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func KeepAlive

func KeepAlive(roundTripper soap.RoundTripper, idleTime time.Duration) soap.RoundTripper

KeepAlive wraps the specified soap.RoundTripper and executes a meaningless API request in the background after the RoundTripper has been idle for the specified amount of idle time. The keep alive process only starts once a user logs in and runs until the user logs out again.


type Manager

type Manager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewManager

func NewManager(client *vim25.Client) *Manager

func (*Manager) Login

func (sm *Manager) Login(ctx context.Context, u *url.Userinfo) error

func (*Manager) LoginExtensionByCertificate

func (sm *Manager) LoginExtensionByCertificate(ctx context.Context, key string, locale string) error

func (*Manager) Logout

func (sm *Manager) Logout(ctx context.Context) error

func (Manager) Reference

func (sm Manager) Reference() types.ManagedObjectReference

func (*Manager) SessionIsActive

func (sm *Manager) SessionIsActive(ctx context.Context) (bool, error)

SessionIsActive checks whether the session that was created at login is still valid. This function only works against vCenter.

func (*Manager) UserSession

func (sm *Manager) UserSession(ctx context.Context) (*types.UserSession, error)

UserSession retrieves and returns the SessionManager's CurrentSession field. Nil is returned if the session is not authenticated.

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