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func Enabled

func Enabled() bool

Enabled returns whether debugging is enabled or not.

func Flush

func Flush()

Flush dispatches to the current provider's Flush function.

func NewFile

func NewFile(s string) io.WriteCloser

NewFile dispatches to the current provider's NewFile function.

func SetProvider

func SetProvider(p Provider)


type FileProvider

type FileProvider struct {
	Path string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FileProvider implements a debugging provider that creates a real file for every call to NewFile. It maintains a list of all files that it creates, such that it can close them when its Flush function is called.

func (*FileProvider) Flush

func (fp *FileProvider) Flush()

func (*FileProvider) NewFile

func (fp *FileProvider) NewFile(p string) io.WriteCloser

type Provider

type Provider interface {
	NewFile(s string) io.WriteCloser

Provider specified the interface types must implement to be used as a debugging sink. Having multiple such sink implementations allows it to be changed externally (for example when running tests).

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