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GOT (Go (?:Time)? Tracker)

got is a command line client to track the time you invest on your projects. It's a "port" from the Perl client App::TimeTracker.

It follows the XDG Base Directory Spec to store data and configuration on your computer.


$> go get


You can see al command it supports by running:

$> got -h

The init command is the first command you need to run for each project you want to track, it intialize the directory structure and adds a .got.json to the directory you run it, wich will be the root of the project.

$> got init

The start command starts tracking the current project.

$> got start

The current command shows the progress of the current task

$> got current

The stop command marks the current task as completed

$> got stop

The report command reports all the time you have invested on your projects

$> got report


This lib is still in development, the "manin" functionality is implemented but it still need more work, this is a list of the features that I think they are missing:

  • Add Test
  • Add --tags|t to the start and report to be able to tag the projects (to filter them on the report)
  • Add a cool feature that App::TimeTracker has, which is the "multiple configurations files merge", basically the configuration file is a hierarchy of all the .got.json files from the current direcotry/project to the $HOME. This way you can define options to the configuration file and all the children direcotries will have them (ex: tags)
  • Add flags to the report command to filter the data


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