suspend(ctx context.Context) (*Task, error)

func (VirtualMachine) WaitForIP

func (v VirtualMachine) WaitForIP(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

func (VirtualMachine) WaitForPowerState

func (v VirtualMachine) WaitForPowerState(ctx context.Context, state types.VirtualMachinePowerState) error

Wait for the VirtualMachine to change to the desired power state.

type VmwareDistributedVirtualSwitch

type VmwareDistributedVirtualSwitch struct {

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