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const (
	ServiceName = "PublishSubscribeService"


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func RegisterService

func RegisterService()

RegisterService registeres PublishSubscribeService to goworld


type PublishSubscribeService

type PublishSubscribeService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PublishSubscribeService is the service entity for maintain total online avatar infos

func (*PublishSubscribeService) DescribeEntityType added in v0.1.3

func (pss *PublishSubscribeService) DescribeEntityType(desc *entity.EntityTypeDesc)

func (*PublishSubscribeService) OnCreated

func (pss *PublishSubscribeService) OnCreated()

OnCreated is called when PublishSubscribeService is created

func (*PublishSubscribeService) OnFreeze

func (pss *PublishSubscribeService) OnFreeze()

OnFreeze converts all subscribings to entity attrs

func (*PublishSubscribeService) OnInit

func (pss *PublishSubscribeService) OnInit()

OnInit initialize PublishSubscribeService fields

func (*PublishSubscribeService) OnRestored

func (pss *PublishSubscribeService) OnRestored()

OnRestored restores subscribings from entity attrs

func (*PublishSubscribeService) Publish

func (pss *PublishSubscribeService) Publish(subject string, content string)

Publish is called when Avatars login

func (*PublishSubscribeService) Subscribe

func (pss *PublishSubscribeService) Subscribe(subscriber common.EntityID, subject string)

Subscribe subscribe to the specified subject subject can endswith '*' which matches any zero or more characters for example, if an entity subscribe to 'apple.*', it will receive published message on 'apple.', 'apple.1', 'apple.2', etc There can be only one '*' at the end of subject while subscribing, same for unsubscribing

func (*PublishSubscribeService) Unsubscribe

func (pss *PublishSubscribeService) Unsubscribe(subscriber common.EntityID, subject string)

Unsubscribe subscribe to the specified subject

func (*PublishSubscribeService) UnsubscribeAll

func (pss *PublishSubscribeService) UnsubscribeAll(subscriber common.EntityID)

UnsubscribeAll unsubscribes all subjects for the subscriber

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