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Published: Nov 6, 2022 License: MIT Imports: 5 Imported by: 26



Package android provides Go bindings for the Android NDK API.



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const (
	// JNIFalse as defined in include/jni.h:1158
	JNIFalse = 0
	// JNITrue as defined in include/jni.h:1159
	JNITrue = 1
	// JNIVersion11 as defined in include/jni.h:1161
	JNIVersion11 = 0x00010001
	// JNIVersion12 as defined in include/jni.h:1162
	JNIVersion12 = 0x00010002
	// JNIVersion14 as defined in include/jni.h:1163
	JNIVersion14 = 0x00010004
	// JNIVersion16 as defined in include/jni.h:1164
	JNIVersion16 = 0x00010006
	// JNIOk as defined in include/jni.h:1166
	JNIOk = (0)
	// JNIErr as defined in include/jni.h:1167
	JNIErr = (-1)
	// JNIEdetached as defined in include/jni.h:1168
	JNIEdetached = (-2)
	// JNIEversion as defined in include/jni.h:1169
	JNIEversion = (-3)
	// JNICommit as defined in include/jni.h:1171
	JNICommit = 1
	// JNIAbort as defined in include/jni.h:1172
	JNIAbort = 2
	// MotionEventActionPointerIndexShift as defined in android/input.h:236
	MotionEventActionPointerIndexShift = 8
	// SensorStandardGravity as defined in android/sensor.h:92
	SensorStandardGravity = (9.80665)
	// SensorMagneticFieldEarthMax as defined in android/sensor.h:94
	SensorMagneticFieldEarthMax = (60.0)
	// SensorMagneticFieldEarthMin as defined in android/sensor.h:96
	SensorMagneticFieldEarthMin = (30.0)
	// TtsEnginePropertyConfig as defined in android/tts.h:33
	TtsEnginePropertyConfig = "engineConfig"
	// TtsEnginePropertyPitch as defined in android/tts.h:34
	TtsEnginePropertyPitch = "pitch"
	// TtsEnginePropertyRate as defined in android/tts.h:35
	TtsEnginePropertyRate = "rate"
	// TtsEnginePropertyVolume as defined in android/tts.h:36
	TtsEnginePropertyVolume = "volume"
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const (
	// AssetModeUnknown as declared in android/asset_manager.h:38
	AssetModeUnknown = iota
	// AssetModeRandom as declared in android/asset_manager.h:39
	AssetModeRandom = 1
	// AssetModeStreaming as declared in android/asset_manager.h:40
	AssetModeStreaming = 2
	// AssetModeBuffer as declared in android/asset_manager.h:41
	AssetModeBuffer = 3
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const (
	// ConfigurationOrientationAny as declared in android/configuration.h:30
	ConfigurationOrientationAny = 0x0000
	// ConfigurationOrientationPort as declared in android/configuration.h:31
	ConfigurationOrientationPort = 0x0001
	// ConfigurationOrientationLand as declared in android/configuration.h:32
	ConfigurationOrientationLand = 0x0002
	// ConfigurationOrientationSquare as declared in android/configuration.h:33
	ConfigurationOrientationSquare = 0x0003
	// ConfigurationTouchscreenAny as declared in android/configuration.h:35
	ConfigurationTouchscreenAny = 0x0000
	// ConfigurationTouchscreenNotouch as declared in android/configuration.h:36
	ConfigurationTouchscreenNotouch = 0x0001
	// ConfigurationTouchscreenStylus as declared in android/configuration.h:37
	ConfigurationTouchscreenStylus = 0x0002
	// ConfigurationTouchscreenFinger as declared in android/configuration.h:38
	ConfigurationTouchscreenFinger = 0x0003
	// ConfigurationDensityDefault as declared in android/configuration.h:40
	ConfigurationDensityDefault = 0
	// ConfigurationDensityLow as declared in android/configuration.h:41
	ConfigurationDensityLow = 120
	// ConfigurationDensityMedium as declared in android/configuration.h:42
	ConfigurationDensityMedium = 160
	// ConfigurationDensityTv as declared in android/configuration.h:43
	ConfigurationDensityTv = 213
	// ConfigurationDensityHigh as declared in android/configuration.h:44
	ConfigurationDensityHigh = 240
	// ConfigurationDensityXhigh as declared in android/configuration.h:45
	ConfigurationDensityXhigh = 320
	// ConfigurationDensityXxhigh as declared in android/configuration.h:46
	ConfigurationDensityXxhigh = 480
	// ConfigurationDensityXxxhigh as declared in android/configuration.h:47
	ConfigurationDensityXxxhigh = 640
	// ConfigurationDensityAny as declared in android/configuration.h:48
	ConfigurationDensityAny = 0xfffe
	// ConfigurationDensityNone as declared in android/configuration.h:49
	ConfigurationDensityNone = 0xffff
	// ConfigurationKeyboardAny as declared in android/configuration.h:51
	ConfigurationKeyboardAny = 0x0000
	// ConfigurationKeyboardNokeys as declared in android/configuration.h:52
	ConfigurationKeyboardNokeys = 0x0001
	// ConfigurationKeyboardQwerty as declared in android/configuration.h:53
	ConfigurationKeyboardQwerty = 0x0002
	// ConfigurationKeyboard12key as declared in android/configuration.h:54
	ConfigurationKeyboard12key = 0x0003
	// ConfigurationNavigationAny as declared in android/configuration.h:56
	ConfigurationNavigationAny = 0x0000
	// ConfigurationNavigationNonav as declared in android/configuration.h:57
	ConfigurationNavigationNonav = 0x0001
	// ConfigurationNavigationDpad as declared in android/configuration.h:58
	ConfigurationNavigationDpad = 0x0002
	// ConfigurationNavigationTrackball as declared in android/configuration.h:59
	ConfigurationNavigationTrackball = 0x0003
	// ConfigurationNavigationWheel as declared in android/configuration.h:60
	ConfigurationNavigationWheel = 0x0004
	// ConfigurationKeyshiddenAny as declared in android/configuration.h:62
	ConfigurationKeyshiddenAny = 0x0000
	// ConfigurationKeyshiddenNo as declared in android/configuration.h:63
	ConfigurationKeyshiddenNo = 0x0001
	// ConfigurationKeyshiddenYes as declared in android/configuration.h:64
	ConfigurationKeyshiddenYes = 0x0002
	// ConfigurationKeyshiddenSoft as declared in android/configuration.h:65
	ConfigurationKeyshiddenSoft = 0x0003
	// ConfigurationNavhiddenAny as declared in android/configuration.h:67
	ConfigurationNavhiddenAny = 0x0000
	// ConfigurationNavhiddenNo as declared in android/configuration.h:68
	ConfigurationNavhiddenNo = 0x0001
	// ConfigurationNavhiddenYes as declared in android/configuration.h:69
	ConfigurationNavhiddenYes = 0x0002
	// ConfigurationScreensizeAny as declared in android/configuration.h:71
	ConfigurationScreensizeAny = 0x00
	// ConfigurationScreensizeSmall as declared in android/configuration.h:72
	ConfigurationScreensizeSmall = 0x01
	// ConfigurationScreensizeNormal as declared in android/configuration.h:73
	ConfigurationScreensizeNormal = 0x02
	// ConfigurationScreensizeLarge as declared in android/configuration.h:74
	ConfigurationScreensizeLarge = 0x03
	// ConfigurationScreensizeXlarge as declared in android/configuration.h:75
	ConfigurationScreensizeXlarge = 0x04
	// ConfigurationScreenlongAny as declared in android/configuration.h:77
	ConfigurationScreenlongAny = 0x00
	// ConfigurationScreenlongNo as declared in android/configuration.h:78
	ConfigurationScreenlongNo = 0x1
	// ConfigurationScreenlongYes as declared in android/configuration.h:79
	ConfigurationScreenlongYes = 0x2
	// ConfigurationUiModeTypeAny as declared in android/configuration.h:81
	ConfigurationUiModeTypeAny = 0x00
	// ConfigurationUiModeTypeNormal as declared in android/configuration.h:82
	ConfigurationUiModeTypeNormal = 0x01
	// ConfigurationUiModeTypeDesk as declared in android/configuration.h:83
	ConfigurationUiModeTypeDesk = 0x02
	// ConfigurationUiModeTypeCar as declared in android/configuration.h:84
	ConfigurationUiModeTypeCar = 0x03
	// ConfigurationUiModeTypeTelevision as declared in android/configuration.h:85
	ConfigurationUiModeTypeTelevision = 0x04
	// ConfigurationUiModeTypeAppliance as declared in android/configuration.h:86
	ConfigurationUiModeTypeAppliance = 0x05
	// ConfigurationUiModeTypeWatch as declared in android/configuration.h:87
	ConfigurationUiModeTypeWatch = 0x06
	// ConfigurationUiModeNightAny as declared in android/configuration.h:89
	ConfigurationUiModeNightAny = 0x00
	// ConfigurationUiModeNightNo as declared in android/configuration.h:90
	ConfigurationUiModeNightNo = 0x1
	// ConfigurationUiModeNightYes as declared in android/configuration.h:91
	ConfigurationUiModeNightYes = 0x2
	// ConfigurationScreenWidthDpAny as declared in android/configuration.h:93
	ConfigurationScreenWidthDpAny = 0x0000
	// ConfigurationScreenHeightDpAny as declared in android/configuration.h:95
	ConfigurationScreenHeightDpAny = 0x0000
	// ConfigurationSmallestScreenWidthDpAny as declared in android/configuration.h:97
	ConfigurationSmallestScreenWidthDpAny = 0x0000
	// ConfigurationLayoutdirAny as declared in android/configuration.h:99
	ConfigurationLayoutdirAny = 0x00
	// ConfigurationLayoutdirLtr as declared in android/configuration.h:100
	ConfigurationLayoutdirLtr = 0x01
	// ConfigurationLayoutdirRtl as declared in android/configuration.h:101
	ConfigurationLayoutdirRtl = 0x02
	// ConfigurationMcc as declared in android/configuration.h:103
	ConfigurationMcc = 0x0001
	// ConfigurationMnc as declared in android/configuration.h:104
	ConfigurationMnc = 0x0002
	// ConfigurationLocale as declared in android/configuration.h:105
	ConfigurationLocale = 0x0004
	// ConfigurationTouchscreen as declared in android/configuration.h:106
	ConfigurationTouchscreen = 0x0008
	// ConfigurationKeyboard as declared in android/configuration.h:107
	ConfigurationKeyboard = 0x0010
	// ConfigurationKeyboardHidden as declared in android/configuration.h:108
	ConfigurationKeyboardHidden = 0x0020
	// ConfigurationNavigation as declared in android/configuration.h:109
	ConfigurationNavigation = 0x0040
	// ConfigurationOrientation as declared in android/configuration.h:110
	ConfigurationOrientation = 0x0080
	// ConfigurationDensity as declared in android/configuration.h:111
	ConfigurationDensity = 0x0100
	// ConfigurationScreenSize as declared in android/configuration.h:112
	ConfigurationScreenSize = 0x0200
	// ConfigurationVersion as declared in android/configuration.h:113
	ConfigurationVersion = 0x0400
	// ConfigurationScreenLayout as declared in android/configuration.h:114
	ConfigurationScreenLayout = 0x0800
	// ConfigurationUiMode as declared in android/configuration.h:115
	ConfigurationUiMode = 0x1000
	// ConfigurationSmallestScreenSize as declared in android/configuration.h:116
	ConfigurationSmallestScreenSize = 0x2000
	// ConfigurationLayoutdir as declared in android/configuration.h:117
	ConfigurationLayoutdir = 0x4000
	// ConfigurationMncZero as declared in android/configuration.h:119
	ConfigurationMncZero = 0xffff
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const (
	// KeycodeUnknown as declared in android/keycodes.h:46
	KeycodeUnknown = iota
	// KeycodeSoftLeft as declared in android/keycodes.h:47
	KeycodeSoftLeft = 1
	// KeycodeSoftRight as declared in android/keycodes.h:48
	KeycodeSoftRight = 2
	// KeycodeHome as declared in android/keycodes.h:49
	KeycodeHome = 3
	// KeycodeBack as declared in android/keycodes.h:50
	KeycodeBack = 4
	// KeycodeCall as declared in android/keycodes.h:51
	KeycodeCall = 5
	// KeycodeEndcall as declared in android/keycodes.h:52
	KeycodeEndcall = 6
	// Keycode0 as declared in android/keycodes.h:53
	Keycode0 = 7
	// Keycode1 as declared in android/keycodes.h:54
	Keycode1 = 8
	// Keycode2 as declared in android/keycodes.h:55
	Keycode2 = 9
	// Keycode3 as declared in android/keycodes.h:56
	Keycode3 = 10
	// Keycode4 as declared in android/keycodes.h:57
	Keycode4 = 11
	// Keycode5 as declared in android/keycodes.h:58
	Keycode5 = 12
	// Keycode6 as declared in android/keycodes.h:59
	Keycode6 = 13
	// Keycode7 as declared in android/keycodes.h:60
	Keycode7 = 14
	// Keycode8 as declared in android/keycodes.h:61
	Keycode8 = 15
	// Keycode9 as declared in android/keycodes.h:62
	Keycode9 = 16
	// KeycodeStar as declared in android/keycodes.h:63
	KeycodeStar = 17
	// KeycodePound as declared in android/keycodes.h:64
	KeycodePound = 18
	// KeycodeDpadUp as declared in android/keycodes.h:65
	KeycodeDpadUp = 19
	// KeycodeDpadDown as declared in android/keycodes.h:66
	KeycodeDpadDown = 20
	// KeycodeDpadLeft as declared in android/keycodes.h:67
	KeycodeDpadLeft = 21
	// KeycodeDpadRight as declared in android/keycodes.h:68
	KeycodeDpadRight = 22
	// KeycodeDpadCenter as declared in android/keycodes.h:69
	KeycodeDpadCenter = 23
	// KeycodeVolumeUp as declared in android/keycodes.h:70
	KeycodeVolumeUp = 24
	// KeycodeVolumeDown as declared in android/keycodes.h:71
	KeycodeVolumeDown = 25
	// KeycodePower as declared in android/keycodes.h:72
	KeycodePower = 26
	// KeycodeCamera as declared in android/keycodes.h:73
	KeycodeCamera = 27
	// KeycodeClear as declared in android/keycodes.h:74
	KeycodeClear = 28
	// KeycodeA as declared in android/keycodes.h:75
	KeycodeA = 29
	// KeycodeB as declared in android/keycodes.h:76
	KeycodeB = 30
	// KeycodeC as declared in android/keycodes.h:77
	KeycodeC = 31
	// KeycodeD as declared in android/keycodes.h:78
	KeycodeD = 32
	// KeycodeE as declared in android/keycodes.h:79
	KeycodeE = 33
	// KeycodeF as declared in android/keycodes.h:80
	KeycodeF = 34
	// KeycodeG as declared in android/keycodes.h:81
	KeycodeG = 35
	// KeycodeH as declared in android/keycodes.h:82
	KeycodeH = 36
	// KeycodeI as declared in android/keycodes.h:83
	KeycodeI = 37
	// KeycodeJ as declared in android/keycodes.h:84
	KeycodeJ = 38
	// KeycodeK as declared in android/keycodes.h:85
	KeycodeK = 39
	// KeycodeL as declared in android/keycodes.h:86
	KeycodeL = 40
	// KeycodeM as declared in android/keycodes.h:87
	KeycodeM = 41
	// KeycodeN as declared in android/keycodes.h:88
	KeycodeN = 42
	// KeycodeO as declared in android/keycodes.h:89
	KeycodeO = 43
	// KeycodeP as declared in android/keycodes.h:90
	KeycodeP = 44
	// KeycodeQ as declared in android/keycodes.h:91
	KeycodeQ = 45
	// KeycodeR as declared in android/keycodes.h:92
	KeycodeR = 46
	// KeycodeS as declared in android/keycodes.h:93
	KeycodeS = 47
	// KeycodeT as declared in android/keycodes.h:94
	KeycodeT = 48
	// KeycodeU as declared in android/keycodes.h:95
	KeycodeU = 49
	// KeycodeV as declared in android/keycodes.h:96
	KeycodeV = 50
	// KeycodeW as declared in android/keycodes.h:97
	KeycodeW = 51
	// KeycodeX as declared in android/keycodes.h:98
	KeycodeX = 52
	// KeycodeY as declared in android/keycodes.h:99
	KeycodeY = 53
	// KeycodeZ as declared in android/keycodes.h:100
	KeycodeZ = 54
	// KeycodeComma as declared in android/keycodes.h:101
	KeycodeComma = 55
	// KeycodePeriod as declared in android/keycodes.h:102
	KeycodePeriod = 56
	// KeycodeAltLeft as declared in android/keycodes.h:103
	KeycodeAltLeft = 57
	// KeycodeAltRight as declared in android/keycodes.h:104
	KeycodeAltRight = 58
	// KeycodeShiftLeft as declared in android/keycodes.h:105
	KeycodeShiftLeft = 59
	// KeycodeShiftRight as declared in android/keycodes.h:106
	KeycodeShiftRight = 60
	// KeycodeTab as declared in android/keycodes.h:107
	KeycodeTab = 61
	// KeycodeSpace as declared in android/keycodes.h:108
	KeycodeSpace = 62
	// KeycodeSym as declared in android/keycodes.h:109
	KeycodeSym = 63
	// KeycodeExplorer as declared in android/keycodes.h:110
	KeycodeExplorer = 64
	// KeycodeEnvelope as declared in android/keycodes.h:111
	KeycodeEnvelope = 65
	// KeycodeEnter as declared in android/keycodes.h:112
	KeycodeEnter = 66
	// KeycodeDel as declared in android/keycodes.h:113
	KeycodeDel = 67
	// KeycodeGrave as declared in android/keycodes.h:114
	KeycodeGrave = 68
	// KeycodeMinus as declared in android/keycodes.h:115
	KeycodeMinus = 69
	// KeycodeEquals as declared in android/keycodes.h:116
	KeycodeEquals = 70
	// KeycodeLeftBracket as declared in android/keycodes.h:117
	KeycodeLeftBracket = 71
	// KeycodeRightBracket as declared in android/keycodes.h:118
	KeycodeRightBracket = 72
	// KeycodeBackslash as declared in android/keycodes.h:119
	KeycodeBackslash = 73
	// KeycodeSemicolon as declared in android/keycodes.h:120
	KeycodeSemicolon = 74
	// KeycodeApostrophe as declared in android/keycodes.h:121
	KeycodeApostrophe = 75
	// KeycodeSlash as declared in android/keycodes.h:122
	KeycodeSlash = 76
	// KeycodeAt as declared in android/keycodes.h:123
	KeycodeAt = 77
	// KeycodeNum as declared in android/keycodes.h:124
	KeycodeNum = 78
	// KeycodeHeadsethook as declared in android/keycodes.h:125
	KeycodeHeadsethook = 79
	// KeycodeFocus as declared in android/keycodes.h:126
	KeycodeFocus = 80
	// KeycodePlus as declared in android/keycodes.h:127
	KeycodePlus = 81
	// KeycodeMenu as declared in android/keycodes.h:128
	KeycodeMenu = 82
	// KeycodeNotification as declared in android/keycodes.h:129
	KeycodeNotification = 83
	// KeycodeSearch as declared in android/keycodes.h:130
	KeycodeSearch = 84
	// KeycodeMediaPlayPause as declared in android/keycodes.h:131
	KeycodeMediaPlayPause = 85
	// KeycodeMediaStop as declared in android/keycodes.h:132
	KeycodeMediaStop = 86
	// KeycodeMediaNext as declared in android/keycodes.h:133
	KeycodeMediaNext = 87
	// KeycodeMediaPrevious as declared in android/keycodes.h:134
	KeycodeMediaPrevious = 88
	// KeycodeMediaRewind as declared in android/keycodes.h:135
	KeycodeMediaRewind = 89
	// KeycodeMediaFastForward as declared in android/keycodes.h:136
	KeycodeMediaFastForward = 90
	// KeycodeMute as declared in android/keycodes.h:137
	KeycodeMute = 91
	// KeycodePageUp as declared in android/keycodes.h:138
	KeycodePageUp = 92
	// KeycodePageDown as declared in android/keycodes.h:139
	KeycodePageDown = 93
	// KeycodePictsymbols as declared in android/keycodes.h:140
	KeycodePictsymbols = 94
	// KeycodeSwitchCharset as declared in android/keycodes.h:141
	KeycodeSwitchCharset = 95
	// KeycodeButtonA as declared in android/keycodes.h:142
	KeycodeButtonA = 96
	// KeycodeButtonB as declared in android/keycodes.h:143
	KeycodeButtonB = 97
	// KeycodeButtonC as declared in android/keycodes.h:144
	KeycodeButtonC = 98
	// KeycodeButtonX as declared in android/keycodes.h:145
	KeycodeButtonX = 99
	// KeycodeButtonY as declared in android/keycodes.h:146
	KeycodeButtonY = 100
	// KeycodeButtonZ as declared in android/keycodes.h:147
	KeycodeButtonZ = 101
	// KeycodeButtonL1 as declared in android/keycodes.h:148
	KeycodeButtonL1 = 102
	// KeycodeButtonR1 as declared in android/keycodes.h:149
	KeycodeButtonR1 = 103
	// KeycodeButtonL2 as declared in android/keycodes.h:150
	KeycodeButtonL2 = 104
	// KeycodeButtonR2 as declared in android/keycodes.h:151
	KeycodeButtonR2 = 105
	// KeycodeButtonThumbl as declared in android/keycodes.h:152
	KeycodeButtonThumbl = 106
	// KeycodeButtonThumbr as declared in android/keycodes.h:153
	KeycodeButtonThumbr = 107
	// KeycodeButtonStart as declared in android/keycodes.h:154
	KeycodeButtonStart = 108
	// KeycodeButtonSelect as declared in android/keycodes.h:155
	KeycodeButtonSelect = 109
	// KeycodeButtonMode as declared in android/keycodes.h:156
	KeycodeButtonMode = 110
	// KeycodeEscape as declared in android/keycodes.h:157
	KeycodeEscape = 111
	// KeycodeForwardDel as declared in android/keycodes.h:158
	KeycodeForwardDel = 112
	// KeycodeCtrlLeft as declared in android/keycodes.h:159
	KeycodeCtrlLeft = 113
	// KeycodeCtrlRight as declared in android/keycodes.h:160
	KeycodeCtrlRight = 114
	// KeycodeCapsLock as declared in android/keycodes.h:161
	KeycodeCapsLock = 115
	// KeycodeScrollLock as declared in android/keycodes.h:162
	KeycodeScrollLock = 116
	// KeycodeMetaLeft as declared in android/keycodes.h:163
	KeycodeMetaLeft = 117
	// KeycodeMetaRight as declared in android/keycodes.h:164
	KeycodeMetaRight = 118
	// KeycodeFunction as declared in android/keycodes.h:165
	KeycodeFunction = 119
	// KeycodeSysrq as declared in android/keycodes.h:166
	KeycodeSysrq = 120
	// KeycodeBreak as declared in android/keycodes.h:167
	KeycodeBreak = 121
	// KeycodeMoveHome as declared in android/keycodes.h:168
	KeycodeMoveHome = 122
	// KeycodeMoveEnd as declared in android/keycodes.h:169
	KeycodeMoveEnd = 123
	// KeycodeInsert as declared in android/keycodes.h:170
	KeycodeInsert = 124
	// KeycodeForward as declared in android/keycodes.h:171
	KeycodeForward = 125
	// KeycodeMediaPlay as declared in android/keycodes.h:172
	KeycodeMediaPlay = 126
	// KeycodeMediaPause as declared in android/keycodes.h:173
	KeycodeMediaPause = 127
	// KeycodeMediaClose as declared in android/keycodes.h:174
	KeycodeMediaClose = 128
	// KeycodeMediaEject as declared in android/keycodes.h:175
	KeycodeMediaEject = 129
	// KeycodeMediaRecord as declared in android/keycodes.h:176
	KeycodeMediaRecord = 130
	// KeycodeF1 as declared in android/keycodes.h:177
	KeycodeF1 = 131
	// KeycodeF2 as declared in android/keycodes.h:178
	KeycodeF2 = 132
	// KeycodeF3 as declared in android/keycodes.h:179
	KeycodeF3 = 133
	// KeycodeF4 as declared in android/keycodes.h:180
	KeycodeF4 = 134
	// KeycodeF5 as declared in android/keycodes.h:181
	KeycodeF5 = 135
	// KeycodeF6 as declared in android/keycodes.h:182
	KeycodeF6 = 136
	// KeycodeF7 as declared in android/keycodes.h:183
	KeycodeF7 = 137
	// KeycodeF8 as declared in android/keycodes.h:184
	KeycodeF8 = 138
	// KeycodeF9 as declared in android/keycodes.h:185
	KeycodeF9 = 139
	// KeycodeF10 as declared in android/keycodes.h:186
	KeycodeF10 = 140
	// KeycodeF11 as declared in android/keycodes.h:187
	KeycodeF11 = 141
	// KeycodeF12 as declared in android/keycodes.h:188
	KeycodeF12 = 142
	// KeycodeNumLock as declared in android/keycodes.h:189
	KeycodeNumLock = 143
	// KeycodeNumpad0 as declared in android/keycodes.h:190
	KeycodeNumpad0 = 144
	// KeycodeNumpad1 as declared in android/keycodes.h:191
	KeycodeNumpad1 = 145
	// KeycodeNumpad2 as declared in android/keycodes.h:192
	KeycodeNumpad2 = 146
	// KeycodeNumpad3 as declared in android/keycodes.h:193
	KeycodeNumpad3 = 147
	// KeycodeNumpad4 as declared in android/keycodes.h:194
	KeycodeNumpad4 = 148
	// KeycodeNumpad5 as declared in android/keycodes.h:195
	KeycodeNumpad5 = 149
	// KeycodeNumpad6 as declared in android/keycodes.h:196
	KeycodeNumpad6 = 150
	// KeycodeNumpad7 as declared in android/keycodes.h:197
	KeycodeNumpad7 = 151
	// KeycodeNumpad8 as declared in android/keycodes.h:198
	KeycodeNumpad8 = 152
	// KeycodeNumpad9 as declared in android/keycodes.h:199
	KeycodeNumpad9 = 153
	// KeycodeNumpadDivide as declared in android/keycodes.h:200
	KeycodeNumpadDivide = 154
	// KeycodeNumpadMultiply as declared in android/keycodes.h:201
	KeycodeNumpadMultiply = 155
	// KeycodeNumpadSubtract as declared in android/keycodes.h:202
	KeycodeNumpadSubtract = 156
	// KeycodeNumpadAdd as declared in android/keycodes.h:203
	KeycodeNumpadAdd = 157
	// KeycodeNumpadDot as declared in android/keycodes.h:204
	KeycodeNumpadDot = 158
	// KeycodeNumpadComma as declared in android/keycodes.h:205
	KeycodeNumpadComma = 159
	// KeycodeNumpadEnter as declared in android/keycodes.h:206
	KeycodeNumpadEnter = 160
	// KeycodeNumpadEquals as declared in android/keycodes.h:207
	KeycodeNumpadEquals = 161
	// KeycodeNumpadLeftParen as declared in android/keycodes.h:208
	KeycodeNumpadLeftParen = 162
	// KeycodeNumpadRightParen as declared in android/keycodes.h:209
	KeycodeNumpadRightParen = 163
	// KeycodeVolumeMute as declared in android/keycodes.h:210
	KeycodeVolumeMute = 164
	// KeycodeInfo as declared in android/keycodes.h:211
	KeycodeInfo = 165
	// KeycodeChannelUp as declared in android/keycodes.h:212
	KeycodeChannelUp = 166
	// KeycodeChannelDown as declared in android/keycodes.h:213
	KeycodeChannelDown = 167
	// KeycodeZoomIn as declared in android/keycodes.h:214
	KeycodeZoomIn = 168
	// KeycodeZoomOut as declared in android/keycodes.h:215
	KeycodeZoomOut = 169
	// KeycodeTv as declared in android/keycodes.h:216
	KeycodeTv = 170
	// KeycodeWindow as declared in android/keycodes.h:217
	KeycodeWindow = 171
	// KeycodeGuide as declared in android/keycodes.h:218
	KeycodeGuide = 172
	// KeycodeDvr as declared in android/keycodes.h:219
	KeycodeDvr = 173
	// KeycodeBookmark as declared in android/keycodes.h:220
	KeycodeBookmark = 174
	// KeycodeCaptions as declared in android/keycodes.h:221
	KeycodeCaptions = 175
	// KeycodeSettings as declared in android/keycodes.h:222
	KeycodeSettings = 176
	// KeycodeTvPower as declared in android/keycodes.h:223
	KeycodeTvPower = 177
	// KeycodeTvInput as declared in android/keycodes.h:224
	KeycodeTvInput = 178
	// KeycodeStbPower as declared in android/keycodes.h:225
	KeycodeStbPower = 179
	// KeycodeStbInput as declared in android/keycodes.h:226
	KeycodeStbInput = 180
	// KeycodeAvrPower as declared in android/keycodes.h:227
	KeycodeAvrPower = 181
	// KeycodeAvrInput as declared in android/keycodes.h:228
	KeycodeAvrInput = 182
	// KeycodeProgRed as declared in android/keycodes.h:229
	KeycodeProgRed = 183
	// KeycodeProgGreen as declared in android/keycodes.h:230
	KeycodeProgGreen = 184
	// KeycodeProgYellow as declared in android/keycodes.h:231
	KeycodeProgYellow = 185
	// KeycodeProgBlue as declared in android/keycodes.h:232
	KeycodeProgBlue = 186
	// KeycodeAppSwitch as declared in android/keycodes.h:233
	KeycodeAppSwitch = 187
	// KeycodeButton1 as declared in android/keycodes.h:234
	KeycodeButton1 = 188
	// KeycodeButton2 as declared in android/keycodes.h:235
	KeycodeButton2 = 189
	// KeycodeButton3 as declared in android/keycodes.h:236
	KeycodeButton3 = 190
	// KeycodeButton4 as declared in android/keycodes.h:237
	KeycodeButton4 = 191
	// KeycodeButton5 as declared in android/keycodes.h:238
	KeycodeButton5 = 192
	// KeycodeButton6 as declared in android/keycodes.h:239
	KeycodeButton6 = 193
	// KeycodeButton7 as declared in android/keycodes.h:240
	KeycodeButton7 = 194
	// KeycodeButton8 as declared in android/keycodes.h:241
	KeycodeButton8 = 195
	// KeycodeButton9 as declared in android/keycodes.h:242
	KeycodeButton9 = 196
	// KeycodeButton10 as declared in android/keycodes.h:243
	KeycodeButton10 = 197
	// KeycodeButton11 as declared in android/keycodes.h:244
	KeycodeButton11 = 198
	// KeycodeButton12 as declared in android/keycodes.h:245
	KeycodeButton12 = 199
	// KeycodeButton13 as declared in android/keycodes.h:246
	KeycodeButton13 = 200
	// KeycodeButton14 as declared in android/keycodes.h:247
	KeycodeButton14 = 201
	// KeycodeButton15 as declared in android/keycodes.h:248
	KeycodeButton15 = 202
	// KeycodeButton16 as declared in android/keycodes.h:249
	KeycodeButton16 = 203
	// KeycodeLanguageSwitch as declared in android/keycodes.h:250
	KeycodeLanguageSwitch = 204
	// KeycodeMannerMode as declared in android/keycodes.h:251
	KeycodeMannerMode = 205
	// Keycode3dMode as declared in android/keycodes.h:252
	Keycode3dMode = 206
	// KeycodeContacts as declared in android/keycodes.h:253
	KeycodeContacts = 207
	// KeycodeCalendar as declared in android/keycodes.h:254
	KeycodeCalendar = 208
	// KeycodeMusic as declared in android/keycodes.h:255
	KeycodeMusic = 209
	// KeycodeCalculator as declared in android/keycodes.h:256
	KeycodeCalculator = 210
	// KeycodeZenkakuHankaku as declared in android/keycodes.h:257
	KeycodeZenkakuHankaku = 211
	// KeycodeEisu as declared in android/keycodes.h:258
	KeycodeEisu = 212
	// KeycodeMuhenkan as declared in android/keycodes.h:259
	KeycodeMuhenkan = 213
	// KeycodeHenkan as declared in android/keycodes.h:260
	KeycodeHenkan = 214
	// KeycodeKatakanaHiragana as declared in android/keycodes.h:261
	KeycodeKatakanaHiragana = 215
	// KeycodeYen as declared in android/keycodes.h:262
	KeycodeYen = 216
	// KeycodeRo as declared in android/keycodes.h:263
	KeycodeRo = 217
	// KeycodeKana as declared in android/keycodes.h:264
	KeycodeKana = 218
	// KeycodeAssist as declared in android/keycodes.h:265
	KeycodeAssist = 219
	// KeycodeBrightnessDown as declared in android/keycodes.h:266
	KeycodeBrightnessDown = 220
	// KeycodeBrightnessUp as declared in android/keycodes.h:267
	KeycodeBrightnessUp = 221
	// KeycodeMediaAudioTrack as declared in android/keycodes.h:268
	KeycodeMediaAudioTrack = 222
	// KeycodeSleep as declared in android/keycodes.h:269
	KeycodeSleep = 223
	// KeycodeWakeup as declared in android/keycodes.h:270
	KeycodeWakeup = 224
	// KeycodePairing as declared in android/keycodes.h:271
	KeycodePairing = 225
	// KeycodeMediaTopMenu as declared in android/keycodes.h:272
	KeycodeMediaTopMenu = 226
	// Keycode11 as declared in android/keycodes.h:273
	Keycode11 = 227
	// Keycode12 as declared in android/keycodes.h:274
	Keycode12 = 228
	// KeycodeLastChannel as declared in android/keycodes.h:275
	KeycodeLastChannel = 229
	// KeycodeTvDataService as declared in android/keycodes.h:276
	KeycodeTvDataService = 230
	// KeycodeVoiceAssist as declared in android/keycodes.h:277
	KeycodeVoiceAssist = 231
	// KeycodeTvRadioService as declared in android/keycodes.h:278
	KeycodeTvRadioService = 232
	// KeycodeTvTeletext as declared in android/keycodes.h:279
	KeycodeTvTeletext = 233
	// KeycodeTvNumberEntry as declared in android/keycodes.h:280
	KeycodeTvNumberEntry = 234
	// KeycodeTvTerrestrialAnalog as declared in android/keycodes.h:281
	KeycodeTvTerrestrialAnalog = 235
	// KeycodeTvTerrestrialDigital as declared in android/keycodes.h:282
	KeycodeTvTerrestrialDigital = 236
	// KeycodeTvSatellite as declared in android/keycodes.h:283
	KeycodeTvSatellite = 237
	// KeycodeTvSatelliteBs as declared in android/keycodes.h:284
	KeycodeTvSatelliteBs = 238
	// KeycodeTvSatelliteCs as declared in android/keycodes.h:285
	KeycodeTvSatelliteCs = 239
	// KeycodeTvSatelliteService as declared in android/keycodes.h:286
	KeycodeTvSatelliteService = 240
	// KeycodeTvNetwork as declared in android/keycodes.h:287
	KeycodeTvNetwork = 241
	// KeycodeTvAntennaCable as declared in android/keycodes.h:288
	KeycodeTvAntennaCable = 242
	// KeycodeTvInputHdmi1 as declared in android/keycodes.h:289
	KeycodeTvInputHdmi1 = 243
	// KeycodeTvInputHdmi2 as declared in android/keycodes.h:290
	KeycodeTvInputHdmi2 = 244
	// KeycodeTvInputHdmi3 as declared in android/keycodes.h:291
	KeycodeTvInputHdmi3 = 245
	// KeycodeTvInputHdmi4 as declared in android/keycodes.h:292
	KeycodeTvInputHdmi4 = 246
	// KeycodeTvInputComposite1 as declared in android/keycodes.h:293
	KeycodeTvInputComposite1 = 247
	// KeycodeTvInputComposite2 as declared in android/keycodes.h:294
	KeycodeTvInputComposite2 = 248
	// KeycodeTvInputComponent1 as declared in android/keycodes.h:295
	KeycodeTvInputComponent1 = 249
	// KeycodeTvInputComponent2 as declared in android/keycodes.h:296
	KeycodeTvInputComponent2 = 250
	// KeycodeTvInputVga1 as declared in android/keycodes.h:297
	KeycodeTvInputVga1 = 251
	// KeycodeTvAudioDescription as declared in android/keycodes.h:298
	KeycodeTvAudioDescription = 252
	// KeycodeTvAudioDescriptionMixUp as declared in android/keycodes.h:299
	KeycodeTvAudioDescriptionMixUp = 253
	// KeycodeTvAudioDescriptionMixDown as declared in android/keycodes.h:300
	KeycodeTvAudioDescriptionMixDown = 254
	// KeycodeTvZoomMode as declared in android/keycodes.h:301
	KeycodeTvZoomMode = 255
	// KeycodeTvContentsMenu as declared in android/keycodes.h:302
	KeycodeTvContentsMenu = 256
	// KeycodeTvMediaContextMenu as declared in android/keycodes.h:303
	KeycodeTvMediaContextMenu = 257
	// KeycodeTvTimerProgramming as declared in android/keycodes.h:304
	KeycodeTvTimerProgramming = 258
	// KeycodeHelp as declared in android/keycodes.h:305
	KeycodeHelp = 259
View Source
const (
	// LooperPollWake as declared in android/looper.h:73
	LooperPollWake = -1
	// LooperPollCallback as declared in android/looper.h:79
	LooperPollCallback = -2
	// LooperPollTimeout as declared in android/looper.h:85
	LooperPollTimeout = -3
	// LooperPollError as declared in android/looper.h:91
	LooperPollError = -4
View Source
const (
	// LooperEventInput as declared in android/looper.h:115
	LooperEventInput = 1 << 0
	// LooperEventOutput as declared in android/looper.h:120
	LooperEventOutput = 1 << 1
	// LooperEventError as declared in android/looper.h:128
	LooperEventError = 1 << 2
	// LooperEventHangup as declared in android/looper.h:137
	LooperEventHangup = 1 << 3
	// LooperEventInvalid as declared in android/looper.h:146
	LooperEventInvalid = 1 << 4
View Source
const (
	// NativeactivityShowSoftInputImplicit as declared in android/native_activity.h:276
	NativeactivityShowSoftInputImplicit = 0x0001
	// NativeactivityShowSoftInputForced as declared in android/native_activity.h:277
	NativeactivityShowSoftInputForced = 0x0002
View Source
const (
	// NativeactivityHideSoftInputImplicitOnly as declared in android/native_activity.h:293
	NativeactivityHideSoftInputImplicitOnly = 0x0001
	// NativeactivityHideSoftInputNotAlways as declared in android/native_activity.h:294
	NativeactivityHideSoftInputNotAlways = 0x0002
View Source
const (
	// KeyStateUnknown as declared in android/input.h:58
	KeyStateUnknown = -1
	// KeyStateUp as declared in android/input.h:61
	KeyStateUp = 0
	// KeyStateDown as declared in android/input.h:64
	KeyStateDown = 1
	// KeyStateVirtual as declared in android/input.h:67
	KeyStateVirtual = 2
View Source
const (
	// MetaNone as declared in android/input.h:75
	MetaNone = iota
	// MetaAltOn as declared in android/input.h:78
	MetaAltOn = 0x02
	// MetaAltLeftOn as declared in android/input.h:81
	MetaAltLeftOn = 0x10
	// MetaAltRightOn as declared in android/input.h:84
	MetaAltRightOn = 0x20
	// MetaShiftOn as declared in android/input.h:87
	MetaShiftOn = 0x01
	// MetaShiftLeftOn as declared in android/input.h:90
	MetaShiftLeftOn = 0x40
	// MetaShiftRightOn as declared in android/input.h:93
	MetaShiftRightOn = 0x80
	// MetaSymOn as declared in android/input.h:96
	MetaSymOn = 0x04
	// MetaFunctionOn as declared in android/input.h:99
	MetaFunctionOn = 0x08
	// MetaCtrlOn as declared in android/input.h:102
	MetaCtrlOn = 0x1000
	// MetaCtrlLeftOn as declared in android/input.h:105
	MetaCtrlLeftOn = 0x2000
	// MetaCtrlRightOn as declared in android/input.h:108
	MetaCtrlRightOn = 0x4000
	// MetaMetaOn as declared in android/input.h:111
	MetaMetaOn = 0x10000
	// MetaMetaLeftOn as declared in android/input.h:114
	MetaMetaLeftOn = 0x20000
	// MetaMetaRightOn as declared in android/input.h:117
	MetaMetaRightOn = 0x40000
	// MetaCapsLockOn as declared in android/input.h:120
	MetaCapsLockOn = 0x100000
	// MetaNumLockOn as declared in android/input.h:123
	MetaNumLockOn = 0x200000
	// MetaScrollLockOn as declared in android/input.h:126
	MetaScrollLockOn = 0x400000
View Source
const (
	// InputEventTypeKey as declared in android/input.h:143
	InputEventTypeKey = 1
	// InputEventTypeMotion as declared in android/input.h:146
	InputEventTypeMotion = 2
View Source
const (
	// KeyEventActionDown as declared in android/input.h:154
	KeyEventActionDown = iota
	// KeyEventActionUp as declared in android/input.h:157
	KeyEventActionUp = 1
	// KeyEventActionMultiple as declared in android/input.h:163
	KeyEventActionMultiple = 2
View Source
const (
	// KeyEventFlagWokeHere as declared in android/input.h:171
	KeyEventFlagWokeHere = 0x1
	// KeyEventFlagSoftKeyboard as declared in android/input.h:174
	KeyEventFlagSoftKeyboard = 0x2
	// KeyEventFlagKeepTouchMode as declared in android/input.h:177
	KeyEventFlagKeepTouchMode = 0x4
	// KeyEventFlagFromSystem as declared in android/input.h:182
	KeyEventFlagFromSystem = 0x8
	// KeyEventFlagEditorAction as declared in android/input.h:189
	KeyEventFlagEditorAction = 0x10
	// KeyEventFlagCanceled as declared in android/input.h:199
	KeyEventFlagCanceled = 0x20
	// KeyEventFlagVirtualHardKey as declared in android/input.h:204
	KeyEventFlagVirtualHardKey = 0x40
	// KeyEventFlagLongPress as declared in android/input.h:208
	KeyEventFlagLongPress = 0x80
	// KeyEventFlagCanceledLongPress as declared in android/input.h:212
	KeyEventFlagCanceledLongPress = 0x100
	// KeyEventFlagTracking as declared in android/input.h:218
	KeyEventFlagTracking = 0x200
	// KeyEventFlagFallback as declared in android/input.h:226
	KeyEventFlagFallback = 0x400
View Source
const (
	// MotionEventActionMask as declared in android/input.h:241
	MotionEventActionMask = 0xff
	// MotionEventActionPointerIndexMask as declared in android/input.h:248
	MotionEventActionPointerIndexMask = 0xff00
	// MotionEventActionDown as declared in android/input.h:252
	MotionEventActionDown = 0
	// MotionEventActionUp as declared in android/input.h:257
	MotionEventActionUp = 1
	// MotionEventActionMove as declared in android/input.h:263
	MotionEventActionMove = 2
	// MotionEventActionCancel as declared in android/input.h:269
	MotionEventActionCancel = 3
	// MotionEventActionOutside as declared in android/input.h:274
	MotionEventActionOutside = 4
	// MotionEventActionPointerDown as declared in android/input.h:279
	MotionEventActionPointerDown = 5
	// MotionEventActionPointerUp as declared in android/input.h:284
	MotionEventActionPointerUp = 6
	// MotionEventActionHoverMove as declared in android/input.h:290
	MotionEventActionHoverMove = 7
	// MotionEventActionScroll as declared in android/input.h:299
	MotionEventActionScroll = 8
	// MotionEventActionHoverEnter as declared in android/input.h:303
	MotionEventActionHoverEnter = 9
	// MotionEventActionHoverExit as declared in android/input.h:307
	MotionEventActionHoverExit = 10
View Source
const (
	// MotionEventEdgeFlagNone as declared in android/input.h:331
	MotionEventEdgeFlagNone = iota
	// MotionEventEdgeFlagTop as declared in android/input.h:334
	MotionEventEdgeFlagTop = 0x01
	// MotionEventEdgeFlagBottom as declared in android/input.h:337
	MotionEventEdgeFlagBottom = 0x02
	// MotionEventEdgeFlagLeft as declared in android/input.h:340
	MotionEventEdgeFlagLeft = 0x04
	// MotionEventEdgeFlagRight as declared in android/input.h:343
	MotionEventEdgeFlagRight = 0x08
View Source
const (
	// MotionEventAxisX as declared in android/input.h:351
	MotionEventAxisX = iota
	// MotionEventAxisY as declared in android/input.h:352
	MotionEventAxisY = 1
	// MotionEventAxisPressure as declared in android/input.h:353
	MotionEventAxisPressure = 2
	// MotionEventAxisSize as declared in android/input.h:354
	MotionEventAxisSize = 3
	// MotionEventAxisTouchMajor as declared in android/input.h:355
	MotionEventAxisTouchMajor = 4
	// MotionEventAxisTouchMinor as declared in android/input.h:356
	MotionEventAxisTouchMinor = 5
	// MotionEventAxisToolMajor as declared in android/input.h:357
	MotionEventAxisToolMajor = 6
	// MotionEventAxisToolMinor as declared in android/input.h:358
	MotionEventAxisToolMinor = 7
	// MotionEventAxisOrientation as declared in android/input.h:359
	MotionEventAxisOrientation = 8
	// MotionEventAxisVscroll as declared in android/input.h:360
	MotionEventAxisVscroll = 9
	// MotionEventAxisHscroll as declared in android/input.h:361
	MotionEventAxisHscroll = 10
	// MotionEventAxisZ as declared in android/input.h:362
	MotionEventAxisZ = 11
	// MotionEventAxisRx as declared in android/input.h:363
	MotionEventAxisRx = 12
	// MotionEventAxisRy as declared in android/input.h:364
	MotionEventAxisRy = 13
	// MotionEventAxisRz as declared in android/input.h:365
	MotionEventAxisRz = 14
	// MotionEventAxisHatX as declared in android/input.h:366
	MotionEventAxisHatX = 15
	// MotionEventAxisHatY as declared in android/input.h:367
	MotionEventAxisHatY = 16
	// MotionEventAxisLtrigger as declared in android/input.h:368
	MotionEventAxisLtrigger = 17
	// MotionEventAxisRtrigger as declared in android/input.h:369
	MotionEventAxisRtrigger = 18
	// MotionEventAxisThrottle as declared in android/input.h:370
	MotionEventAxisThrottle = 19
	// MotionEventAxisRudder as declared in android/input.h:371
	MotionEventAxisRudder = 20
	// MotionEventAxisWheel as declared in android/input.h:372
	MotionEventAxisWheel = 21
	// MotionEventAxisGas as declared in android/input.h:373
	MotionEventAxisGas = 22
	// MotionEventAxisBrake as declared in android/input.h:374
	MotionEventAxisBrake = 23
	// MotionEventAxisDistance as declared in android/input.h:375
	MotionEventAxisDistance = 24
	// MotionEventAxisTilt as declared in android/input.h:376
	MotionEventAxisTilt = 25
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric1 as declared in android/input.h:377
	MotionEventAxisGeneric1 = 32
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric2 as declared in android/input.h:378
	MotionEventAxisGeneric2 = 33
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric3 as declared in android/input.h:379
	MotionEventAxisGeneric3 = 34
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric4 as declared in android/input.h:380
	MotionEventAxisGeneric4 = 35
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric5 as declared in android/input.h:381
	MotionEventAxisGeneric5 = 36
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric6 as declared in android/input.h:382
	MotionEventAxisGeneric6 = 37
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric7 as declared in android/input.h:383
	MotionEventAxisGeneric7 = 38
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric8 as declared in android/input.h:384
	MotionEventAxisGeneric8 = 39
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric9 as declared in android/input.h:385
	MotionEventAxisGeneric9 = 40
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric10 as declared in android/input.h:386
	MotionEventAxisGeneric10 = 41
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric11 as declared in android/input.h:387
	MotionEventAxisGeneric11 = 42
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric12 as declared in android/input.h:388
	MotionEventAxisGeneric12 = 43
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric13 as declared in android/input.h:389
	MotionEventAxisGeneric13 = 44
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric14 as declared in android/input.h:390
	MotionEventAxisGeneric14 = 45
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric15 as declared in android/input.h:391
	MotionEventAxisGeneric15 = 46
	// MotionEventAxisGeneric16 as declared in android/input.h:392
	MotionEventAxisGeneric16 = 47
View Source
const (
	// MotionEventButtonPrimary as declared in android/input.h:403
	MotionEventButtonPrimary = 1 << 0
	// MotionEventButtonSecondary as declared in android/input.h:404
	MotionEventButtonSecondary = 1 << 1
	// MotionEventButtonTertiary as declared in android/input.h:405
	MotionEventButtonTertiary = 1 << 2
	// MotionEventButtonBack as declared in android/input.h:406
	MotionEventButtonBack = 1 << 3
	// MotionEventButtonForward as declared in android/input.h:407
	MotionEventButtonForward = 1 << 4
View Source
const (
	// MotionEventToolTypeUnknown as declared in android/input.h:415
	MotionEventToolTypeUnknown = iota
	// MotionEventToolTypeFinger as declared in android/input.h:416
	MotionEventToolTypeFinger = 1
	// MotionEventToolTypeStylus as declared in android/input.h:417
	MotionEventToolTypeStylus = 2
	// MotionEventToolTypeMouse as declared in android/input.h:418
	MotionEventToolTypeMouse = 3
	// MotionEventToolTypeEraser as declared in android/input.h:419
	MotionEventToolTypeEraser = 4
View Source
const (
	// InputSourceClassMask as declared in android/input.h:429
	InputSourceClassMask = 0x000000ff
	// InputSourceClassNone as declared in android/input.h:431
	InputSourceClassNone = 0x00000000
	// InputSourceClassButton as declared in android/input.h:432
	InputSourceClassButton = 0x00000001
	// InputSourceClassPointer as declared in android/input.h:433
	InputSourceClassPointer = 0x00000002
	// InputSourceClassNavigation as declared in android/input.h:434
	InputSourceClassNavigation = 0x00000004
	// InputSourceClassPosition as declared in android/input.h:435
	InputSourceClassPosition = 0x00000008
	// InputSourceClassJoystick as declared in android/input.h:436
	InputSourceClassJoystick = 0x00000010
View Source
const (
	// InputSourceUnknown as declared in android/input.h:440
	InputSourceUnknown = 0x00000000
	// InputSourceKeyboard as declared in android/input.h:442
	InputSourceKeyboard = 0x00000100 | InputSourceClassButton
	// InputSourceDpad as declared in android/input.h:443
	InputSourceDpad = 0x00000200 | InputSourceClassButton
	// InputSourceGamepad as declared in android/input.h:444
	InputSourceGamepad = 0x00000400 | InputSourceClassButton
	// InputSourceTouchscreen as declared in android/input.h:445
	InputSourceTouchscreen = 0x00001000 | InputSourceClassPointer
	// InputSourceMouse as declared in android/input.h:446
	InputSourceMouse = 0x00002000 | InputSourceClassPointer
	// InputSourceStylus as declared in android/input.h:447
	InputSourceStylus = 0x00004000 | InputSourceClassPointer
	// InputSourceTrackball as declared in android/input.h:448
	InputSourceTrackball = 0x00010000 | InputSourceClassNavigation
	// InputSourceTouchpad as declared in android/input.h:449
	InputSourceTouchpad = 0x00100000 | InputSourceClassPosition
	// InputSourceTouchNavigation as declared in android/input.h:450
	InputSourceTouchNavigation = 0x00200000 | InputSourceClassNone
	// InputSourceJoystick as declared in android/input.h:451
	InputSourceJoystick = 0x01000000 | InputSourceClassJoystick
	// InputSourceAny as declared in android/input.h:453
	InputSourceAny = 0xffffff00
View Source
const (
	// InputKeyboardTypeNone as declared in android/input.h:462
	InputKeyboardTypeNone = iota
	// InputKeyboardTypeNonAlphabetic as declared in android/input.h:463
	InputKeyboardTypeNonAlphabetic = 1
	// InputKeyboardTypeAlphabetic as declared in android/input.h:464
	InputKeyboardTypeAlphabetic = 2
View Source
const (
	// InputMotionRangeX as declared in android/input.h:477
	InputMotionRangeX = MotionEventAxisX
	// InputMotionRangeY as declared in android/input.h:478
	InputMotionRangeY = MotionEventAxisY
	// InputMotionRangePressure as declared in android/input.h:479
	InputMotionRangePressure = MotionEventAxisPressure
	// InputMotionRangeSize as declared in android/input.h:480
	InputMotionRangeSize = MotionEventAxisSize
	// InputMotionRangeTouchMajor as declared in android/input.h:481
	InputMotionRangeTouchMajor = MotionEventAxisTouchMajor
	// InputMotionRangeTouchMinor as declared in android/input.h:482
	InputMotionRangeTouchMinor = MotionEventAxisTouchMinor
	// InputMotionRangeToolMajor as declared in android/input.h:483
	InputMotionRangeToolMajor = MotionEventAxisToolMajor
	// InputMotionRangeToolMinor as declared in android/input.h:484
	InputMotionRangeToolMinor = MotionEventAxisToolMinor
	// InputMotionRangeOrientation as declared in android/input.h:485
	InputMotionRangeOrientation = MotionEventAxisOrientation
View Source
const (
	// SensorTypeAccelerometer as declared in android/sensor.h:59
	SensorTypeAccelerometer = 1
	// SensorTypeMagneticField as declared in android/sensor.h:60
	SensorTypeMagneticField = 2
	// SensorTypeGyroscope as declared in android/sensor.h:61
	SensorTypeGyroscope = 4
	// SensorTypeLight as declared in android/sensor.h:62
	SensorTypeLight = 5
	// SensorTypeProximity as declared in android/sensor.h:63
	SensorTypeProximity = 8
View Source
const (
	// SensorStatusNoContact as declared in android/sensor.h:70
	SensorStatusNoContact = -1
	// SensorStatusUnreliable as declared in android/sensor.h:71
	SensorStatusUnreliable = 0
	// SensorStatusAccuracyLow as declared in android/sensor.h:72
	SensorStatusAccuracyLow = 1
	// SensorStatusAccuracyMedium as declared in android/sensor.h:73
	SensorStatusAccuracyMedium = 2
	// SensorStatusAccuracyHigh as declared in android/sensor.h:74
	SensorStatusAccuracyHigh = 3
View Source
const (
	// ReportingModeContinuous as declared in android/sensor.h:81
	ReportingModeContinuous = iota
	// ReportingModeOnChange as declared in android/sensor.h:82
	ReportingModeOnChange = 1
	// ReportingModeOneShot as declared in android/sensor.h:83
	ReportingModeOneShot = 2
	// ReportingModeSpecialTrigger as declared in android/sensor.h:84
	ReportingModeSpecialTrigger = 3
View Source
const (
	// ObbStateMounted as declared in android/storage_manager.h:35
	ObbStateMounted = 1
	// ObbStateUnmounted as declared in android/storage_manager.h:41
	ObbStateUnmounted = 2
	// ObbStateErrorInternal as declared in android/storage_manager.h:48
	ObbStateErrorInternal = 20
	// ObbStateErrorCouldNotMount as declared in android/storage_manager.h:54
	ObbStateErrorCouldNotMount = 21
	// ObbStateErrorCouldNotUnmount as declared in android/storage_manager.h:61
	ObbStateErrorCouldNotUnmount = 22
	// ObbStateErrorNotMounted as declared in android/storage_manager.h:68
	ObbStateErrorNotMounted = 23
	// ObbStateErrorAlreadyMounted as declared in android/storage_manager.h:74
	ObbStateErrorAlreadyMounted = 24
	// ObbStateErrorPermissionDenied as declared in android/storage_manager.h:82
	ObbStateErrorPermissionDenied = 25
View Source
const (
	// WindowFlagAllowLockWhileScreenOn as declared in android/window.h:29
	WindowFlagAllowLockWhileScreenOn = 0x00000001
	// WindowFlagDimBehind as declared in android/window.h:30
	WindowFlagDimBehind = 0x00000002
	// WindowFlagBlurBehind as declared in android/window.h:31
	WindowFlagBlurBehind = 0x00000004
	// WindowFlagNotFocusable as declared in android/window.h:32
	WindowFlagNotFocusable = 0x00000008
	// WindowFlagNotTouchable as declared in android/window.h:33
	WindowFlagNotTouchable = 0x00000010
	// WindowFlagNotTouchModal as declared in android/window.h:34
	WindowFlagNotTouchModal = 0x00000020
	// WindowFlagTouchableWhenWaking as declared in android/window.h:35
	WindowFlagTouchableWhenWaking = 0x00000040
	// WindowFlagKeepScreenOn as declared in android/window.h:36
	WindowFlagKeepScreenOn = 0x00000080
	// WindowFlagLayoutInScreen as declared in android/window.h:37
	WindowFlagLayoutInScreen = 0x00000100
	// WindowFlagLayoutNoLimits as declared in android/window.h:38
	WindowFlagLayoutNoLimits = 0x00000200
	// WindowFlagFullscreen as declared in android/window.h:39
	WindowFlagFullscreen = 0x00000400
	// WindowFlagForceNotFullscreen as declared in android/window.h:40
	WindowFlagForceNotFullscreen = 0x00000800
	// WindowFlagDither as declared in android/window.h:41
	WindowFlagDither = 0x00001000
	// WindowFlagSecure as declared in android/window.h:42
	WindowFlagSecure = 0x00002000
	// WindowFlagScaled as declared in android/window.h:43
	WindowFlagScaled = 0x00004000
	// WindowFlagIgnoreCheekPresses as declared in android/window.h:44
	WindowFlagIgnoreCheekPresses = 0x00008000
	// WindowFlagLayoutInsetDecor as declared in android/window.h:45
	WindowFlagLayoutInsetDecor = 0x00010000
	// WindowFlagAltFocusableIm as declared in android/window.h:46
	WindowFlagAltFocusableIm = 0x00020000
	// WindowFlagWatchOutsideTouch as declared in android/window.h:47
	WindowFlagWatchOutsideTouch = 0x00040000
	// WindowFlagShowWhenLocked as declared in android/window.h:48
	WindowFlagShowWhenLocked = 0x00080000
	// WindowFlagShowWallpaper as declared in android/window.h:49
	WindowFlagShowWallpaper = 0x00100000
	// WindowFlagTurnScreenOn as declared in android/window.h:50
	WindowFlagTurnScreenOn = 0x00200000
	// WindowFlagDismissKeyguard as declared in android/window.h:51
	WindowFlagDismissKeyguard = 0x00400000
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const (
	JVoid    className = "void"
	JBoolean className = "boolean"
	JByte    className = "byte"
	JChar    className = "char"
	JShort   className = "short"
	JInt     className = "int"
	JLong    className = "long"
	JFloat   className = "float"
	JDouble  className = "double"

Built-in names.

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const (
	JClassAbsSavedState                      className = "android/view/AbsSavedState"
	JClassAccessibilityInteractionController className = "android/view/AccessibilityInteractionController"
	JClassAccessibilityIterators             className = "android/view/AccessibilityIterators"
	JClassActionMode                         className = "android/view/ActionMode"
	JClassActionProvider                     className = "android/view/ActionProvider"
	JClassAttachInfo_Accessor                className = "android/view/AttachInfo_Accessor"
	JClassBigCache                           className = "android/view/BigCache"
	JClassBitmapDrawable                     className = "android/view/BitmapDrawable"
	JClassBridgeInflater                     className = "android/view/BridgeInflater"
	JClassChoreographer                      className = "android/view/Choreographer"
	JClassChoreographer_Delegate             className = "android/view/Choreographer_Delegate"
	JClassCollapsibleActionView              className = "android/view/CollapsibleActionView"
	JClassContextMenu                        className = "android/view/ContextMenu"
	JClassContextThemeWrapper                className = "android/view/ContextThemeWrapper"
	JClassDisabled                           className = "android/view/Disabled"
	JClassDisplay                            className = "android/view/Display"
	JClassDisplayAdjustments                 className = "android/view/DisplayAdjustments"
	JClassDisplayEventReceiver               className = "android/view/DisplayEventReceiver"
	JClassDisplayInfo                        className = "android/view/DisplayInfo"
	JClassDisplayListCanvas                  className = "android/view/DisplayListCanvas"
	JClassDisplay_Delegate                   className = "android/view/Display_Delegate"
	JClassDragEvent                          className = "android/view/DragEvent"
	JClassDrawableBgMinSize                  className = "android/view/DrawableBgMinSize"
	JClassFallbackEventHandler               className = "android/view/FallbackEventHandler"
	JClassFocusFinder                        className = "android/view/FocusFinder"
	JClassFocusFinderHelper                  className = "android/view/FocusFinderHelper"
	JClassFrameInfo                          className = "android/view/FrameInfo"
	JClassFrameStats                         className = "android/view/FrameStats"
	JClassGestureDetector                    className = "android/view/GestureDetector"
	JClassGhostView                          className = "android/view/GhostView"
	JClassGlobalFocusChange                  className = "android/view/GlobalFocusChange"
	JClassGraphicBuffer                      className = "android/view/GraphicBuffer"
	JClassGravity                            className = "android/view/Gravity"
	JClassHapticFeedbackConstants            className = "android/view/HapticFeedbackConstants"
	JClassHardwareLayer                      className = "android/view/HardwareLayer"
	JClassHardwareRenderer                   className = "android/view/HardwareRenderer"
	JClassIWindowManagerImpl                 className = "android/view/IWindowManagerImpl"
	JClassInclude                            className = "android/view/Include"
	JClassInflateException                   className = "android/view/InflateException"
	JClassInputChannel                       className = "android/view/InputChannel"
	JClassInputDevice                        className = "android/view/InputDevice"
	JClassInputEvent                         className = "android/view/InputEvent"
	JClassInputEventConsistencyVerifier      className = "android/view/InputEventConsistencyVerifier"
	JClassInputEventReceiver                 className = "android/view/InputEventReceiver"
	JClassInputEventSender                   className = "android/view/InputEventSender"
	JClassInputFilter                        className = "android/view/InputFilter"
	JClassInputQueue                         className = "android/view/InputQueue"
	JClassKeyCharacterMap                    className = "android/view/KeyCharacterMap"
	JClassKeyEvent                           className = "android/view/KeyEvent"
	JClassLayoutInflater                     className = "android/view/LayoutInflater"
	JClassLayoutInflater_Delegate            className = "android/view/LayoutInflater_Delegate"
	JClassListContextMenu                    className = "android/view/ListContextMenu"
	JClassLongpress                          className = "android/view/Longpress"
	JClassMagnificationSpec                  className = "android/view/MagnificationSpec"
	JClassMenu                               className = "android/view/Menu"
	JClassMenuInflater                       className = "android/view/MenuInflater"
	JClassMenuInflater_Delegate              className = "android/view/MenuInflater_Delegate"
	JClassMenuItem                           className = "android/view/MenuItem"
	JClassMerge                              className = "android/view/Merge"
	JClassMockView                           className = "android/view/MockView"
	JClassMotionEvent                        className = "android/view/MotionEvent"
	JClassMutateDrawable                     className = "android/view/MutateDrawable"
	JClassOrientationEventListener           className = "android/view/OrientationEventListener"
	JClassOrientationListener                className = "android/view/OrientationListener"
	JClassPointerIcon                        className = "android/view/PointerIcon"
	JClassPopupWindowVisibility              className = "android/view/PopupWindowVisibility"
	JClassPreDrawListener                    className = "android/view/PreDrawListener"
	JClassRectShadowPainter                  className = "android/view/RectShadowPainter"
	JClassRemotableViewMethod                className = "android/view/RemotableViewMethod"
	JClassRemoteViewsActivity                className = "android/view/RemoteViewsActivity"
	JClassRenderNode                         className = "android/view/RenderNode"
	JClassRenderNodeAnimator                 className = "android/view/RenderNodeAnimator"
	JClassRenderNode_Delegate                className = "android/view/RenderNode_Delegate"
	JClassRunQueue                           className = "android/view/RunQueue"
	JClassScaleGestureDetector               className = "android/view/ScaleGestureDetector"
	JClassSearchEvent                        className = "android/view/SearchEvent"
	JClassShadowPainter                      className = "android/view/ShadowPainter"
	JClassSoundEffectConstants               className = "android/view/SoundEffectConstants"
	JClassStubbedView                        className = "android/view/StubbedView"
	JClassSubMenu                            className = "android/view/SubMenu"
	JClassSurface                            className = "android/view/Surface"
	JClassSurfaceControl                     className = "android/view/SurfaceControl"
	JClassSurfaceHolder                      className = "android/view/SurfaceHolder"
	JClassSurfaceSession                     className = "android/view/SurfaceSession"
	JClassSurfaceView                        className = "android/view/SurfaceView"
	JClassTextureView                        className = "android/view/TextureView"
	JClassThreadedRenderer                   className = "android/view/ThreadedRenderer"
	JClassTouchDelegate                      className = "android/view/TouchDelegate"
	JClassVelocityTracker                    className = "android/view/VelocityTracker"
	JClassView                               className = "android/view/View"
	JClassViewAnimationUtils                 className = "android/view/ViewAnimationUtils"
	JClassViewAttachView                     className = "android/view/ViewAttachView"
	JClassViewConfiguration                  className = "android/view/ViewConfiguration"
	JClassViewConfiguration_Accessor         className = "android/view/ViewConfiguration_Accessor"
	JClassViewDebug                          className = "android/view/ViewDebug"
	JClassViewGroup                          className = "android/view/ViewGroup"
	JClassViewGroupChildren                  className = "android/view/ViewGroupChildren"
	JClassViewGroupOverlay                   className = "android/view/ViewGroupOverlay"
	JClassViewGroup_Delegate                 className = "android/view/ViewGroup_Delegate"
	JClassViewHierarchyEncoder               className = "android/view/ViewHierarchyEncoder"
	JClassViewManager                        className = "android/view/ViewManager"
	JClassViewOutlineProvider                className = "android/view/ViewOutlineProvider"
	JClassViewOverlay                        className = "android/view/ViewOverlay"
	JClassViewParent                         className = "android/view/ViewParent"
	JClassViewPropertyAnimator               className = "android/view/ViewPropertyAnimator"
	JClassViewPropertyAnimatorRT             className = "android/view/ViewPropertyAnimatorRT"
	JClassViewRootImpl                       className = "android/view/ViewRootImpl"
	JClassViewRootImpl_Delegate              className = "android/view/ViewRootImpl_Delegate"
	JClassViewStructure                      className = "android/view/ViewStructure"
	JClassViewStub                           className = "android/view/ViewStub"
	JClassViewTreeObserver                   className = "android/view/ViewTreeObserver"
	JClassView_Delegate                      className = "android/view/View_Delegate"
	JClassVisibility                         className = "android/view/Visibility"
	JClassVisibilityCallback                 className = "android/view/VisibilityCallback"
	JClassWindow                             className = "android/view/Window"
	JClassWindowAnimationFrameStats          className = "android/view/WindowAnimationFrameStats"
	JClassWindowCallback                     className = "android/view/WindowCallback"
	JClassWindowCallbackWrapper              className = "android/view/WindowCallbackWrapper"
	JClassWindowContentFrameStats            className = "android/view/WindowContentFrameStats"
	JClassWindowId                           className = "android/view/WindowId"
	JClassWindowInfo                         className = "android/view/WindowInfo"
	JClassWindowInsets                       className = "android/view/WindowInsets"
	JClassWindowManager                      className = "android/view/WindowManager"
	JClassWindowManagerGlobal                className = "android/view/WindowManagerGlobal"
	JClassWindowManagerGlobal_Delegate       className = "android/view/WindowManagerGlobal_Delegate"
	JClassWindowManagerImpl                  className = "android/view/WindowManagerImpl"
	JClassWindowManagerPolicy                className = "android/view/WindowManagerPolicy"
	JClassZeroSized                          className = "android/view/ZeroSized"

android/view/... class names.

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const (
	JClassBaseInputConnection         className = "android/view/inputmethod/BaseInputConnection"
	JClassCompletionInfo              className = "android/view/inputmethod/CompletionInfo"
	JClassCorrectionInfo              className = "android/view/inputmethod/CorrectionInfo"
	JClassCursorAnchorInfo            className = "android/view/inputmethod/CursorAnchorInfo"
	JClassEditorInfo                  className = "android/view/inputmethod/EditorInfo"
	JClassExtractedText               className = "android/view/inputmethod/ExtractedText"
	JClassExtractedTextRequest        className = "android/view/inputmethod/ExtractedTextRequest"
	JClassInputBinding                className = "android/view/inputmethod/InputBinding"
	JClassInputConnection             className = "android/view/inputmethod/InputConnection"
	JClassInputConnectionWrapper      className = "android/view/inputmethod/InputConnectionWrapper"
	JClassInputMethod                 className = "android/view/inputmethod/InputMethod"
	JClassInputMethodInfo             className = "android/view/inputmethod/InputMethodInfo"
	JClassInputMethodManager          className = "android/view/inputmethod/InputMethodManager"
	JClassInputMethodManager_Accessor className = "android/view/inputmethod/InputMethodManager_Accessor"
	JClassInputMethodManager_Delegate className = "android/view/inputmethod/InputMethodManager_Delegate"
	JClassInputMethodSession          className = "android/view/inputmethod/InputMethodSession"
	JClassInputMethodSubtype          className = "android/view/inputmethod/InputMethodSubtype"
	JClassInputMethodSubtypeArray     className = "android/view/inputmethod/InputMethodSubtypeArray"
	JClassSparseRectFArray            className = "android/view/inputmethod/SparseRectFArray"

android/view/inputmethod/... class names.

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const (
	JClassSentenceSuggestionsInfo className = "android/view/textservice/SentenceSuggestionsInfo"
	JClassSpellCheckerInfo        className = "android/view/textservice/SpellCheckerInfo"
	JClassSpellCheckerSession     className = "android/view/textservice/SpellCheckerSession"
	JClassSpellCheckerSubtype     className = "android/view/textservice/SpellCheckerSubtype"
	JClassSuggestionsInfo         className = "android/view/textservice/SuggestionsInfo"
	JClassTextInfo                className = "android/view/textservice/TextInfo"
	JClassTextServicesManager     className = "android/view/textservice/TextServicesManager"

android/view/textservice/... class names.

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const (
	JClassAbstractThreadedSyncAdapter     className = "android/content/AbstractThreadedSyncAdapter"
	JClassActivityNotFoundException       className = "android/content/ActivityNotFoundException"
	JClassAsyncQueryHandler               className = "android/content/AsyncQueryHandler"
	JClassAsyncTaskLoader                 className = "android/content/AsyncTaskLoader"
	JClassBroadcastReceiver               className = "android/content/BroadcastReceiver"
	JClassClipData                        className = "android/content/ClipData"
	JClassClipDescription                 className = "android/content/ClipDescription"
	JClassClipboardManager                className = "android/content/ClipboardManager"
	JClassComponentCallbacks              className = "android/content/ComponentCallbacks"
	JClassComponentCallbacks2             className = "android/content/ComponentCallbacks2"
	JClassComponentName                   className = "android/content/ComponentName"
	JClassContentInsertHandler            className = "android/content/ContentInsertHandler"
	JClassContentProvider                 className = "android/content/ContentProvider"
	JClassContentProviderClient           className = "android/content/ContentProviderClient"
	JClassContentProviderNative           className = "android/content/ContentProviderNative"
	JClassContentProviderOperation        className = "android/content/ContentProviderOperation"
	JClassContentProviderResult           className = "android/content/ContentProviderResult"
	JClassContentQueryMap                 className = "android/content/ContentQueryMap"
	JClassContentResolver                 className = "android/content/ContentResolver"
	JClassContentUris                     className = "android/content/ContentUris"
	JClassContentValues                   className = "android/content/ContentValues"
	JClassContext                         className = "android/content/Context"
	JClassContextWrapper                  className = "android/content/ContextWrapper"
	JClassCursorEntityIterator            className = "android/content/CursorEntityIterator"
	JClassCursorLoader                    className = "android/content/CursorLoader"
	JClassDefaultDataHandler              className = "android/content/DefaultDataHandler"
	JClassDialogInterface                 className = "android/content/DialogInterface"
	JClassEntity                          className = "android/content/Entity"
	JClassEntityIterator                  className = "android/content/EntityIterator"
	JClassIContentProvider                className = "android/content/IContentProvider"
	JClassIntent                          className = "android/content/Intent"
	JClassIntentFilter                    className = "android/content/IntentFilter"
	JClassIntentSender                    className = "android/content/IntentSender"
	JClassLoader                          className = "android/content/Loader"
	JClassMemoryFileProvider              className = "android/content/MemoryFileProvider"
	JClassMutableContextWrapper           className = "android/content/MutableContextWrapper"
	JClassOperationApplicationException   className = "android/content/OperationApplicationException"
	JClassPeriodicSync                    className = "android/content/PeriodicSync"
	JClassReceiverCallNotAllowedException className = "android/content/ReceiverCallNotAllowedException"
	JClassRestrictionEntry                className = "android/content/RestrictionEntry"
	JClassRestrictionsManager             className = "android/content/RestrictionsManager"
	JClassSearchRecentSuggestionsProvider className = "android/content/SearchRecentSuggestionsProvider"
	JClassServiceConnection               className = "android/content/ServiceConnection"
	JClassSharedPreferences               className = "android/content/SharedPreferences"
	JClassSyncActivityTooManyDeletes      className = "android/content/SyncActivityTooManyDeletes"
	JClassSyncAdapterType                 className = "android/content/SyncAdapterType"
	JClassSyncAdaptersCache               className = "android/content/SyncAdaptersCache"
	JClassSyncContext                     className = "android/content/SyncContext"
	JClassSyncInfo                        className = "android/content/SyncInfo"
	JClassSyncRequest                     className = "android/content/SyncRequest"
	JClassSyncResult                      className = "android/content/SyncResult"
	JClassSyncStats                       className = "android/content/SyncStats"
	JClassSyncStatusInfo                  className = "android/content/SyncStatusInfo"
	JClassSyncStatusObserver              className = "android/content/SyncStatusObserver"
	JClassUndoManager                     className = "android/content/UndoManager"
	JClassUndoOperation                   className = "android/content/UndoOperation"
	JClassUndoOwner                       className = "android/content/UndoOwner"
	JClassUriMatcher                      className = "android/content/UriMatcher"
	JClassUriPermission                   className = "android/content/UriPermission"

android/content/... class names.

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const (
	JClassAbstractAccountAuthenticator       className = "android/accounts/AbstractAccountAuthenticator"
	JClassAccount                            className = "android/accounts/Account"
	JClassAccountAndUser                     className = "android/accounts/AccountAndUser"
	JClassAccountAuthenticatorActivity       className = "android/accounts/AccountAuthenticatorActivity"
	JClassAccountAuthenticatorResponse       className = "android/accounts/AccountAuthenticatorResponse"
	JClassAccountManager                     className = "android/accounts/AccountManager"
	JClassAccountManagerCallback             className = "android/accounts/AccountManagerCallback"
	JClassAccountManagerFuture               className = "android/accounts/AccountManagerFuture"
	JClassAccountManagerResponse             className = "android/accounts/AccountManagerResponse"
	JClassAccountsException                  className = "android/accounts/AccountsException"
	JClassAuthenticatorDescription           className = "android/accounts/AuthenticatorDescription"
	JClassAuthenticatorException             className = "android/accounts/AuthenticatorException"
	JClassCantAddAccountActivity             className = "android/accounts/CantAddAccountActivity"
	JClassChooseAccountActivity              className = "android/accounts/ChooseAccountActivity"
	JClassChooseAccountTypeActivity          className = "android/accounts/ChooseAccountTypeActivity"
	JClassChooseTypeAndAccountActivity       className = "android/accounts/ChooseTypeAndAccountActivity"
	JClassGrantCredentialsPermissionActivity className = "android/accounts/GrantCredentialsPermissionActivity"
	JClassNetworkErrorException              className = "android/accounts/NetworkErrorException"
	JClassOnAccountsUpdateListener           className = "android/accounts/OnAccountsUpdateListener"
	JClassAccountsOperationCanceledException className = "android/accounts/OperationCanceledException"

android/accounts/... class names.

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const (
	JClassAsyncResult                  className = "android/os/AsyncResult"
	JClassAsyncTask                    className = "android/os/AsyncTask"
	JClassBadParcelableException       className = "android/os/BadParcelableException"
	JClassBaseBundle                   className = "android/os/BaseBundle"
	JClassBatteryManager               className = "android/os/BatteryManager"
	JClassBatteryProperties            className = "android/os/BatteryProperties"
	JClassBatteryProperty              className = "android/os/BatteryProperty"
	JClassBatteryStats                 className = "android/os/BatteryStats"
	JClassBinder                       className = "android/os/Binder"
	JClassBinderThreadPriorityService  className = "android/os/BinderThreadPriorityService"
	JClassBrightnessLimit              className = "android/os/BrightnessLimit"
	JClassBroadcaster                  className = "android/os/Broadcaster"
	JClassBuild                        className = "android/os/Build"
	JClassBundle                       className = "android/os/Bundle"
	JClassCancellationSignal           className = "android/os/CancellationSignal"
	JClassCommonClock                  className = "android/os/CommonClock"
	JClassCommonTimeConfig             className = "android/os/CommonTimeConfig"
	JClassCommonTimeUtils              className = "android/os/CommonTimeUtils"
	JClassConditionVariable            className = "android/os/ConditionVariable"
	JClassCountDownTimer               className = "android/os/CountDownTimer"
	JClassDeadObjectException          className = "android/os/DeadObjectException"
	JClassDebug                        className = "android/os/Debug"
	JClassDropBoxManager               className = "android/os/DropBoxManager"
	JClassEnvironment                  className = "android/os/Environment"
	JClassFileBridge                   className = "android/os/FileBridge"
	JClassFileObserver                 className = "android/os/FileObserver"
	JClassFileUtils                    className = "android/os/FileUtils"
	JClassHandler                      className = "android/os/Handler"
	JClassHandlerThread                className = "android/os/HandlerThread"
	JClassHandlerThread_Delegate       className = "android/os/HandlerThread_Delegate"
	JClassHandler_Delegate             className = "android/os/Handler_Delegate"
	JClassIBinder                      className = "android/os/IBinder"
	JClassIInterface                   className = "android/os/IInterface"
	JClassIServiceManager              className = "android/os/IServiceManager"
	JClassLooper                       className = "android/os/Looper"
	JClassLooper_Accessor              className = "android/os/Looper_Accessor"
	JClassMemoryFile                   className = "android/os/MemoryFile"
	JClassMessage                      className = "android/os/Message"
	JClassMessageQueue                 className = "android/os/MessageQueue"
	JClassMessenger                    className = "android/os/Messenger"
	JClassMessengerService             className = "android/os/MessengerService"
	JClassNetworkOnMainThreadException className = "android/os/NetworkOnMainThreadException"
	JClassNullVibrator                 className = "android/os/NullVibrator"
	JClassOsOperationCanceledException className = "android/os/OperationCanceledException"
	JClassParcel                       className = "android/os/Parcel"
	JClassParcelArrayBenchmark         className = "android/os/ParcelArrayBenchmark"
	JClassParcelBenchmark              className = "android/os/ParcelBenchmark"
	JClassParcelFileDescriptor         className = "android/os/ParcelFileDescriptor"
	JClassParcelFormatException        className = "android/os/ParcelFormatException"
	JClassParcelUuid                   className = "android/os/ParcelUuid"
	JClassParcelable                   className = "android/os/Parcelable"
	JClassParcelableParcel             className = "android/os/ParcelableParcel"
	JClassPatternMatcher               className = "android/os/PatternMatcher"
	JClassPerformanceCollector         className = "android/os/PerformanceCollector"
	JClassPersistableBundle            className = "android/os/PersistableBundle"
	JClassPooledStringReader           className = "android/os/PooledStringReader"
	JClassPooledStringWriter           className = "android/os/PooledStringWriter"
	JClassPowerManager                 className = "android/os/PowerManager"
	JClassProcess                      className = "android/os/Process"
	JClassRecoverySystem               className = "android/os/RecoverySystem"
	JClassRegistrant                   className = "android/os/Registrant"
	JClassRegistrantList               className = "android/os/RegistrantList"
	JClassRemoteCallback               className = "android/os/RemoteCallback"
	JClassRemoteCallbackList           className = "android/os/RemoteCallbackList"
	JClassRemoteException              className = "android/os/RemoteException"
	JClassRemoteMailException          className = "android/os/RemoteMailException"
	JClassResultReceiver               className = "android/os/ResultReceiver"
	JClassSELinux                      className = "android/os/SELinux"
	JClassServiceManager               className = "android/os/ServiceManager"
	JClassServiceManagerNative         className = "android/os/ServiceManagerNative"
	JClassStatFs                       className = "android/os/StatFs"
	JClassStrictMode                   className = "android/os/StrictMode"
	JClassStrictModeBenchmark          className = "android/os/StrictModeBenchmark"
	JClassSystemClock                  className = "android/os/SystemClock"
	JClassSystemClock_Delegate         className = "android/os/SystemClock_Delegate"
	JClassSystemProperties             className = "android/os/SystemProperties"
	JClassSystemProperties_Delegate    className = "android/os/SystemProperties_Delegate"
	JClassSystemService                className = "android/os/SystemService"
	JClassSystemVibrator               className = "android/os/SystemVibrator"
	JClassTokenWatcher                 className = "android/os/TokenWatcher"
	JClassTrace                        className = "android/os/Trace"
	JClassTransactionTooLargeException className = "android/os/TransactionTooLargeException"
	JClassUEventObserver               className = "android/os/UEventObserver"
	JClassUpdateLock                   className = "android/os/UpdateLock"
	JClassUserHandle                   className = "android/os/UserHandle"
	JClassUserManager                  className = "android/os/UserManager"
	JClassVibrator                     className = "android/os/Vibrator"
	JClassWorkSource                   className = "android/os/WorkSource"

android/os/... class names.

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const (
	JClassDiskInfo                 className = "android/os/storage/DiskInfo"
	JClassIMountService            className = "android/os/storage/IMountService"
	JClassIMountServiceListener    className = "android/os/storage/IMountServiceListener"
	JClassIMountShutdownObserver   className = "android/os/storage/IMountShutdownObserver"
	JClassIObbActionListener       className = "android/os/storage/IObbActionListener"
	JClassMountServiceListener     className = "android/os/storage/MountServiceListener"
	JClassOnObbStateChangeListener className = "android/os/storage/OnObbStateChangeListener"
	JClassStorageEventListener     className = "android/os/storage/StorageEventListener"
	JClassStorageListener          className = "android/os/storage/StorageListener"
	JClassStorageManager           className = "android/os/storage/StorageManager"
	JClassStorageResultCode        className = "android/os/storage/StorageResultCode"
	JClassStorageVolume            className = "android/os/storage/StorageVolume"
	JClassVolumeInfo               className = "android/os/storage/VolumeInfo"
	JClassVolumeRecord             className = "android/os/storage/VolumeRecord"

android/os/storage/... class names.

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const (
	JClassAlteredCharSequence     className = "android/text/AlteredCharSequence"
	JClassAndroidBidi             className = "android/text/AndroidBidi"
	JClassAndroidBidi_Delegate    className = "android/text/AndroidBidi_Delegate"
	JClassAndroidCharacter        className = "android/text/AndroidCharacter"
	JClassAnnotation              className = "android/text/Annotation"
	JClassAutoText                className = "android/text/AutoText"
	JClassBidiFormatter           className = "android/text/BidiFormatter"
	JClassBoringLayout            className = "android/text/BoringLayout"
	JClassTextClipboardManager    className = "android/text/ClipboardManager"
	JClassDynamicLayout           className = "android/text/DynamicLayout"
	JClassEditable                className = "android/text/Editable"
	JClassGetChars                className = "android/text/GetChars"
	JClassGraphicsOperations      className = "android/text/GraphicsOperations"
	JClassGreedyLineBreaker       className = "android/text/GreedyLineBreaker"
	JClassHtml                    className = "android/text/Html"
	JClassHyphenator              className = "android/text/Hyphenator"
	JClassHyphenator_Delegate     className = "android/text/Hyphenator_Delegate"
	JClassTextInputFilter         className = "android/text/InputFilter"
	JClassInputType               className = "android/text/InputType"
	JClassLayout                  className = "android/text/Layout"
	JClassLineBreaker             className = "android/text/LineBreaker"
	JClassLineWidth               className = "android/text/LineWidth"
	JClassLoginFilter             className = "android/text/LoginFilter"
	JClassMeasuredText            className = "android/text/MeasuredText"
	JClassNoCopySpan              className = "android/text/NoCopySpan"
	JClassOptimizingLineBreaker   className = "android/text/OptimizingLineBreaker"
	JClassPackedIntVector         className = "android/text/PackedIntVector"
	JClassPackedObjectVector      className = "android/text/PackedObjectVector"
	JClassParcelableSpan          className = "android/text/ParcelableSpan"
	JClassPrimitive               className = "android/text/Primitive"
	JClassSelection               className = "android/text/Selection"
	JClassSpanSet                 className = "android/text/SpanSet"
	JClassSpanWatcher             className = "android/text/SpanWatcher"
	JClassSpannable               className = "android/text/Spannable"
	JClassSpannableString         className = "android/text/SpannableString"
	JClassSpannableStringBuilder  className = "android/text/SpannableStringBuilder"
	JClassSpanned                 className = "android/text/Spanned"
	JClassSpannedString           className = "android/text/SpannedString"
	JClassStaticLayout            className = "android/text/StaticLayout"
	JClassStaticLayout_Delegate   className = "android/text/StaticLayout_Delegate"
	JClassTabStops                className = "android/text/TabStops"
	JClassTextDirectionHeuristic  className = "android/text/TextDirectionHeuristic"
	JClassTextDirectionHeuristics className = "android/text/TextDirectionHeuristics"
	JClassTextLine                className = "android/text/TextLine"
	JClassTextPaint               className = "android/text/TextPaint"
	JClassTextUtils               className = "android/text/TextUtils"
	JClassTextWatcher             className = "android/text/TextWatcher"

android/text/... class names.

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const (
	JClassCarrierConfigManager             className = "android/telephony/CarrierConfigManager"
	JClassCarrierMessagingServiceManager   className = "android/telephony/CarrierMessagingServiceManager"
	JClassCellBroadcastMessage             className = "android/telephony/CellBroadcastMessage"
	JClassCellIdentityCdma                 className = "android/telephony/CellIdentityCdma"
	JClassCellIdentityGsm                  className = "android/telephony/CellIdentityGsm"
	JClassCellIdentityLte                  className = "android/telephony/CellIdentityLte"
	JClassCellIdentityWcdma                className = "android/telephony/CellIdentityWcdma"
	JClassCellInfo                         className = "android/telephony/CellInfo"
	JClassCellInfoCdma                     className = "android/telephony/CellInfoCdma"
	JClassCellInfoGsm                      className = "android/telephony/CellInfoGsm"
	JClassCellInfoLte                      className = "android/telephony/CellInfoLte"
	JClassCellInfoWcdma                    className = "android/telephony/CellInfoWcdma"
	JClassCellLocation                     className = "android/telephony/CellLocation"
	JClassCellSignalStrength               className = "android/telephony/CellSignalStrength"
	JClassCellSignalStrengthCdma           className = "android/telephony/CellSignalStrengthCdma"
	JClassCellSignalStrengthGsm            className = "android/telephony/CellSignalStrengthGsm"
	JClassCellSignalStrengthLte            className = "android/telephony/CellSignalStrengthLte"
	JClassCellSignalStrengthWcdma          className = "android/telephony/CellSignalStrengthWcdma"
	JClassDataConnectionRealTimeInfo       className = "android/telephony/DataConnectionRealTimeInfo"
	JClassDisconnectCause                  className = "android/telephony/DisconnectCause"
	JClassIccOpenLogicalChannelResponse    className = "android/telephony/IccOpenLogicalChannelResponse"
	JClassJapanesePhoneNumberFormatter     className = "android/telephony/JapanesePhoneNumberFormatter"
	JClassModemActivityInfo                className = "android/telephony/ModemActivityInfo"
	JClassNeighboringCellInfo              className = "android/telephony/NeighboringCellInfo"
	JClassPhoneNumberFormattingTextWatcher className = "android/telephony/PhoneNumberFormattingTextWatcher"
	JClassPhoneNumberUtils                 className = "android/telephony/PhoneNumberUtils"
	JClassPhoneStateListener               className = "android/telephony/PhoneStateListener"
	JClassPreciseCallState                 className = "android/telephony/PreciseCallState"
	JClassPreciseDataConnectionState       className = "android/telephony/PreciseDataConnectionState"
	JClassPreciseDisconnectCause           className = "android/telephony/PreciseDisconnectCause"
	JClassRadioAccessFamily                className = "android/telephony/RadioAccessFamily"
	JClassRlog                             className = "android/telephony/Rlog"
	JClassServiceState                     className = "android/telephony/ServiceState"
	JClassSignalStrength                   className = "android/telephony/SignalStrength"
	JClassSmsCbCmasInfo                    className = "android/telephony/SmsCbCmasInfo"
	JClassSmsCbEtwsInfo                    className = "android/telephony/SmsCbEtwsInfo"
	JClassSmsCbLocation                    className = "android/telephony/SmsCbLocation"
	JClassSmsCbMessage                     className = "android/telephony/SmsCbMessage"
	JClassSmsManager                       className = "android/telephony/SmsManager"
	JClassSmsMessage                       className = "android/telephony/SmsMessage"
	JClassSubscriptionInfo                 className = "android/telephony/SubscriptionInfo"
	JClassSubscriptionManager              className = "android/telephony/SubscriptionManager"
	JClassTelephonyManager                 className = "android/telephony/TelephonyManager"
	JClassVoLteServiceState                className = "android/telephony/VoLteServiceState"

android/telephony/... class names.

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const (
	JClassCacheManager           className = "android/webkit/CacheManager"
	JClassClientCertRequest      className = "android/webkit/ClientCertRequest"
	JClassConsoleMessage         className = "android/webkit/ConsoleMessage"
	JClassCookieManager          className = "android/webkit/CookieManager"
	JClassCookieSyncManager      className = "android/webkit/CookieSyncManager"
	JClassDateSorter             className = "android/webkit/DateSorter"
	JClassDownloadListener       className = "android/webkit/DownloadListener"
	JClassFindActionModeCallback className = "android/webkit/FindActionModeCallback"
	JClassGeolocationPermissions className = "android/webkit/GeolocationPermissions"
	JClassHttpAuthHandler        className = "android/webkit/HttpAuthHandler"
	JClassJavascriptInterface    className = "android/webkit/JavascriptInterface"
	JClassJsDialogHelper         className = "android/webkit/JsDialogHelper"
	JClassJsPromptResult         className = "android/webkit/JsPromptResult"
	JClassJsResult               className = "android/webkit/JsResult"
	JClassLegacyErrorStrings     className = "android/webkit/LegacyErrorStrings"
	JClassMimeTypeMap            className = "android/webkit/MimeTypeMap"
	JClassPermissionRequest      className = "android/webkit/PermissionRequest"
	JClassPlugin                 className = "android/webkit/Plugin"
	JClassPluginData             className = "android/webkit/PluginData"
	JClassPluginList             className = "android/webkit/PluginList"
	JClassPluginStub             className = "android/webkit/PluginStub"
	JClassSslErrorHandler        className = "android/webkit/SslErrorHandler"
	JClassURLUtil                className = "android/webkit/URLUtil"
	JClassUrlInterceptHandler    className = "android/webkit/UrlInterceptHandler"
	JClassUrlInterceptRegistry   className = "android/webkit/UrlInterceptRegistry"
	JClassValueCallback          className = "android/webkit/ValueCallback"
	JClassWebBackForwardList     className = "android/webkit/WebBackForwardList"
	JClassWebChromeClient        className = "android/webkit/WebChromeClient"
	JClassWebHistoryItem         className = "android/webkit/WebHistoryItem"
	JClassWebIconDatabase        className = "android/webkit/WebIconDatabase"
	JClassWebMessage             className = "android/webkit/WebMessage"
	JClassWebMessagePort         className = "android/webkit/WebMessagePort"
	JClassWebResourceError       className = "android/webkit/WebResourceError"
	JClassWebResourceRequest     className = "android/webkit/WebResourceRequest"
	JClassWebResourceResponse    className = "android/webkit/WebResourceResponse"
	JClassWebSettings            className = "android/webkit/WebSettings"
	JClassWebStorage             className = "android/webkit/WebStorage"
	JClassWebSyncManager         className = "android/webkit/WebSyncManager"
	JClassWebView                className = "android/webkit/WebView"
	JClassWebViewClient          className = "android/webkit/WebViewClient"
	JClassWebViewDatabase        className = "android/webkit/WebViewDatabase"
	JClassWebViewDelegate        className = "android/webkit/WebViewDelegate"
	JClassWebViewFactory         className = "android/webkit/WebViewFactory"
	JClassWebViewFactoryProvider className = "android/webkit/WebViewFactoryProvider"
	JClassWebViewFragment        className = "android/webkit/WebViewFragment"
	JClassWebViewProvider        className = "android/webkit/WebViewProvider"

android/webkit/... class names.

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const (
	JClassAndroidException         className = "android/util/AndroidException"
	JClassAndroidRuntimeException  className = "android/util/AndroidRuntimeException"
	JClassArrayMap                 className = "android/util/ArrayMap"
	JClassArraySet                 className = "android/util/ArraySet"
	JClassAtomicFile               className = "android/util/AtomicFile"
	JClassAttributeSet             className = "android/util/AttributeSet"
	JClassBase64                   className = "android/util/Base64"
	JClassBase64DataException      className = "android/util/Base64DataException"
	JClassBase64InputStream        className = "android/util/Base64InputStream"
	JClassBase64OutputStream       className = "android/util/Base64OutputStream"
	JClassBridgeXmlPullAttributes  className = "android/util/BridgeXmlPullAttributes"
	JClassConfig                   className = "android/util/Config"
	JClassContainerHelpers         className = "android/util/ContainerHelpers"
	JClassDayOfMonthCursor         className = "android/util/DayOfMonthCursor"
	JClassDebugUtils               className = "android/util/DebugUtils"
	JClassDisplayMetrics           className = "android/util/DisplayMetrics"
	JClassEventLog                 className = "android/util/EventLog"
	JClassEventLogTags             className = "android/util/EventLogTags"
	JClassExceptionUtils           className = "android/util/ExceptionUtils"
	JClassFastImmutableArraySet    className = "android/util/FastImmutableArraySet"
	JClassFloatMath                className = "android/util/FloatMath"
	JClassFloatMathBenchmark       className = "android/util/FloatMathBenchmark"
	JClassFloatProperty            className = "android/util/FloatProperty"
	JClassGridScenario             className = "android/util/GridScenario"
	JClassIntArray                 className = "android/util/IntArray"
	JClassIntProperty              className = "android/util/IntProperty"
	JClassInternalSelectionView    className = "android/util/InternalSelectionView"
	JClassJsonReader               className = "android/util/JsonReader"
	JClassJsonScope                className = "android/util/JsonScope"
	JClassJsonToken                className = "android/util/JsonToken"
	JClassJsonWriter               className = "android/util/JsonWriter"
	JClassKeyUtils                 className = "android/util/KeyUtils"
	JClassKeyValueListParser       className = "android/util/KeyValueListParser"
	JClassLayoutDirection          className = "android/util/LayoutDirection"
	JClassListItemFactory          className = "android/util/ListItemFactory"
	JClassListScenario             className = "android/util/ListScenario"
	JClassListUtil                 className = "android/util/ListUtil"
	JClassLocalLog                 className = "android/util/LocalLog"
	JClassLog                      className = "android/util/Log"
	JClassLogPrinter               className = "android/util/LogPrinter"
	JClassLogWriter                className = "android/util/LogWriter"
	JClassLog_Delegate             className = "android/util/Log_Delegate"
	JClassLongArray                className = "android/util/LongArray"
	JClassLongSparseArray          className = "android/util/LongSparseArray"
	JClassLongSparseLongArray      className = "android/util/LongSparseLongArray"
	JClassLruCache                 className = "android/util/LruCache"
	JClassMalformedJsonException   className = "android/util/MalformedJsonException"
	JClassMapCollections           className = "android/util/MapCollections"
	JClassMathUtils                className = "android/util/MathUtils"
	JClassMonthDisplayHelper       className = "android/util/MonthDisplayHelper"
	JClassMutableBoolean           className = "android/util/MutableBoolean"
	JClassMutableByte              className = "android/util/MutableByte"
	JClassMutableChar              className = "android/util/MutableChar"
	JClassMutableDouble            className = "android/util/MutableDouble"
	JClassMutableFloat             className = "android/util/MutableFloat"
	JClassMutableInt               className = "android/util/MutableInt"
	JClassMutableLong              className = "android/util/MutableLong"
	JClassMutableShort             className = "android/util/MutableShort"
	JClassNoSuchPropertyException  className = "android/util/NoSuchPropertyException"
	JClassNtpTrustedTime           className = "android/util/NtpTrustedTime"
	JClassPair                     className = "android/util/Pair"
	JClassPathParser               className = "android/util/PathParser"
	JClassPatterns                 className = "android/util/Patterns"
	JClassPools                    className = "android/util/Pools"
	JClassPrefixPrinter            className = "android/util/PrefixPrinter"
	JClassPrintStreamPrinter       className = "android/util/PrintStreamPrinter"
	JClassPrintWriterPrinter       className = "android/util/PrintWriterPrinter"
	JClassPrinter                  className = "android/util/Printer"
	JClassProperty                 className = "android/util/Property"
	JClassRange                    className = "android/util/Range"
	JClassRational                 className = "android/util/Rational"
	JClassReflectiveProperty       className = "android/util/ReflectiveProperty"
	JClassScrollViewScenario       className = "android/util/ScrollViewScenario"
	JClassSingleton                className = "android/util/Singleton"
	JClassSize                     className = "android/util/Size"
	JClassSizeF                    className = "android/util/SizeF"
	JClassSlog                     className = "android/util/Slog"
	JClassSparseArray              className = "android/util/SparseArray"
	JClassSparseBooleanArray       className = "android/util/SparseBooleanArray"
	JClassSparseIntArray           className = "android/util/SparseIntArray"
	JClassSparseLongArray          className = "android/util/SparseLongArray"
	JClassSpline                   className = "android/util/Spline"
	JClassStateSet                 className = "android/util/StateSet"
	JClassStringBuilderPrinter     className = "android/util/StringBuilderPrinter"
	JClassSuperNotCalledException  className = "android/util/SuperNotCalledException"
	JClassTimeFormatException      className = "android/util/TimeFormatException"
	JClassTimeUtils                className = "android/util/TimeUtils"
	JClassTimedRemoteCaller        className = "android/util/TimedRemoteCaller"
	JClassTimingLogger             className = "android/util/TimingLogger"
	JClassTouchModeFlexibleAsserts className = "android/util/TouchModeFlexibleAsserts"
	JClassTrustedTime              className = "android/util/TrustedTime"
	JClassTypedValue               className = "android/util/TypedValue"
	JClassXml                      className = "android/util/Xml"
	JClassXmlPullAttributes        className = "android/util/XmlPullAttributes"
	JClassXml_Delegate             className = "android/util/Xml_Delegate"

android/util/... class names.

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const (
	JClassAbstractMethodError             className = "java/lang/AbstractMethodError"
	JClassAbstractStringBuilder           className = "java/lang/AbstractStringBuilder"
	JClassAppendable                      className = "java/lang/Appendable"
	JClassArithmeticException             className = "java/lang/ArithmeticException"
	JClassArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException  className = "java/lang/ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException"
	JClassArrayStoreException             className = "java/lang/ArrayStoreException"
	JClassAssertionError                  className = "java/lang/AssertionError"
	JClassAutoCloseable                   className = "java/lang/AutoCloseable"
	JClassBoolean                         className = "java/lang/Boolean"
	JClassByte                            className = "java/lang/Byte"
	JClassCaseMapper                      className = "java/lang/CaseMapper"
	JClassCharSequence                    className = "java/lang/CharSequence"
	JClassCharacter                       className = "java/lang/Character"
	JClassClass                           className = "java/lang/Class"
	JClassClassCastException              className = "java/lang/ClassCastException"
	JClassClassCircularityError           className = "java/lang/ClassCircularityError"
	JClassClassFormatError                className = "java/lang/ClassFormatError"
	JClassClassLoader                     className = "java/lang/ClassLoader"
	JClassClassNotFoundException          className = "java/lang/ClassNotFoundException"
	JClassCloneNotSupportedException      className = "java/lang/CloneNotSupportedException"
	JClassCloneable                       className = "java/lang/Cloneable"
	JClassComparable                      className = "java/lang/Comparable"
	JClassCompiler                        className = "java/lang/Compiler"
	JClassDaemons                         className = "java/lang/Daemons"
	JClassDeprecated                      className = "java/lang/Deprecated"
	JClassDexCache                        className = "java/lang/DexCache"
	JClassDouble                          className = "java/lang/Double"
	JClassEnum                            className = "java/lang/Enum"
	JClassEnumConstantNotPresentException className = "java/lang/EnumConstantNotPresentException"
	JClassError                           className = "java/lang/Error"
	JClassException                       className = "java/lang/Exception"
	JClassExceptionInInitializerError     className = "java/lang/ExceptionInInitializerError"
	JClassFindBugsSuppressWarnings        className = "java/lang/FindBugsSuppressWarnings"
	JClassFloat                           className = "java/lang/Float"
	JClassHexStringParser                 className = "java/lang/HexStringParser"
	JClassIllegalAccessError              className = "java/lang/IllegalAccessError"
	JClassIllegalAccessException          className = "java/lang/IllegalAccessException"
	JClassIllegalArgumentException        className = "java/lang/IllegalArgumentException"
	JClassIllegalMonitorStateException    className = "java/lang/IllegalMonitorStateException"
	JClassIllegalStateException           className = "java/lang/IllegalStateException"
	JClassIllegalThreadStateException     className = "java/lang/IllegalThreadStateException"
	JClassIncompatibleClassChangeError    className = "java/lang/IncompatibleClassChangeError"
	JClassIndexOutOfBoundsException       className = "java/lang/IndexOutOfBoundsException"
	JClassInheritableThreadLocal          className = "java/lang/InheritableThreadLocal"
	JClassInstantiationError              className = "java/lang/InstantiationError"
	JClassInstantiationException          className = "java/lang/InstantiationException"
	JClassInteger                         className = "java/lang/Integer"
	JClassIntegralToString                className = "java/lang/IntegralToString"
	JClassInternalError                   className = "java/lang/InternalError"
	JClassInterruptedException            className = "java/lang/InterruptedException"
	JClassIterable                        className = "java/lang/Iterable"
	JClassJavaClass                       className = "java/lang/JavaClass"
	JClassLinkageError                    className = "java/lang/LinkageError"
	JClassLong                            className = "java/lang/Long"
	JClassMath                            className = "java/lang/Math"
	JClassNegativeArraySizeException      className = "java/lang/NegativeArraySizeException"
	JClassNoClassDefFoundError            className = "java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError"
	JClassNoSuchFieldError                className = "java/lang/NoSuchFieldError"
	JClassNoSuchFieldException            className = "java/lang/NoSuchFieldException"
	JClassNoSuchMethodError               className = "java/lang/NoSuchMethodError"
	JClassNoSuchMethodException           className = "java/lang/NoSuchMethodException"
	JClassNullPointerException            className = "java/lang/NullPointerException"
	JClassNumber                          className = "java/lang/Number"
	JClassNumberFormatException           className = "java/lang/NumberFormatException"
	JClassObject                          className = "java/lang/Object"
	JClassOutOfMemoryError                className = "java/lang/OutOfMemoryError"
	JClassOverride                        className = "java/lang/Override"
	JClassPackage                         className = "java/lang/Package"
	JClassReadable                        className = "java/lang/Readable"
	JClassRealToString                    className = "java/lang/RealToString"
	JClassReflectiveOperationException    className = "java/lang/ReflectiveOperationException"
	JClassRunnable                        className = "java/lang/Runnable"
	JClassRuntime                         className = "java/lang/Runtime"
	JClassRuntimeException                className = "java/lang/RuntimeException"
	JClassRuntimePermission               className = "java/lang/RuntimePermission"
	JClassSafeVarargs                     className = "java/lang/SafeVarargs"
	JClassSecurityException               className = "java/lang/SecurityException"
	JClassSecurityManager                 className = "java/lang/SecurityManager"
	JClassShort                           className = "java/lang/Short"
	JClassStackOverflowError              className = "java/lang/StackOverflowError"
	JClassStackTraceElement               className = "java/lang/StackTraceElement"
	JClassStrictMath                      className = "java/lang/StrictMath"
	JClassString                          className = "java/lang/String"
	JClassStringBuffer                    className = "java/lang/StringBuffer"
	JClassStringBuilder                   className = "java/lang/StringBuilder"
	JClassStringFactory                   className = "java/lang/StringFactory"
	JClassStringIndexOutOfBoundsException className = "java/lang/StringIndexOutOfBoundsException"
	JClassStringToReal                    className = "java/lang/StringToReal"
	JClassSuppressWarnings                className = "java/lang/SuppressWarnings"
	JClassSystem                          className = "java/lang/System"
	JClassThread                          className = "java/lang/Thread"
	JClassThreadDeath                     className = "java/lang/ThreadDeath"
	JClassThreadGroup                     className = "java/lang/ThreadGroup"
	JClassThreadLocal                     className = "java/lang/ThreadLocal"
	JClassThrowable                       className = "java/lang/Throwable"
	JClassTypeNotPresentException         className = "java/lang/TypeNotPresentException"
	JClassUnknownError                    className = "java/lang/UnknownError"
	JClassUnsatisfiedLinkError            className = "java/lang/UnsatisfiedLinkError"
	JClassUnsupportedClassVersionError    className = "java/lang/UnsupportedClassVersionError"
	JClassUnsupportedOperationException   className = "java/lang/UnsupportedOperationException"
	JClassVMClassLoader                   className = "java/lang/VMClassLoader"
	JClassVerifyError                     className = "java/lang/VerifyError"
	JClassVirtualMachineError             className = "java/lang/VirtualMachineError"
	JClassVoid                            className = "java/lang/Void"

java/lang/... class names.

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const (
	// LooperPrepareAllowNonCallbacks as declared in android/looper.h:55
	LooperPrepareAllowNonCallbacks = 1 << 0
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const (
	// MotionEventFlagWindowIsObscured as declared in android/input.h:323
	MotionEventFlagWindowIsObscured = 0x1
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const (
	// ObbinfoOverlay as declared in android/obb.h:31
	ObbinfoOverlay = 0x0001


This section is empty.


func AssetClose

func AssetClose(asset *Asset)

AssetClose function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:112

func AssetDirClose

func AssetDirClose(assetDir *AssetDir)

AssetDirClose function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:81

func AssetDirGetNextFileName

func AssetDirGetNextFileName(assetDir *AssetDir) string

AssetDirGetNextFileName function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:71

func AssetDirRewind

func AssetDirRewind(assetDir *AssetDir)

AssetDirRewind function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:76

func AssetGetBuffer

func AssetGetBuffer(asset *Asset) unsafe.Pointer

AssetGetBuffer function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:119

func AssetGetLength

func AssetGetLength(asset *Asset) int

AssetGetLength function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:124

func AssetGetLength64

func AssetGetLength64(asset *Asset) int64

AssetGetLength64 function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:130

func AssetGetRemainingLength

func AssetGetRemainingLength(asset *Asset) int

AssetGetRemainingLength function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:135

func AssetGetRemainingLength64

func AssetGetRemainingLength64(asset *Asset) int64

AssetGetRemainingLength64 function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:142

func AssetIsAllocated

func AssetIsAllocated(asset *Asset) int32

AssetIsAllocated function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:169

func AssetOpenFileDescriptor

func AssetOpenFileDescriptor(asset *Asset, outStart *int, outLength *int) int32

AssetOpenFileDescriptor function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:152

func AssetOpenFileDescriptor64

func AssetOpenFileDescriptor64(asset *Asset, outStart *int64, outLength *int64) int32

AssetOpenFileDescriptor64 function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:163

func AssetRead

func AssetRead(asset *Asset, buf unsafe.Pointer, count uint32) int32

AssetRead function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:88

func AssetSeek

func AssetSeek(asset *Asset, offset int, whence int32) int

AssetSeek function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:96

func AssetSeek64

func AssetSeek64(asset *Asset, offset int64, whence int32) int64

AssetSeek64 function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:107

func ConfigurationCopy

func ConfigurationCopy(dest *Configuration, src *Configuration)

ConfigurationCopy function as declared in android/configuration.h:142

func ConfigurationDelete

func ConfigurationDelete(config *Configuration)

ConfigurationDelete function as declared in android/configuration.h:131

func ConfigurationDiff

func ConfigurationDiff(config1 *Configuration, config2 *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationDiff function as declared in android/configuration.h:359

func ConfigurationFromAssetManager

func ConfigurationFromAssetManager(out *Configuration, am *AssetManager)

ConfigurationFromAssetManager function as declared in android/configuration.h:137

func ConfigurationGetCountry

func ConfigurationGetCountry(config *Configuration, outCountry *byte)

ConfigurationGetCountry function as declared in android/configuration.h:182

func ConfigurationGetDensity

func ConfigurationGetDensity(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetDensity function as declared in android/configuration.h:213

func ConfigurationGetKeyboard

func ConfigurationGetKeyboard(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetKeyboard function as declared in android/configuration.h:223

func ConfigurationGetKeysHidden

func ConfigurationGetKeysHidden(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetKeysHidden function as declared in android/configuration.h:243

func ConfigurationGetLanguage

func ConfigurationGetLanguage(config *Configuration, outLanguage *byte)

ConfigurationGetLanguage function as declared in android/configuration.h:169

func ConfigurationGetLayoutDirection

func ConfigurationGetLayoutDirection(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetLayoutDirection function as declared in android/configuration.h:347

func ConfigurationGetMcc

func ConfigurationGetMcc(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetMcc function as declared in android/configuration.h:147

func ConfigurationGetMnc

func ConfigurationGetMnc(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetMnc function as declared in android/configuration.h:157

func ConfigurationGetNavHidden

func ConfigurationGetNavHidden(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetNavHidden function as declared in android/configuration.h:253

func ConfigurationGetNavigation

func ConfigurationGetNavigation(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetNavigation function as declared in android/configuration.h:233

func ConfigurationGetOrientation

func ConfigurationGetOrientation(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetOrientation function as declared in android/configuration.h:193

func ConfigurationGetScreenHeightDp

func ConfigurationGetScreenHeightDp(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetScreenHeightDp function as declared in android/configuration.h:325

func ConfigurationGetScreenLong

func ConfigurationGetScreenLong(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetScreenLong function as declared in android/configuration.h:283

func ConfigurationGetScreenSize

func ConfigurationGetScreenSize(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetScreenSize function as declared in android/configuration.h:273

func ConfigurationGetScreenWidthDp

func ConfigurationGetScreenWidthDp(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetScreenWidthDp function as declared in android/configuration.h:314

func ConfigurationGetSdkVersion

func ConfigurationGetSdkVersion(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetSdkVersion function as declared in android/configuration.h:263

func ConfigurationGetSmallestScreenWidthDp

func ConfigurationGetSmallestScreenWidthDp(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetSmallestScreenWidthDp function as declared in android/configuration.h:336

func ConfigurationGetTouchscreen

func ConfigurationGetTouchscreen(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetTouchscreen function as declared in android/configuration.h:203

func ConfigurationGetUiModeNight

func ConfigurationGetUiModeNight(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetUiModeNight function as declared in android/configuration.h:303

func ConfigurationGetUiModeType

func ConfigurationGetUiModeType(config *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationGetUiModeType function as declared in android/configuration.h:293

func ConfigurationIsBetterThan

func ConfigurationIsBetterThan(base *Configuration, test *Configuration, requested *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationIsBetterThan function as declared in android/configuration.h:378

func ConfigurationMatch

func ConfigurationMatch(base *Configuration, requested *Configuration) int32

ConfigurationMatch function as declared in android/configuration.h:366

func ConfigurationSetCountry

func ConfigurationSetCountry(config *Configuration, country string)

ConfigurationSetCountry function as declared in android/configuration.h:188

func ConfigurationSetDensity

func ConfigurationSetDensity(config *Configuration, density int32)

ConfigurationSetDensity function as declared in android/configuration.h:218

func ConfigurationSetKeyboard

func ConfigurationSetKeyboard(config *Configuration, keyboard int32)

ConfigurationSetKeyboard function as declared in android/configuration.h:228

func ConfigurationSetKeysHidden

func ConfigurationSetKeysHidden(config *Configuration, keysHidden int32)

ConfigurationSetKeysHidden function as declared in android/configuration.h:248

func ConfigurationSetLanguage

func ConfigurationSetLanguage(config *Configuration, language string)

ConfigurationSetLanguage function as declared in android/configuration.h:175

func ConfigurationSetLayoutDirection

func ConfigurationSetLayoutDirection(config *Configuration, value int32)

ConfigurationSetLayoutDirection function as declared in android/configuration.h:352

func ConfigurationSetMcc

func ConfigurationSetMcc(config *Configuration, mcc int32)

ConfigurationSetMcc function as declared in android/configuration.h:152

func ConfigurationSetMnc

func ConfigurationSetMnc(config *Configuration, mnc int32)

ConfigurationSetMnc function as declared in android/configuration.h:162

func ConfigurationSetNavHidden

func ConfigurationSetNavHidden(config *Configuration, navHidden int32)

ConfigurationSetNavHidden function as declared in android/configuration.h:258

func ConfigurationSetNavigation

func ConfigurationSetNavigation(config *Configuration, navigation int32)

ConfigurationSetNavigation function as declared in android/configuration.h:238

func ConfigurationSetOrientation

func ConfigurationSetOrientation(config *Configuration, orientation int32)

ConfigurationSetOrientation function as declared in android/configuration.h:198

func ConfigurationSetScreenHeightDp

func ConfigurationSetScreenHeightDp(config *Configuration, value int32)

ConfigurationSetScreenHeightDp function as declared in android/configuration.h:330

func ConfigurationSetScreenLong

func ConfigurationSetScreenLong(config *Configuration, screenLong int32)

ConfigurationSetScreenLong function as declared in android/configuration.h:288

func ConfigurationSetScreenSize

func ConfigurationSetScreenSize(config *Configuration, screenSize int32)

ConfigurationSetScreenSize function as declared in android/configuration.h:278

func ConfigurationSetScreenWidthDp

func ConfigurationSetScreenWidthDp(config *Configuration, value int32)

ConfigurationSetScreenWidthDp function as declared in android/configuration.h:319

func ConfigurationSetSdkVersion

func ConfigurationSetSdkVersion(config *Configuration, sdkVersion int32)

ConfigurationSetSdkVersion function as declared in android/configuration.h:268

func ConfigurationSetSmallestScreenWidthDp

func ConfigurationSetSmallestScreenWidthDp(config *Configuration, value int32)

ConfigurationSetSmallestScreenWidthDp function as declared in android/configuration.h:341

func ConfigurationSetTouchscreen

func ConfigurationSetTouchscreen(config *Configuration, touchscreen int32)

ConfigurationSetTouchscreen function as declared in android/configuration.h:208

func ConfigurationSetUiModeNight

func ConfigurationSetUiModeNight(config *Configuration, uiModeNight int32)

ConfigurationSetUiModeNight function as declared in android/configuration.h:308

func ConfigurationSetUiModeType

func ConfigurationSetUiModeType(config *Configuration, uiModeType int32)

ConfigurationSetUiModeType function as declared in android/configuration.h:298

func InputEventGetDeviceId

func InputEventGetDeviceId(event *InputEvent) int32

InputEventGetDeviceId function as declared in android/input.h:511

func InputEventGetSource

func InputEventGetSource(event *InputEvent) int32

InputEventGetSource function as declared in android/input.h:514

func InputEventGetType

func InputEventGetType(event *InputEvent) int32

InputEventGetType function as declared in android/input.h:499

func InputQueueAttachLooper

func InputQueueAttachLooper(queue *InputQueue, looper *Looper, ident int32, callback LooperCallbackFunc, data unsafe.Pointer)

InputQueueAttachLooper function as declared in android/input.h:809

func InputQueueDetachLooper

func InputQueueDetachLooper(queue *InputQueue)

InputQueueDetachLooper function as declared in android/input.h:815

func InputQueueFinishEvent

func InputQueueFinishEvent(queue *InputQueue, event *InputEvent, handled int32)

InputQueueFinishEvent function as declared in android/input.h:844

func InputQueueGetEvent

func InputQueueGetEvent(queue *InputQueue, outEvent **InputEvent) int32

InputQueueGetEvent function as declared in android/input.h:828

func InputQueueHasEvents

func InputQueueHasEvents(queue *InputQueue) int32

InputQueueHasEvents function as declared in android/input.h:822

func InputQueuePreDispatchEvent

func InputQueuePreDispatchEvent(queue *InputQueue, event *InputEvent) int32

InputQueuePreDispatchEvent function as declared in android/input.h:838

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualVoidMethod

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualVoidMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue)

JNIEnvCallNonvirtualVoidMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:71

func JNIEnvCallStaticVoidMethod

func JNIEnvCallStaticVoidMethod(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue)

JNIEnvCallStaticVoidMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:106

func JNIEnvCallVoidMethod

func JNIEnvCallVoidMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue)

JNIEnvCallVoidMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:60

func JNIEnvDeleteGlobalRef

func JNIEnvDeleteGlobalRef(env *JNIEnv, ref Jobject)

JNIEnvDeleteGlobalRef function as declared in android/jni_call.h:37

func JNIEnvDeleteLocalRef

func JNIEnvDeleteLocalRef(env *JNIEnv, ref Jobject)

JNIEnvDeleteLocalRef function as declared in android/jni_call.h:38

func JNIEnvDeleteWeakGlobalRef

func JNIEnvDeleteWeakGlobalRef(env *JNIEnv, obj *Jweak)

JNIEnvDeleteWeakGlobalRef function as declared in android/jni_call.h:204

func JNIEnvExceptionClear

func JNIEnvExceptionClear(env *JNIEnv)

JNIEnvExceptionClear function as declared in android/jni_call.h:30

func JNIEnvExceptionDescribe

func JNIEnvExceptionDescribe(env *JNIEnv)

JNIEnvExceptionDescribe function as declared in android/jni_call.h:29

func JNIEnvFatalError

func JNIEnvFatalError(env *JNIEnv, msg string)

JNIEnvFatalError function as declared in android/jni_call.h:31

func JNIEnvGetBooleanArrayRegion

func JNIEnvGetBooleanArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JbooleanArray, start int32, length int32, buf *byte)

JNIEnvGetBooleanArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:170

func JNIEnvGetByteArrayRegion

func JNIEnvGetByteArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JbyteArray, start int32, length int32, buf *byte)

JNIEnvGetByteArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:171

func JNIEnvGetCharArrayRegion

func JNIEnvGetCharArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JcharArray, start int32, length int32, buf *uint16)

JNIEnvGetCharArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:172

func JNIEnvGetDirectBufferAddress

func JNIEnvGetDirectBufferAddress(env *JNIEnv, buf Jobject) unsafe.Pointer

JNIEnvGetDirectBufferAddress function as declared in android/jni_call.h:209

func JNIEnvGetDoubleArrayRegion

func JNIEnvGetDoubleArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JdoubleArray, start int32, length int32, buf *float64)

JNIEnvGetDoubleArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:177

func JNIEnvGetFloatArrayRegion

func JNIEnvGetFloatArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JfloatArray, start int32, length int32, buf *float32)

JNIEnvGetFloatArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:176

func JNIEnvGetIntArrayRegion

func JNIEnvGetIntArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JintArray, start int32, length int32, buf *int32)

JNIEnvGetIntArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:174

func JNIEnvGetLongArrayRegion

func JNIEnvGetLongArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JlongArray, start int32, length int32, buf *int64)

JNIEnvGetLongArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:175

func JNIEnvGetPrimitiveArrayCritical

func JNIEnvGetPrimitiveArrayCritical(env *JNIEnv, arr Jarray, isCopy *byte) unsafe.Pointer

JNIEnvGetPrimitiveArrayCritical function as declared in android/jni_call.h:197

func JNIEnvGetShortArrayRegion

func JNIEnvGetShortArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JshortArray, start int32, length int32, buf *int16)

JNIEnvGetShortArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:173

func JNIEnvGetStringRegion

func JNIEnvGetStringRegion(env *JNIEnv, str *Jstring, start int32, length int32, buf *uint16)

JNIEnvGetStringRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:194

func JNIEnvGetStringUTFChars

func JNIEnvGetStringUTFChars(env *JNIEnv, str *Jstring, isCopy *byte) string

JNIEnvGetStringUTFChars function as declared in android/jni_call.h:136

func JNIEnvGetStringUTFRegion

func JNIEnvGetStringUTFRegion(env *JNIEnv, str *Jstring, start int32, length int32, buf *byte)

JNIEnvGetStringUTFRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:195

func JNIEnvReleaseBooleanArrayElements

func JNIEnvReleaseBooleanArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JbooleanArray, elems *byte, mode int32)

JNIEnvReleaseBooleanArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:161

func JNIEnvReleaseByteArrayElements

func JNIEnvReleaseByteArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JbyteArray, elems *byte, mode int32)

JNIEnvReleaseByteArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:162

func JNIEnvReleaseCharArrayElements

func JNIEnvReleaseCharArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JcharArray, elems *uint16, mode int32)

JNIEnvReleaseCharArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:163

func JNIEnvReleaseDoubleArrayElements

func JNIEnvReleaseDoubleArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JdoubleArray, elems *float64, mode int32)

JNIEnvReleaseDoubleArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:168

func JNIEnvReleaseFloatArrayElements

func JNIEnvReleaseFloatArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JfloatArray, elems *float32, mode int32)

JNIEnvReleaseFloatArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:167

func JNIEnvReleaseIntArrayElements

func JNIEnvReleaseIntArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JintArray, elems *int32, mode int32)

JNIEnvReleaseIntArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:165

func JNIEnvReleaseLongArrayElements

func JNIEnvReleaseLongArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JlongArray, elems *int64, mode int32)

JNIEnvReleaseLongArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:166

func JNIEnvReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical

func JNIEnvReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical(env *JNIEnv, arr Jarray, carray unsafe.Pointer, mode int32)

JNIEnvReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical function as declared in android/jni_call.h:198

func JNIEnvReleaseShortArrayElements

func JNIEnvReleaseShortArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JshortArray, elems *int16, mode int32)

JNIEnvReleaseShortArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:164

func JNIEnvReleaseStringChars

func JNIEnvReleaseStringChars(env *JNIEnv, str *Jstring, chars *uint16)

JNIEnvReleaseStringChars function as declared in android/jni_call.h:133

func JNIEnvReleaseStringCritical

func JNIEnvReleaseStringCritical(env *JNIEnv, str *Jstring, carray *uint16)

JNIEnvReleaseStringCritical function as declared in android/jni_call.h:201

func JNIEnvReleaseStringUTFChars

func JNIEnvReleaseStringUTFChars(env *JNIEnv, str *Jstring, utf string)

JNIEnvReleaseStringUTFChars function as declared in android/jni_call.h:137

func JNIEnvSetBooleanArrayRegion

func JNIEnvSetBooleanArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JbooleanArray, start int32, length int32, buf *byte)

JNIEnvSetBooleanArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:179

func JNIEnvSetBooleanField

func JNIEnvSetBooleanField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID, val byte)

JNIEnvSetBooleanField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:86

func JNIEnvSetByteArrayRegion

func JNIEnvSetByteArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JbyteArray, start int32, length int32, buf *byte)

JNIEnvSetByteArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:180

func JNIEnvSetByteField

func JNIEnvSetByteField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID, val byte)

JNIEnvSetByteField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:87

func JNIEnvSetCharArrayRegion

func JNIEnvSetCharArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JcharArray, start int32, length int32, buf *uint16)

JNIEnvSetCharArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:181

func JNIEnvSetCharField

func JNIEnvSetCharField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID, val uint16)

JNIEnvSetCharField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:88

func JNIEnvSetDoubleArrayRegion

func JNIEnvSetDoubleArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JdoubleArray, start int32, length int32, buf *float64)

JNIEnvSetDoubleArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:186

func JNIEnvSetDoubleField

func JNIEnvSetDoubleField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID, val float64)

JNIEnvSetDoubleField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:93

func JNIEnvSetFloatArrayRegion

func JNIEnvSetFloatArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JfloatArray, start int32, length int32, buf *float32)

JNIEnvSetFloatArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:185

func JNIEnvSetFloatField

func JNIEnvSetFloatField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID, val float32)

JNIEnvSetFloatField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:92

func JNIEnvSetIntArrayRegion

func JNIEnvSetIntArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JintArray, start int32, length int32, buf *int32)

JNIEnvSetIntArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:183

func JNIEnvSetIntField

func JNIEnvSetIntField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID, val int32)

JNIEnvSetIntField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:90

func JNIEnvSetLongArrayRegion

func JNIEnvSetLongArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JlongArray, start int32, length int32, buf *int64)

JNIEnvSetLongArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:184

func JNIEnvSetLongField

func JNIEnvSetLongField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID, val int64)

JNIEnvSetLongField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:91

func JNIEnvSetObjectArrayElement

func JNIEnvSetObjectArrayElement(env *JNIEnv, arr *JobjectArray, index int32, obj Jobject)

JNIEnvSetObjectArrayElement function as declared in android/jni_call.h:141

func JNIEnvSetObjectField

func JNIEnvSetObjectField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID, val Jobject)

JNIEnvSetObjectField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:85

func JNIEnvSetShortArrayRegion

func JNIEnvSetShortArrayRegion(env *JNIEnv, arr *JshortArray, start int32, length int32, buf *int16)

JNIEnvSetShortArrayRegion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:182

func JNIEnvSetShortField

func JNIEnvSetShortField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID, val int16)

JNIEnvSetShortField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:89

func JNIEnvSetStaticBooleanField

func JNIEnvSetStaticBooleanField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID, val byte)

JNIEnvSetStaticBooleanField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:121

func JNIEnvSetStaticByteField

func JNIEnvSetStaticByteField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID, val byte)

JNIEnvSetStaticByteField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:122

func JNIEnvSetStaticCharField

func JNIEnvSetStaticCharField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID, val uint16)

JNIEnvSetStaticCharField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:123

func JNIEnvSetStaticDoubleField

func JNIEnvSetStaticDoubleField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID, val float64)

JNIEnvSetStaticDoubleField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:128

func JNIEnvSetStaticFloatField

func JNIEnvSetStaticFloatField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID, val float32)

JNIEnvSetStaticFloatField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:127

func JNIEnvSetStaticIntField

func JNIEnvSetStaticIntField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID, val int32)

JNIEnvSetStaticIntField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:125

func JNIEnvSetStaticLongField

func JNIEnvSetStaticLongField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID, val int64)

JNIEnvSetStaticLongField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:126

func JNIEnvSetStaticObjectField

func JNIEnvSetStaticObjectField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID, val Jobject)

JNIEnvSetStaticObjectField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:120

func JNIEnvSetStaticShortField

func JNIEnvSetStaticShortField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID, val int16)

JNIEnvSetStaticShortField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:124

func JNIMethodSig

func JNIMethodSig(ret JNITypeSpec, args ...JNITypeSpec) string

JNIMethodSig generates a NULL-terminated Java VM Type Signature of method. See

func JNITypeSig

func JNITypeSig(name string, arr ...bool) string

JNITypeSig generates a non-NULL terminated Java VM Type Signature string. See

func KeyEventGetAction

func KeyEventGetAction(keyEvent *InputEvent) int32

KeyEventGetAction function as declared in android/input.h:519

func KeyEventGetDownTime

func KeyEventGetDownTime(keyEvent *InputEvent) int64

KeyEventGetDownTime function as declared in android/input.h:546

func KeyEventGetEventTime

func KeyEventGetEventTime(keyEvent *InputEvent) int64

KeyEventGetEventTime function as declared in android/input.h:550

func KeyEventGetFlags

func KeyEventGetFlags(keyEvent *InputEvent) int32

KeyEventGetFlags function as declared in android/input.h:522

func KeyEventGetKeyCode

func KeyEventGetKeyCode(keyEvent *InputEvent) int32

KeyEventGetKeyCode function as declared in android/input.h:526

func KeyEventGetMetaState

func KeyEventGetMetaState(keyEvent *InputEvent) int32

KeyEventGetMetaState function as declared in android/input.h:533

func KeyEventGetRepeatCount

func KeyEventGetRepeatCount(keyEvent *InputEvent) int32

KeyEventGetRepeatCount function as declared in android/input.h:539

func KeyEventGetScanCode

func KeyEventGetScanCode(keyEvent *InputEvent) int32

KeyEventGetScanCode function as declared in android/input.h:530

func LogWrite

func LogWrite(prio int32, tag string, text string) int32

LogWrite function as declared in android/log.h:94

func LooperAcquire

func LooperAcquire(looper *Looper)

LooperAcquire function as declared in android/looper.h:99

func LooperAddFd

func LooperAddFd(looper *Looper, fd int32, ident int32, events int32, callback LooperCallbackFunc, data unsafe.Pointer) int32

LooperAddFd function as declared in android/looper.h:230

func LooperPollAll

func LooperPollAll(timeoutMillis int32, outFd *int32, outEvents *int32, outData []unsafe.Pointer) int32

LooperPollAll function as declared in android/looper.h:194

func LooperPollOnce

func LooperPollOnce(timeoutMillis int32, outFd *int32, outEvents *int32, outData []unsafe.Pointer) int32

LooperPollOnce function as declared in android/looper.h:187

func LooperRelease

func LooperRelease(looper *Looper)

LooperRelease function as declared in android/looper.h:104

func LooperRemoveFd

func LooperRemoveFd(looper *Looper, fd int32) int32

LooperRemoveFd function as declared in android/looper.h:250

func LooperWake

func LooperWake(looper *Looper)

LooperWake function as declared in android/looper.h:202

func MotionEventGetAction

func MotionEventGetAction(motionEvent *InputEvent) int32

MotionEventGetAction function as declared in android/input.h:555

func MotionEventGetAxisValue

func MotionEventGetAxisValue(motionEvent *InputEvent, axis int32, pointerIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetAxisValue function as declared in android/input.h:684

func MotionEventGetButtonState

func MotionEventGetButtonState(motionEvent *InputEvent) int32

MotionEventGetButtonState function as declared in android/input.h:565

func MotionEventGetDownTime

func MotionEventGetDownTime(motionEvent *InputEvent) int64

MotionEventGetDownTime function as declared in android/input.h:574

func MotionEventGetEdgeFlags

func MotionEventGetEdgeFlags(motionEvent *InputEvent) int32

MotionEventGetEdgeFlags function as declared in android/input.h:570

func MotionEventGetEventTime

func MotionEventGetEventTime(motionEvent *InputEvent) int64

MotionEventGetEventTime function as declared in android/input.h:578

func MotionEventGetFlags

func MotionEventGetFlags(motionEvent *InputEvent) int32

MotionEventGetFlags function as declared in android/input.h:558

func MotionEventGetHistoricalAxisValue

func MotionEventGetHistoricalAxisValue(motionEvent *InputEvent, axis int32, pointerIndex uint32, historyIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetHistoricalAxisValue function as declared in android/input.h:792

func MotionEventGetHistoricalEventTime

func MotionEventGetHistoricalEventTime(motionEvent *InputEvent, historyIndex uint32) int64

MotionEventGetHistoricalEventTime function as declared in android/input.h:695

func MotionEventGetHistoricalOrientation

func MotionEventGetHistoricalOrientation(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32, historyIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetHistoricalOrientation function as declared in android/input.h:787

func MotionEventGetHistoricalPressure

func MotionEventGetHistoricalPressure(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32, historyIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetHistoricalPressure function as declared in android/input.h:737

func MotionEventGetHistoricalRawX

func MotionEventGetHistoricalRawX(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32, historyIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetHistoricalRawX function as declared in android/input.h:705

func MotionEventGetHistoricalRawY

func MotionEventGetHistoricalRawY(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32, historyIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetHistoricalRawY function as declared in android/input.h:715

func MotionEventGetHistoricalSize

func MotionEventGetHistoricalSize(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32, historyIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetHistoricalSize function as declared in android/input.h:747

func MotionEventGetHistoricalToolMajor

func MotionEventGetHistoricalToolMajor(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32, historyIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetHistoricalToolMajor function as declared in android/input.h:767

func MotionEventGetHistoricalToolMinor

func MotionEventGetHistoricalToolMinor(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32, historyIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetHistoricalToolMinor function as declared in android/input.h:775

func MotionEventGetHistoricalTouchMajor

func MotionEventGetHistoricalTouchMajor(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32, historyIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetHistoricalTouchMajor function as declared in android/input.h:753

func MotionEventGetHistoricalTouchMinor

func MotionEventGetHistoricalTouchMinor(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32, historyIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetHistoricalTouchMinor function as declared in android/input.h:759

func MotionEventGetHistoricalX

func MotionEventGetHistoricalX(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32, historyIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetHistoricalX function as declared in android/input.h:722

func MotionEventGetHistoricalY

func MotionEventGetHistoricalY(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32, historyIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetHistoricalY function as declared in android/input.h:729

func MotionEventGetHistorySize

func MotionEventGetHistorySize(motionEvent *InputEvent) uint32

MotionEventGetHistorySize function as declared in android/input.h:691

func MotionEventGetMetaState

func MotionEventGetMetaState(motionEvent *InputEvent) int32

MotionEventGetMetaState function as declared in android/input.h:562

func MotionEventGetOrientation

func MotionEventGetOrientation(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetOrientation function as declared in android/input.h:681

func MotionEventGetPointerCount

func MotionEventGetPointerCount(motionEvent *InputEvent) uint32

MotionEventGetPointerCount function as declared in android/input.h:604

func MotionEventGetPointerId

func MotionEventGetPointerId(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32) int32

MotionEventGetPointerId function as declared in android/input.h:610

func MotionEventGetPressure

func MotionEventGetPressure(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetPressure function as declared in android/input.h:643

func MotionEventGetRawX

func MotionEventGetRawX(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetRawX function as declared in android/input.h:621

func MotionEventGetRawY

func MotionEventGetRawY(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetRawY function as declared in android/input.h:627

func MotionEventGetSize

func MotionEventGetSize(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetSize function as declared in android/input.h:651

func MotionEventGetToolMajor

func MotionEventGetToolMajor(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetToolMajor function as declared in android/input.h:665

func MotionEventGetToolMinor

func MotionEventGetToolMinor(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetToolMinor function as declared in android/input.h:671

func MotionEventGetToolType

func MotionEventGetToolType(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32) int32

MotionEventGetToolType function as declared in android/input.h:615

func MotionEventGetTouchMajor

func MotionEventGetTouchMajor(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetTouchMajor function as declared in android/input.h:655

func MotionEventGetTouchMinor

func MotionEventGetTouchMinor(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetTouchMinor function as declared in android/input.h:659

func MotionEventGetX

func MotionEventGetX(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetX function as declared in android/input.h:632

func MotionEventGetXOffset

func MotionEventGetXOffset(motionEvent *InputEvent) float32

MotionEventGetXOffset function as declared in android/input.h:584

func MotionEventGetXPrecision

func MotionEventGetXPrecision(motionEvent *InputEvent) float32

MotionEventGetXPrecision function as declared in android/input.h:595

func MotionEventGetY

func MotionEventGetY(motionEvent *InputEvent, pointerIndex uint32) float32

MotionEventGetY function as declared in android/input.h:637

func MotionEventGetYOffset

func MotionEventGetYOffset(motionEvent *InputEvent) float32

MotionEventGetYOffset function as declared in android/input.h:590

func MotionEventGetYPrecision

func MotionEventGetYPrecision(motionEvent *InputEvent) float32

MotionEventGetYPrecision function as declared in android/input.h:600

func NativeActivityFinish

func NativeActivityFinish(activity *NativeActivity)

NativeActivityFinish function as declared in android/native_activity.h:252

func NativeActivityHideSoftInput

func NativeActivityHideSoftInput(activity *NativeActivity, flags uint32)

NativeActivityHideSoftInput function as declared in android/native_activity.h:303

func NativeActivitySetWindowFlags

func NativeActivitySetWindowFlags(activity *NativeActivity, addFlags uint32, removeFlags uint32)

NativeActivitySetWindowFlags function as declared in android/native_activity.h:268

func NativeActivitySetWindowFormat

func NativeActivitySetWindowFormat(activity *NativeActivity, format int32)

NativeActivitySetWindowFormat function as declared in android/native_activity.h:260

func NativeActivityShowSoftInput

func NativeActivityShowSoftInput(activity *NativeActivity, flags uint32)

NativeActivityShowSoftInput function as declared in android/native_activity.h:286

func NativeWindowAcquire

func NativeWindowAcquire(window *NativeWindow)

NativeWindowAcquire function as declared in android/native_window.h:63

func NativeWindowGetFormat

func NativeWindowGetFormat(window *NativeWindow) int32

NativeWindowGetFormat function as declared in android/native_window.h:86

func NativeWindowGetHeight

func NativeWindowGetHeight(window *NativeWindow) int32

NativeWindowGetHeight function as declared in android/native_window.h:80

func NativeWindowGetWidth

func NativeWindowGetWidth(window *NativeWindow) int32

NativeWindowGetWidth function as declared in android/native_window.h:74

func NativeWindowLock

func NativeWindowLock(window *NativeWindow, outBuffer *NativeWindowBuffer, inOutDirtyBounds *Rect) int32

NativeWindowLock function as declared in android/native_window.h:113

func NativeWindowRelease

func NativeWindowRelease(window *NativeWindow)

NativeWindowRelease function as declared in android/native_window.h:68

func NativeWindowSetBuffersGeometry

func NativeWindowSetBuffersGeometry(window *NativeWindow, width int32, height int32, format int32) int32

NativeWindowSetBuffersGeometry function as declared in android/native_window.h:102

func NativeWindowUnlockAndPost

func NativeWindowUnlockAndPost(window *NativeWindow) int32

NativeWindowUnlockAndPost function as declared in android/native_window.h:120

func ObbInfoDelete

func ObbInfoDelete(obbInfo *ObbInfo)

ObbInfoDelete function as declared in android/obb.h:42

func ObbInfoGetFlags

func ObbInfoGetFlags(obbInfo *ObbInfo) int32

ObbInfoGetFlags function as declared in android/obb.h:57

func ObbInfoGetPackageName

func ObbInfoGetPackageName(obbInfo *ObbInfo) string

ObbInfoGetPackageName function as declared in android/obb.h:47

func ObbInfoGetVersion

func ObbInfoGetVersion(obbInfo *ObbInfo) int32

ObbInfoGetVersion function as declared in android/obb.h:52

func SensorEventQueueDisableSensor

func SensorEventQueueDisableSensor(queue *SensorEventQueue, sensor *Sensor) int32

SensorEventQueueDisableSensor function as declared in android/sensor.h:247

func SensorEventQueueEnableSensor

func SensorEventQueueEnableSensor(queue *SensorEventQueue, sensor *Sensor) int32

SensorEventQueueEnableSensor function as declared in android/sensor.h:242

func SensorEventQueueGetEvents

func SensorEventQueueGetEvents(queue *SensorEventQueue, events *SensorEvent, count uint32) int32

SensorEventQueueGetEvents function as declared in android/sensor.h:278

func SensorEventQueueHasEvents

func SensorEventQueueHasEvents(queue *SensorEventQueue) int32

SensorEventQueueHasEvents function as declared in android/sensor.h:263

func SensorEventQueueSetEventRate

func SensorEventQueueSetEventRate(queue *SensorEventQueue, sensor *Sensor, usec int32) int32

SensorEventQueueSetEventRate function as declared in android/sensor.h:256

func SensorGetFifoMaxEventCount

func SensorGetFifoMaxEventCount(sensor *Sensor) int32

SensorGetFifoMaxEventCount function as declared in android/sensor.h:315

func SensorGetFifoReservedEventCount

func SensorGetFifoReservedEventCount(sensor *Sensor) int32

SensorGetFifoReservedEventCount function as declared in android/sensor.h:320

func SensorGetMinDelay

func SensorGetMinDelay(sensor *Sensor) int32

SensorGetMinDelay function as declared in android/sensor.h:309

func SensorGetName

func SensorGetName(sensor *Sensor) string

SensorGetName function as declared in android/sensor.h:287

func SensorGetReportingMode

func SensorGetReportingMode(sensor *Sensor) int32

SensorGetReportingMode function as declared in android/sensor.h:330

func SensorGetResolution

func SensorGetResolution(sensor *Sensor) float32

SensorGetResolution function as declared in android/sensor.h:302

func SensorGetStringType

func SensorGetStringType(sensor *Sensor) string

SensorGetStringType function as declared in android/sensor.h:325

func SensorGetType

func SensorGetType(sensor *Sensor) int32

SensorGetType function as declared in android/sensor.h:297

func SensorGetVendor

func SensorGetVendor(sensor *Sensor) string

SensorGetVendor function as declared in android/sensor.h:292

func SensorIsWakeUpSensor

func SensorIsWakeUpSensor(sensor *Sensor) bool

SensorIsWakeUpSensor function as declared in android/sensor.h:335

func SensorManagerDestroyEventQueue

func SensorManagerDestroyEventQueue(manager *SensorManager, queue *SensorEventQueue) int32

SensorManagerDestroyEventQueue function as declared in android/sensor.h:234

func StorageManagerDelete

func StorageManagerDelete(mgr *StorageManager)

StorageManagerDelete function as declared in android/storage_manager.h:93

func StorageManagerGetMountedObbPath

func StorageManagerGetMountedObbPath(mgr *StorageManager, filename string) string

StorageManagerGetMountedObbPath function as declared in android/storage_manager.h:120

func StorageManagerIsObbMounted

func StorageManagerIsObbMounted(mgr *StorageManager, filename string) int32

StorageManagerIsObbMounted function as declared in android/storage_manager.h:115

func StorageManagerMountObb

func StorageManagerMountObb(mgr *StorageManager, filename string, key string, cb StorageManagerObbCallbackFunc, data unsafe.Pointer)

StorageManagerMountObb function as declared in android/storage_manager.h:103

func StorageManagerUnmountObb

func StorageManagerUnmountObb(mgr *StorageManager, filename string, force int32, cb StorageManagerObbCallbackFunc, data unsafe.Pointer)

StorageManagerUnmountObb function as declared in android/storage_manager.h:109


type Asset

type Asset C.AAsset

Asset as declared in android/asset_manager.h:34

func AssetManagerOpen

func AssetManagerOpen(mgr *AssetManager, filename string, mode int32) *Asset

AssetManagerOpen function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:59

func NewAsset

func NewAsset() *Asset

NewAsset allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewAssetRef

func NewAssetRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *Asset

NewAssetRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func (*Asset) Free

func (x *Asset) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*Asset) PassRef

func (x *Asset) PassRef() *C.AAsset

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*Asset) Ref

func (x *Asset) Ref() *C.AAsset

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type AssetDir

type AssetDir C.AAssetDir

AssetDir as declared in android/asset_manager.h:31

func AssetManagerOpenDir

func AssetManagerOpenDir(mgr *AssetManager, dirName string) *AssetDir

AssetManagerOpenDir function as declared in android/asset_manager.h:52

func NewAssetDir

func NewAssetDir() *AssetDir

NewAssetDir allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewAssetDirRef

func NewAssetDirRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *AssetDir

NewAssetDirRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func (*AssetDir) Free

func (x *AssetDir) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*AssetDir) PassRef

func (x *AssetDir) PassRef() *C.AAssetDir

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*AssetDir) Ref

func (x *AssetDir) Ref() *C.AAssetDir

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type AssetManager

type AssetManager C.AAssetManager

AssetManager as declared in android/asset_manager.h:28

func AssetManagerFromJava

func AssetManagerFromJava(env *JNIEnv, assetManager Jobject) *AssetManager

AssetManagerFromJava function as declared in android/asset_manager_jni.h:34

func NewAssetManager

func NewAssetManager() *AssetManager

NewAssetManager allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewAssetManagerRef

func NewAssetManagerRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *AssetManager

NewAssetManagerRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func (*AssetManager) Free

func (x *AssetManager) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*AssetManager) PassRef

func (x *AssetManager) PassRef() *C.AAssetManager

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*AssetManager) Ref

func (x *AssetManager) Ref() *C.AAssetManager

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type Configuration

type Configuration C.AConfiguration

Configuration as declared in android/configuration.h:27

func ConfigurationNew

func ConfigurationNew() *Configuration

ConfigurationNew function as declared in android/configuration.h:125

func NewConfiguration

func NewConfiguration() *Configuration

NewConfiguration allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewConfigurationRef

func NewConfigurationRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *Configuration

NewConfigurationRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func (*Configuration) Free

func (x *Configuration) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*Configuration) PassRef

func (x *Configuration) PassRef() *C.AConfiguration

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*Configuration) Ref

func (x *Configuration) Ref() *C.AConfiguration

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type HeartRateEvent

type HeartRateEvent struct {
	Bpm    float32
	Status byte
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

HeartRateEvent as declared in android/sensor.h:148

func NewHeartRateEventRef

func NewHeartRateEventRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *HeartRateEvent

NewHeartRateEventRef creates a new wrapper struct with underlying reference set to the original C object. Returns nil if the provided pointer to C object is nil too.

func (*HeartRateEvent) Deref

func (x *HeartRateEvent) Deref()

Deref uses the underlying reference to C object and fills the wrapping struct with values. Do not forget to call this method whether you get a struct for C object and want to read its values.

func (*HeartRateEvent) Free

func (x *HeartRateEvent) Free()

Free invokes alloc map's free mechanism that cleanups any allocated memory using C free. Does nothing if struct is nil or has no allocation map.

func (*HeartRateEvent) PassRef

func (x *HeartRateEvent) PassRef() (*C.AHeartRateEvent, *cgoAllocMap)

PassRef returns the underlying C object, otherwise it will allocate one and set its values from this wrapping struct, counting allocations into an allocation map.

func (HeartRateEvent) PassValue

func (x HeartRateEvent) PassValue() (C.AHeartRateEvent, *cgoAllocMap)

PassValue does the same as PassRef except that it will try to dereference the returned pointer.

func (*HeartRateEvent) Ref

func (x *HeartRateEvent) Ref() *C.AHeartRateEvent

Ref returns the underlying reference to C object or nil if struct is nil.

type InputEvent

type InputEvent C.AInputEvent

InputEvent as declared in android/input.h:136

func NewInputEvent

func NewInputEvent() *InputEvent

NewInputEvent allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewInputEventRef

func NewInputEventRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *InputEvent

NewInputEventRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func (*InputEvent) Free

func (x *InputEvent) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*InputEvent) PassRef

func (x *InputEvent) PassRef() *C.AInputEvent

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*InputEvent) Ref

func (x *InputEvent) Ref() *C.AInputEvent

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type InputQueue

type InputQueue C.AInputQueue

InputQueue as declared in android/input.h:803

func NewInputQueue

func NewInputQueue() *InputQueue

NewInputQueue allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewInputQueueRef

func NewInputQueueRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *InputQueue

NewInputQueueRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func (*InputQueue) Free

func (x *InputQueue) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*InputQueue) PassRef

func (x *InputQueue) PassRef() *C.AInputQueue

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*InputQueue) Ref

func (x *InputQueue) Ref() *C.AInputQueue

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type JNIEnv

type JNIEnv C.JNIEnv

JNIEnv as declared in include/jni.h:157

type JNINativeMethod

type JNINativeMethod C.JNINativeMethod

JNINativeMethod as declared in include/jni.h:147

func NewJNINativeMethod

func NewJNINativeMethod() *JNINativeMethod

NewJNINativeMethod allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewJNINativeMethodRef

func NewJNINativeMethodRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *JNINativeMethod

NewJNINativeMethodRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func (*JNINativeMethod) Free

func (x *JNINativeMethod) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*JNINativeMethod) PassRef

func (x *JNINativeMethod) PassRef() *C.JNINativeMethod

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*JNINativeMethod) Ref

func (x *JNINativeMethod) Ref() *C.JNINativeMethod

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type JNITypeSpec

type JNITypeSpec struct {
	// Signature specifies custom signature that will be used if provided. Expected non NULL-terminated.
	Signature string
	// Class specifies a class name of type, e.g. JNIClassString that will be used
	// to generate a proper Java VM type signature string. Not used if Signature is provided.
	Class className
	// IsArray specifies whether there should be an array. Not used if Signature is provided.
	IsArray bool

JNITypeSpec defines a Java VM Type Signature specification that can be used to specify signatures of method args or class fields.

func (JNITypeSpec) Sig

func (j JNITypeSpec) Sig() string

Returns a NULL-terminated Java VM Type Signature for this spec.

type Jarray

type Jarray unsafe.Pointer

Jarray type as declared in include/jni.h:101

type JavaVM

type JavaVM C.JavaVM

JavaVM as declared in include/jni.h:158

type JavaVMAttachArgs

type JavaVMAttachArgs struct {
	Version Jint
	Name    string
	Group   Jobject
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

JavaVMAttachArgs as declared in include/jni.h:1106

func NewJavaVMAttachArgsRef

func NewJavaVMAttachArgsRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *JavaVMAttachArgs

NewJavaVMAttachArgsRef creates a new wrapper struct with underlying reference set to the original C object. Returns nil if the provided pointer to C object is nil too.

func (*JavaVMAttachArgs) Deref

func (x *JavaVMAttachArgs) Deref()

Deref uses the underlying reference to C object and fills the wrapping struct with values. Do not forget to call this method whether you get a struct for C object and want to read its values.

func (*JavaVMAttachArgs) Free

func (x *JavaVMAttachArgs) Free()

Free invokes alloc map's free mechanism that cleanups any allocated memory using C free. Does nothing if struct is nil or has no allocation map.

func (*JavaVMAttachArgs) PassRef

func (x *JavaVMAttachArgs) PassRef() (*C.JavaVMAttachArgs, *cgoAllocMap)

PassRef returns the underlying C object, otherwise it will allocate one and set its values from this wrapping struct, counting allocations into an allocation map.

func (JavaVMAttachArgs) PassValue

func (x JavaVMAttachArgs) PassValue() (C.JavaVMAttachArgs, *cgoAllocMap)

PassValue does the same as PassRef except that it will try to dereference the returned pointer.

func (*JavaVMAttachArgs) Ref

Ref returns the underlying reference to C object or nil if struct is nil.

type JavaVMInitArgs

type JavaVMInitArgs C.JavaVMInitArgs

JavaVMInitArgs as declared in include/jni.h:1123

func NewJavaVMInitArgs

func NewJavaVMInitArgs() *JavaVMInitArgs

NewJavaVMInitArgs allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewJavaVMInitArgsRef

func NewJavaVMInitArgsRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *JavaVMInitArgs

NewJavaVMInitArgsRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func (*JavaVMInitArgs) Free

func (x *JavaVMInitArgs) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*JavaVMInitArgs) PassRef

func (x *JavaVMInitArgs) PassRef() *C.JavaVMInitArgs

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*JavaVMInitArgs) Ref

func (x *JavaVMInitArgs) Ref() *C.JavaVMInitArgs

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type JavaVMOption

type JavaVMOption C.JavaVMOption

JavaVMOption as declared in include/jni.h:1115

func NewJavaVMOption

func NewJavaVMOption() *JavaVMOption

NewJavaVMOption allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewJavaVMOptionRef

func NewJavaVMOptionRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *JavaVMOption

NewJavaVMOptionRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func (*JavaVMOption) Free

func (x *JavaVMOption) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*JavaVMOption) PassRef

func (x *JavaVMOption) PassRef() *C.JavaVMOption

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*JavaVMOption) Ref

func (x *JavaVMOption) Ref() *C.JavaVMOption

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type Jboolean

type Jboolean byte

Jboolean type as declared in include/jni.h:44

func JNIEnvCallBooleanMethod

func JNIEnvCallBooleanMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jboolean

JNIEnvCallBooleanMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:52

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualBooleanMethod

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualBooleanMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jboolean

JNIEnvCallNonvirtualBooleanMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:63

func JNIEnvCallStaticBooleanMethod

func JNIEnvCallStaticBooleanMethod(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jboolean

JNIEnvCallStaticBooleanMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:98

func JNIEnvExceptionCheck

func JNIEnvExceptionCheck(env *JNIEnv) Jboolean

JNIEnvExceptionCheck function as declared in android/jni_call.h:206

func JNIEnvGetBooleanArrayElements

func JNIEnvGetBooleanArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JbooleanArray, isCopy *byte) *Jboolean

JNIEnvGetBooleanArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:152

func JNIEnvGetBooleanField

func JNIEnvGetBooleanField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID) Jboolean

JNIEnvGetBooleanField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:76

func JNIEnvGetStaticBooleanField

func JNIEnvGetStaticBooleanField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID) Jboolean

JNIEnvGetStaticBooleanField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:111

func JNIEnvIsAssignableFrom

func JNIEnvIsAssignableFrom(env *JNIEnv, clazz1 *Jclass, clazz2 *Jclass) Jboolean

JNIEnvIsAssignableFrom function as declared in android/jni_call.h:22

func JNIEnvIsInstanceOf

func JNIEnvIsInstanceOf(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, clazz *Jclass) Jboolean

JNIEnvIsInstanceOf function as declared in android/jni_call.h:48

func JNIEnvIsSameObject

func JNIEnvIsSameObject(env *JNIEnv, ref1 Jobject, ref2 Jobject) Jboolean

JNIEnvIsSameObject function as declared in android/jni_call.h:39

type JbooleanArray

type JbooleanArray unsafe.Pointer

JbooleanArray type as declared in include/jni.h:103

func JNIEnvNewBooleanArray

func JNIEnvNewBooleanArray(env *JNIEnv, length int32) *JbooleanArray

JNIEnvNewBooleanArray function as declared in android/jni_call.h:143

type Jbyte

type Jbyte byte

Jbyte type as declared in include/jni.h:45

func JNIEnvCallByteMethod

func JNIEnvCallByteMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jbyte

JNIEnvCallByteMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:53

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualByteMethod

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualByteMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jbyte

JNIEnvCallNonvirtualByteMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:64

func JNIEnvCallStaticByteMethod

func JNIEnvCallStaticByteMethod(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jbyte

JNIEnvCallStaticByteMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:99

func JNIEnvGetByteArrayElements

func JNIEnvGetByteArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JbyteArray, isCopy *byte) *Jbyte

JNIEnvGetByteArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:153

func JNIEnvGetByteField

func JNIEnvGetByteField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID) Jbyte

JNIEnvGetByteField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:77

func JNIEnvGetStaticByteField

func JNIEnvGetStaticByteField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID) Jbyte

JNIEnvGetStaticByteField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:112

type JbyteArray

type JbyteArray unsafe.Pointer

JbyteArray type as declared in include/jni.h:104

func JNIEnvNewByteArray

func JNIEnvNewByteArray(env *JNIEnv, length int32) *JbyteArray

JNIEnvNewByteArray function as declared in android/jni_call.h:144

type Jchar

type Jchar uint16

Jchar type as declared in include/jni.h:46

func JNIEnvCallCharMethod

func JNIEnvCallCharMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jchar

JNIEnvCallCharMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:54

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualCharMethod

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualCharMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jchar

JNIEnvCallNonvirtualCharMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:65

func JNIEnvCallStaticCharMethod

func JNIEnvCallStaticCharMethod(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jchar

JNIEnvCallStaticCharMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:100

func JNIEnvGetCharArrayElements

func JNIEnvGetCharArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JcharArray, isCopy *byte) *Jchar

JNIEnvGetCharArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:154

func JNIEnvGetCharField

func JNIEnvGetCharField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID) Jchar

JNIEnvGetCharField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:78

func JNIEnvGetStaticCharField

func JNIEnvGetStaticCharField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID) Jchar

JNIEnvGetStaticCharField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:113

func JNIEnvGetStringChars

func JNIEnvGetStringChars(env *JNIEnv, str *Jstring, isCopy *byte) *Jchar

JNIEnvGetStringChars function as declared in android/jni_call.h:132

func JNIEnvGetStringCritical

func JNIEnvGetStringCritical(env *JNIEnv, str *Jstring, isCopy *byte) *Jchar

JNIEnvGetStringCritical function as declared in android/jni_call.h:200

type JcharArray

type JcharArray unsafe.Pointer

JcharArray type as declared in include/jni.h:105

func JNIEnvNewCharArray

func JNIEnvNewCharArray(env *JNIEnv, length int32) *JcharArray

JNIEnvNewCharArray function as declared in android/jni_call.h:145

type Jclass

type Jclass unsafe.Pointer

Jclass type as declared in include/jni.h:99

func JNIEnvDefineClass

func JNIEnvDefineClass(env *JNIEnv, name string, obj Jobject, buf []byte, bufLen int32) *Jclass

JNIEnvDefineClass function as declared in android/jni_call.h:14

func JNIEnvFindClass

func JNIEnvFindClass(env *JNIEnv, name string) *Jclass

JNIEnvFindClass function as declared in android/jni_call.h:15

func JNIEnvGetObjectClass

func JNIEnvGetObjectClass(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject) *Jclass

JNIEnvGetObjectClass function as declared in android/jni_call.h:47

func JNIEnvGetSuperclass

func JNIEnvGetSuperclass(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass) *Jclass

JNIEnvGetSuperclass function as declared in android/jni_call.h:21

type Jdouble

type Jdouble float64

Jdouble type as declared in include/jni.h:51

func JNIEnvCallDoubleMethod

func JNIEnvCallDoubleMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jdouble

JNIEnvCallDoubleMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:59

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualDoubleMethod

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualDoubleMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jdouble

JNIEnvCallNonvirtualDoubleMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:70

func JNIEnvCallStaticDoubleMethod

func JNIEnvCallStaticDoubleMethod(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jdouble

JNIEnvCallStaticDoubleMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:105

func JNIEnvGetDoubleArrayElements

func JNIEnvGetDoubleArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JdoubleArray, isCopy *byte) *Jdouble

JNIEnvGetDoubleArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:159

func JNIEnvGetDoubleField

func JNIEnvGetDoubleField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID) Jdouble

JNIEnvGetDoubleField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:83

func JNIEnvGetStaticDoubleField

func JNIEnvGetStaticDoubleField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID) Jdouble

JNIEnvGetStaticDoubleField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:118

type JdoubleArray

type JdoubleArray unsafe.Pointer

JdoubleArray type as declared in include/jni.h:110

func JNIEnvNewDoubleArray

func JNIEnvNewDoubleArray(env *JNIEnv, length int32) *JdoubleArray

JNIEnvNewDoubleArray function as declared in android/jni_call.h:150

type JfieldID

type JfieldID C.jfieldID

JfieldID as declared in include/jni.h:117

func JNIEnvFromReflectedField

func JNIEnvFromReflectedField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject) JfieldID

JNIEnvFromReflectedField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:18

func JNIEnvGetFieldID

func JNIEnvGetFieldID(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, name string, sig string) JfieldID

JNIEnvGetFieldID function as declared in android/jni_call.h:73

func JNIEnvGetStaticFieldID

func JNIEnvGetStaticFieldID(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, name string, sig string) JfieldID

JNIEnvGetStaticFieldID function as declared in android/jni_call.h:108

type Jfloat

type Jfloat float32

Jfloat type as declared in include/jni.h:50

func JNIEnvCallFloatMethod

func JNIEnvCallFloatMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jfloat

JNIEnvCallFloatMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:58

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualFloatMethod

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualFloatMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jfloat

JNIEnvCallNonvirtualFloatMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:69

func JNIEnvCallStaticFloatMethod

func JNIEnvCallStaticFloatMethod(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jfloat

JNIEnvCallStaticFloatMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:104

func JNIEnvGetFloatArrayElements

func JNIEnvGetFloatArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JfloatArray, isCopy *byte) *Jfloat

JNIEnvGetFloatArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:158

func JNIEnvGetFloatField

func JNIEnvGetFloatField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID) Jfloat

JNIEnvGetFloatField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:82

func JNIEnvGetStaticFloatField

func JNIEnvGetStaticFloatField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID) Jfloat

JNIEnvGetStaticFloatField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:117

type JfloatArray

type JfloatArray unsafe.Pointer

JfloatArray type as declared in include/jni.h:109

func JNIEnvNewFloatArray

func JNIEnvNewFloatArray(env *JNIEnv, length int32) *JfloatArray

JNIEnvNewFloatArray function as declared in android/jni_call.h:149

type Jint

type Jint int32

Jint type as declared in include/jni.h:48

func JNIAttachCurrentThread

func JNIAttachCurrentThread(vm *JavaVM, pEnv **JNIEnv, thrArgs *JavaVMAttachArgs) Jint

JNIAttachCurrentThread function as declared in android/jni_call.h:7

func JNIAttachCurrentThreadAsDaemon

func JNIAttachCurrentThreadAsDaemon(vm *JavaVM, pEnv **JNIEnv, thrArgs unsafe.Pointer) Jint

JNIAttachCurrentThreadAsDaemon function as declared in android/jni_call.h:10

func JNIDestroyJavaVM

func JNIDestroyJavaVM(vm *JavaVM) Jint

JNIDestroyJavaVM function as declared in android/jni_call.h:6

func JNIDetachCurrentThread

func JNIDetachCurrentThread(vm *JavaVM) Jint

JNIDetachCurrentThread function as declared in android/jni_call.h:8

func JNIEnvCallIntMethod

func JNIEnvCallIntMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jint

JNIEnvCallIntMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:56

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualIntMethod

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualIntMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jint

JNIEnvCallNonvirtualIntMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:67

func JNIEnvCallStaticIntMethod

func JNIEnvCallStaticIntMethod(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jint

JNIEnvCallStaticIntMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:102

func JNIEnvEnsureLocalCapacity

func JNIEnvEnsureLocalCapacity(env *JNIEnv, capacity int32) Jint

JNIEnvEnsureLocalCapacity function as declared in android/jni_call.h:42

func JNIEnvGetIntArrayElements

func JNIEnvGetIntArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JintArray, isCopy *byte) *Jint

JNIEnvGetIntArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:156

func JNIEnvGetIntField

func JNIEnvGetIntField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID) Jint

JNIEnvGetIntField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:80

func JNIEnvGetJavaVM

func JNIEnvGetJavaVM(env *JNIEnv, pVm **JavaVM) Jint

JNIEnvGetJavaVM function as declared in android/jni_call.h:192

func JNIEnvGetStaticIntField

func JNIEnvGetStaticIntField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID) Jint

JNIEnvGetStaticIntField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:115

func JNIEnvGetVersion

func JNIEnvGetVersion(env *JNIEnv) Jint

JNIEnvGetVersion function as declared in android/jni_call.h:12

func JNIEnvMonitorEnter

func JNIEnvMonitorEnter(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject) Jint

JNIEnvMonitorEnter function as declared in android/jni_call.h:190

func JNIEnvMonitorExit

func JNIEnvMonitorExit(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject) Jint

JNIEnvMonitorExit function as declared in android/jni_call.h:191

func JNIEnvPushLocalFrame

func JNIEnvPushLocalFrame(env *JNIEnv, capacity int32) Jint

JNIEnvPushLocalFrame function as declared in android/jni_call.h:33

func JNIEnvRegisterNatives

func JNIEnvRegisterNatives(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, methods *JNINativeMethod, nMethods int32) Jint

JNIEnvRegisterNatives function as declared in android/jni_call.h:188

func JNIEnvThrow

func JNIEnvThrow(env *JNIEnv, ex *Jthrowable) Jint

JNIEnvThrow function as declared in android/jni_call.h:26

func JNIEnvThrowNew

func JNIEnvThrowNew(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, msg string) Jint

JNIEnvThrowNew function as declared in android/jni_call.h:27

func JNIEnvUnregisterNatives

func JNIEnvUnregisterNatives(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass) Jint

JNIEnvUnregisterNatives function as declared in android/jni_call.h:189

func JNIGetEnv

func JNIGetEnv(vm *JavaVM, pEnv **JNIEnv, version int32) Jint

JNIGetEnv function as declared in android/jni_call.h:9

type JintArray

type JintArray unsafe.Pointer

JintArray type as declared in include/jni.h:107

func JNIEnvNewIntArray

func JNIEnvNewIntArray(env *JNIEnv, length int32) *JintArray

JNIEnvNewIntArray function as declared in android/jni_call.h:147

type Jlong

type Jlong int64

Jlong type as declared in include/jni.h:49

func JNIEnvCallLongMethod

func JNIEnvCallLongMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jlong

JNIEnvCallLongMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:57

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualLongMethod

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualLongMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jlong

JNIEnvCallNonvirtualLongMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:68

func JNIEnvCallStaticLongMethod

func JNIEnvCallStaticLongMethod(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jlong

JNIEnvCallStaticLongMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:103

func JNIEnvGetDirectBufferCapacity

func JNIEnvGetDirectBufferCapacity(env *JNIEnv, buf Jobject) Jlong

JNIEnvGetDirectBufferCapacity function as declared in android/jni_call.h:210

func JNIEnvGetLongArrayElements

func JNIEnvGetLongArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JlongArray, isCopy *byte) *Jlong

JNIEnvGetLongArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:157

func JNIEnvGetLongField

func JNIEnvGetLongField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID) Jlong

JNIEnvGetLongField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:81

func JNIEnvGetStaticLongField

func JNIEnvGetStaticLongField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID) Jlong

JNIEnvGetStaticLongField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:116

type JlongArray

type JlongArray unsafe.Pointer

JlongArray type as declared in include/jni.h:108

func JNIEnvNewLongArray

func JNIEnvNewLongArray(env *JNIEnv, length int32) *JlongArray

JNIEnvNewLongArray function as declared in android/jni_call.h:148

type JmethodID

type JmethodID C.jmethodID

JmethodID as declared in include/jni.h:120

func JNIEnvFromReflectedMethod

func JNIEnvFromReflectedMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject) JmethodID

JNIEnvFromReflectedMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:17

func JNIEnvGetMethodID

func JNIEnvGetMethodID(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, name string, sig string) JmethodID

JNIEnvGetMethodID function as declared in android/jni_call.h:49

func JNIEnvGetStaticMethodID

func JNIEnvGetStaticMethodID(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, name string, sig string) JmethodID

JNIEnvGetStaticMethodID function as declared in android/jni_call.h:95

type Jobject

type Jobject unsafe.Pointer

Jobject type as declared in include/jni.h:98

func JNIEnvAllocObject

func JNIEnvAllocObject(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass) Jobject

JNIEnvAllocObject function as declared in android/jni_call.h:44

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualObjectMethod

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualObjectMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jobject

JNIEnvCallNonvirtualObjectMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:62

func JNIEnvCallObjectMethod

func JNIEnvCallObjectMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jobject

JNIEnvCallObjectMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:51

func JNIEnvCallStaticObjectMethod

func JNIEnvCallStaticObjectMethod(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jobject

JNIEnvCallStaticObjectMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:97

func JNIEnvGetObjectArrayElement

func JNIEnvGetObjectArrayElement(env *JNIEnv, arr *JobjectArray, index int32) Jobject

JNIEnvGetObjectArrayElement function as declared in android/jni_call.h:140

func JNIEnvGetObjectField

func JNIEnvGetObjectField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID) Jobject

JNIEnvGetObjectField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:75

func JNIEnvGetStaticObjectField

func JNIEnvGetStaticObjectField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID) Jobject

JNIEnvGetStaticObjectField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:110

func JNIEnvNewDirectByteBuffer

func JNIEnvNewDirectByteBuffer(env *JNIEnv, buf unsafe.Pointer, capacity int64) Jobject

JNIEnvNewDirectByteBuffer function as declared in android/jni_call.h:208

func JNIEnvNewGlobalRef

func JNIEnvNewGlobalRef(env *JNIEnv, ref Jobject) Jobject

JNIEnvNewGlobalRef function as declared in android/jni_call.h:36

func JNIEnvNewLocalRef

func JNIEnvNewLocalRef(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject) Jobject

JNIEnvNewLocalRef function as declared in android/jni_call.h:41

func JNIEnvNewObject

func JNIEnvNewObject(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jobject

JNIEnvNewObject function as declared in android/jni_call.h:45

func JNIEnvPopLocalFrame

func JNIEnvPopLocalFrame(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject) Jobject

JNIEnvPopLocalFrame function as declared in android/jni_call.h:34

func JNIEnvToReflectedField

func JNIEnvToReflectedField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID, isStatic byte) Jobject

JNIEnvToReflectedField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:24

func JNIEnvToReflectedMethod

func JNIEnvToReflectedMethod(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, isStatic byte) Jobject

JNIEnvToReflectedMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:19

type JobjectArray

type JobjectArray unsafe.Pointer

JobjectArray type as declared in include/jni.h:102

func JNIEnvNewObjectArray

func JNIEnvNewObjectArray(env *JNIEnv, length int32, clazz *Jclass, obj Jobject) *JobjectArray

JNIEnvNewObjectArray function as declared in android/jni_call.h:139

type JobjectRefType

type JobjectRefType int32

JobjectRefType as declared in include/jni.h:141

const (
	JNIinvalidreftype    JobjectRefType = iota
	JNIlocalreftype      JobjectRefType = 1
	JNIglobalreftype     JobjectRefType = 2
	JNIweakglobalreftype JobjectRefType = 3

JobjectRefType enumeration from include/jni.h:141

func JNIEnvGetObjectRefType

func JNIEnvGetObjectRefType(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject) JobjectRefType

JNIEnvGetObjectRefType function as declared in android/jni_call.h:212

type Jshort

type Jshort int16

Jshort type as declared in include/jni.h:47

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualShortMethod

func JNIEnvCallNonvirtualShortMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jshort

JNIEnvCallNonvirtualShortMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:66

func JNIEnvCallShortMethod

func JNIEnvCallShortMethod(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jshort

JNIEnvCallShortMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:55

func JNIEnvCallStaticShortMethod

func JNIEnvCallStaticShortMethod(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JmethodID, args []Jvalue) Jshort

JNIEnvCallStaticShortMethod function as declared in android/jni_call.h:101

func JNIEnvGetShortArrayElements

func JNIEnvGetShortArrayElements(env *JNIEnv, arr *JshortArray, isCopy *byte) *Jshort

JNIEnvGetShortArrayElements function as declared in android/jni_call.h:155

func JNIEnvGetShortField

func JNIEnvGetShortField(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject, id JfieldID) Jshort

JNIEnvGetShortField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:79

func JNIEnvGetStaticShortField

func JNIEnvGetStaticShortField(env *JNIEnv, clazz *Jclass, id JfieldID) Jshort

JNIEnvGetStaticShortField function as declared in android/jni_call.h:114

type JshortArray

type JshortArray unsafe.Pointer

JshortArray type as declared in include/jni.h:106

func JNIEnvNewShortArray

func JNIEnvNewShortArray(env *JNIEnv, length int32) *JshortArray

JNIEnvNewShortArray function as declared in android/jni_call.h:146

type Jsize

type Jsize int32

Jsize type as declared in include/jni.h:55

func JNIEnvGetArrayLength

func JNIEnvGetArrayLength(env *JNIEnv, arr Jarray) Jsize

JNIEnvGetArrayLength function as declared in android/jni_call.h:138

func JNIEnvGetStringLength

func JNIEnvGetStringLength(env *JNIEnv, str *Jstring) Jsize

JNIEnvGetStringLength function as declared in android/jni_call.h:131

func JNIEnvGetStringUTFLength

func JNIEnvGetStringUTFLength(env *JNIEnv, str *Jstring) Jsize

JNIEnvGetStringUTFLength function as declared in android/jni_call.h:135

type Jstring

type Jstring unsafe.Pointer

Jstring type as declared in include/jni.h:100

func JNIEnvNewString

func JNIEnvNewString(env *JNIEnv, buf *uint16, bufLen int32) *Jstring

JNIEnvNewString function as declared in android/jni_call.h:130

func JNIEnvNewStringUTF

func JNIEnvNewStringUTF(env *JNIEnv, str string) *Jstring

JNIEnvNewStringUTF function as declared in android/jni_call.h:134

type Jthrowable

type Jthrowable unsafe.Pointer

Jthrowable type as declared in include/jni.h:111

func JNIEnvExceptionOccurred

func JNIEnvExceptionOccurred(env *JNIEnv) *Jthrowable

JNIEnvExceptionOccurred function as declared in android/jni_call.h:28

type Jvalue

type Jvalue [sizeofJvalue]byte

func JbooleanV

func JbooleanV(z bool) Jvalue

func JbyteV

func JbyteV(b byte) Jvalue

func JcharV

func JcharV(c uint16) Jvalue

func JdoubleV

func JdoubleV(d float64) Jvalue

func JfloatV

func JfloatV(f float32) Jvalue

func JintV

func JintV(i int32) Jvalue

func JlongV

func JlongV(j int32) Jvalue

func JobjectV

func JobjectV(l Jobject) Jvalue

func JshortV

func JshortV(s int16) Jvalue

type Jweak

type Jweak unsafe.Pointer

Jweak type as declared in include/jni.h:112

func JNIEnvNewWeakGlobalRef

func JNIEnvNewWeakGlobalRef(env *JNIEnv, obj Jobject) *Jweak

JNIEnvNewWeakGlobalRef function as declared in android/jni_call.h:203

type LogPriority

type LogPriority int32

LogPriority as declared in android/log.h:89

const (
	LogUnknown LogPriority = iota
	LogDefault LogPriority = 1
	LogVerbose LogPriority = 2
	LogDebug   LogPriority = 3
	LogInfo    LogPriority = 4
	LogWarn    LogPriority = 5
	LogError   LogPriority = 6
	LogFatal   LogPriority = 7
	LogSilent  LogPriority = 8

LogPriority enumeration from android/log.h:89

type Looper

type Looper C.ALooper

Looper as declared in android/looper.h:39

func LooperForThread

func LooperForThread() *Looper

LooperForThread function as declared in android/looper.h:45

func LooperPrepare

func LooperPrepare(opts int32) *Looper

LooperPrepare function as declared in android/looper.h:65

func NewLooper

func NewLooper() *Looper

NewLooper allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewLooperRef

func NewLooperRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *Looper

NewLooperRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func (*Looper) Free

func (x *Looper) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*Looper) PassRef

func (x *Looper) PassRef() *C.ALooper

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*Looper) Ref

func (x *Looper) Ref() *C.ALooper

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type LooperCallbackFunc

type LooperCallbackFunc func(fd int32, events int32, data unsafe.Pointer) int32

LooperCallbackFunc type as declared in android/looper.h:159

func NewLooperCallbackFuncRef

func NewLooperCallbackFuncRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *LooperCallbackFunc

func (LooperCallbackFunc) PassRef

func (x LooperCallbackFunc) PassRef() (ref *C.ALooper_callbackFunc, allocs *cgoAllocMap)

func (LooperCallbackFunc) PassValue

func (x LooperCallbackFunc) PassValue() (ref C.ALooper_callbackFunc, allocs *cgoAllocMap)

type MetaDataEvent

type MetaDataEvent struct {
	What   int32
	Sensor int32
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MetaDataEvent as declared in android/sensor.h:124

func NewMetaDataEventRef

func NewMetaDataEventRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *MetaDataEvent

NewMetaDataEventRef creates a new wrapper struct with underlying reference set to the original C object. Returns nil if the provided pointer to C object is nil too.

func (*MetaDataEvent) Deref

func (x *MetaDataEvent) Deref()

Deref uses the underlying reference to C object and fills the wrapping struct with values. Do not forget to call this method whether you get a struct for C object and want to read its values.

func (*MetaDataEvent) Free

func (x *MetaDataEvent) Free()

Free invokes alloc map's free mechanism that cleanups any allocated memory using C free. Does nothing if struct is nil or has no allocation map.

func (*MetaDataEvent) PassRef

func (x *MetaDataEvent) PassRef() (*C.AMetaDataEvent, *cgoAllocMap)

PassRef returns the underlying C object, otherwise it will allocate one and set its values from this wrapping struct, counting allocations into an allocation map.

func (MetaDataEvent) PassValue

func (x MetaDataEvent) PassValue() (C.AMetaDataEvent, *cgoAllocMap)

PassValue does the same as PassRef except that it will try to dereference the returned pointer.

func (*MetaDataEvent) Ref

func (x *MetaDataEvent) Ref() *C.AMetaDataEvent

Ref returns the underlying reference to C object or nil if struct is nil.

type NativeActivity

type NativeActivity struct {
	Callbacks        *NativeActivityCallbacks
	Vm               *JavaVM
	Env              *JNIEnv
	Clazz            Jobject
	InternalDataPath string
	ExternalDataPath string
	SdkVersion       int32
	Instance         unsafe.Pointer
	AssetManager     *AssetManager
	ObbPath          string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NativeActivity as declared in android/native_activity.h:108

func NewNativeActivityRef

func NewNativeActivityRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *NativeActivity

NewNativeActivityRef creates a new wrapper struct with underlying reference set to the original C object. Returns nil if the provided pointer to C object is nil too.

func (*NativeActivity) Deref

func (x *NativeActivity) Deref()

Deref uses the underlying reference to C object and fills the wrapping struct with values. Do not forget to call this method whether you get a struct for C object and want to read its values.

func (*NativeActivity) Free

func (x *NativeActivity) Free()

Free invokes alloc map's free mechanism that cleanups any allocated memory using C free. Does nothing if struct is nil or has no allocation map.

func (*NativeActivity) JNICall

func (a *NativeActivity) JNICall(fn func(env *JNIEnv,
	activity Jobject, activityClass, contextClass *Jclass) error) (err error)

JNICall attaches a JavaVM thread and does JNI stuff, provide a handler that will work with JNIEnv and activity/context classes to invoke methods, read fields of Android SDK.

Caution: the call is not thread safe, also it must run from a thread-locked goroutine, i.e. that's locked using runtime.LockOSThread(). The main android-go goroutine is a such goroutine.

func (*NativeActivity) KeyEventGetUnicodeChar

func (a *NativeActivity) KeyEventGetUnicodeChar(action, keyCode, metaState int32) (rune, error)

KeyEventGetUnicodeChar gets the Unicode character generated by the specified key and meta key state combination.

func (*NativeActivity) PassRef

func (x *NativeActivity) PassRef() (*C.ANativeActivity, *cgoAllocMap)

PassRef returns the underlying C object, otherwise it will allocate one and set its values from this wrapping struct, counting allocations into an allocation map.

func (NativeActivity) PassValue

func (x NativeActivity) PassValue() (C.ANativeActivity, *cgoAllocMap)

PassValue does the same as PassRef except that it will try to dereference the returned pointer.

func (*NativeActivity) Ref

func (x *NativeActivity) Ref() *C.ANativeActivity

Ref returns the underlying reference to C object or nil if struct is nil.

func (*NativeActivity) SetSoftKeyboardState

func (a *NativeActivity) SetSoftKeyboardState(state SoftKeyboardState) error

SetSoftKeyboardState allows to toggle Android virtual keyboard using JNI calls into JavaVM.

type NativeActivityCallbacks

type NativeActivityCallbacks C.ANativeActivityCallbacks

NativeActivityCallbacks as declared in android/native_activity.h:225

func NewNativeActivityCallbacks

func NewNativeActivityCallbacks() *NativeActivityCallbacks

NewNativeActivityCallbacks allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewNativeActivityCallbacksRef

func NewNativeActivityCallbacksRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *NativeActivityCallbacks

NewNativeActivityCallbacksRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func (*NativeActivityCallbacks) Free

func (x *NativeActivityCallbacks) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*NativeActivityCallbacks) PassRef

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*NativeActivityCallbacks) Ref

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type NativeActivityCreateFunc

type NativeActivityCreateFunc func(activity *NativeActivity, savedState unsafe.Pointer, savedStateSize uint32)

NativeActivityCreateFunc type as declared in android/native_activity.h:235

func NewNativeActivityCreateFuncRef

func NewNativeActivityCreateFuncRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *NativeActivityCreateFunc

func (NativeActivityCreateFunc) PassRef

func (x NativeActivityCreateFunc) PassRef() (ref *C.ANativeActivity_createFunc, allocs *cgoAllocMap)

type NativeWindow

type NativeWindow C.ANativeWindow

NativeWindow as declared in android/native_window.h:36

func NativeWindowFromSurface

func NativeWindowFromSurface(env *JNIEnv, surface Jobject) *NativeWindow

NativeWindowFromSurface function as declared in android/native_window_jni.h:34

func NewNativeWindow

func NewNativeWindow() *NativeWindow

NewNativeWindow allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewNativeWindowRef

func NewNativeWindowRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *NativeWindow

NewNativeWindowRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func (*NativeWindow) Free

func (x *NativeWindow) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*NativeWindow) PassRef

func (x *NativeWindow) PassRef() *C.ANativeWindow

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*NativeWindow) Ptr

func (w *NativeWindow) Ptr() uintptr

func (*NativeWindow) Ref

func (x *NativeWindow) Ref() *C.ANativeWindow

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type NativeWindowBuffer

type NativeWindowBuffer struct {
	Width    int32
	Height   int32
	Stride   int32
	Format   int32
	Bits     unsafe.Pointer
	Reserved [6]uint32
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NativeWindowBuffer as declared in android/native_window.h:57

func NewNativeWindowBufferRef

func NewNativeWindowBufferRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *NativeWindowBuffer

NewNativeWindowBufferRef creates a new wrapper struct with underlying reference set to the original C object. Returns nil if the provided pointer to C object is nil too.

func (*NativeWindowBuffer) Deref

func (x *NativeWindowBuffer) Deref()

Deref uses the underlying reference to C object and fills the wrapping struct with values. Do not forget to call this method whether you get a struct for C object and want to read its values.

func (*NativeWindowBuffer) Free

func (x *NativeWindowBuffer) Free()

Free invokes alloc map's free mechanism that cleanups any allocated memory using C free. Does nothing if struct is nil or has no allocation map.

func (*NativeWindowBuffer) PassRef

func (x *NativeWindowBuffer) PassRef() (*C.ANativeWindow_Buffer, *cgoAllocMap)

PassRef returns the underlying C object, otherwise it will allocate one and set its values from this wrapping struct, counting allocations into an allocation map.

func (NativeWindowBuffer) PassValue

func (x NativeWindowBuffer) PassValue() (C.ANativeWindow_Buffer, *cgoAllocMap)

PassValue does the same as PassRef except that it will try to dereference the returned pointer.

func (*NativeWindowBuffer) Ref

Ref returns the underlying reference to C object or nil if struct is nil.

type ObbInfo

type ObbInfo C.AObbInfo

ObbInfo as declared in android/obb.h:28

func NewObbInfo

func NewObbInfo() *ObbInfo

NewObbInfo allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewObbInfoRef

func NewObbInfoRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *ObbInfo

NewObbInfoRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func ObbScannerGetObbInfo

func ObbScannerGetObbInfo(filename string) *ObbInfo

ObbScannerGetObbInfo function as declared in android/obb.h:37

func (*ObbInfo) Free

func (x *ObbInfo) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*ObbInfo) PassRef

func (x *ObbInfo) PassRef() *C.AObbInfo

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*ObbInfo) Ref

func (x *ObbInfo) Ref() *C.AObbInfo

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type RawString

type RawString string

RawString reperesents a string backed by data on the C side.

func (RawString) Copy

func (raw RawString) Copy() string

Copy returns a Go-managed copy of raw string.

type Rect

type Rect struct {
	Left   int32
	Top    int32
	Right  int32
	Bottom int32
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Rect as declared in android/rect.h:35

func NewRectRef

func NewRectRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *Rect

NewRectRef creates a new wrapper struct with underlying reference set to the original C object. Returns nil if the provided pointer to C object is nil too.

func (*Rect) Deref

func (x *Rect) Deref()

Deref uses the underlying reference to C object and fills the wrapping struct with values. Do not forget to call this method whether you get a struct for C object and want to read its values.

func (*Rect) Free

func (x *Rect) Free()

Free invokes alloc map's free mechanism that cleanups any allocated memory using C free. Does nothing if struct is nil or has no allocation map.

func (*Rect) PassRef

func (x *Rect) PassRef() (*C.ARect, *cgoAllocMap)

PassRef returns the underlying C object, otherwise it will allocate one and set its values from this wrapping struct, counting allocations into an allocation map.

func (Rect) PassValue

func (x Rect) PassValue() (C.ARect, *cgoAllocMap)

PassValue does the same as PassRef except that it will try to dereference the returned pointer.

func (*Rect) Ref

func (x *Rect) Ref() *C.ARect

Ref returns the underlying reference to C object or nil if struct is nil.

type Sensor

type Sensor C.ASensor

Sensor as declared in android/sensor.h:190

func NewSensor

func NewSensor() *Sensor

NewSensor allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewSensorRef

func NewSensorRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *Sensor

NewSensorRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func SensorManagerGetDefaultSensor

func SensorManagerGetDefaultSensor(manager *SensorManager, kind int32) *Sensor

SensorManagerGetDefaultSensor function as declared in android/sensor.h:216

func SensorManagerGetDefaultSensorEx

func SensorManagerGetDefaultSensorEx(manager *SensorManager, kind int32, wakeUp bool) *Sensor

SensorManagerGetDefaultSensorEx function as declared in android/sensor.h:222

func (*Sensor) Free

func (x *Sensor) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*Sensor) PassRef

func (x *Sensor) PassRef() *C.ASensor

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*Sensor) Ref

func (x *Sensor) Ref() *C.ASensor

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type SensorEvent

type SensorEvent struct {
	Version   int32
	Sensor    int32
	Type      int32
	Reserved0 int32
	Timestamp int64
	Flags     uint32
	Reserved1 [3]int32
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SensorEvent as declared in android/sensor.h:181

func NewSensorEventRef

func NewSensorEventRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *SensorEvent

NewSensorEventRef creates a new wrapper struct with underlying reference set to the original C object. Returns nil if the provided pointer to C object is nil too.

func (SensorEvent) Acceleration

func (e SensorEvent) Acceleration() (x, y, z float32)

func (*SensorEvent) Deref

func (x *SensorEvent) Deref()

Deref uses the underlying reference to C object and fills the wrapping struct with values. Do not forget to call this method whether you get a struct for C object and want to read its values.

func (*SensorEvent) Free

func (x *SensorEvent) Free()

Free invokes alloc map's free mechanism that cleanups any allocated memory using C free. Does nothing if struct is nil or has no allocation map.

func (*SensorEvent) PassRef

func (x *SensorEvent) PassRef() (*C.ASensorEvent, *cgoAllocMap)

PassRef returns the underlying C object, otherwise it will allocate one and set its values from this wrapping struct, counting allocations into an allocation map.

func (SensorEvent) PassValue

func (x SensorEvent) PassValue() (C.ASensorEvent, *cgoAllocMap)

PassValue does the same as PassRef except that it will try to dereference the returned pointer.

func (*SensorEvent) Ref

func (x *SensorEvent) Ref() *C.ASensorEvent

Ref returns the underlying reference to C object or nil if struct is nil.

type SensorEventQueue

type SensorEventQueue C.ASensorEventQueue

SensorEventQueue as declared in android/sensor.h:187

func NewSensorEventQueue

func NewSensorEventQueue() *SensorEventQueue

NewSensorEventQueue allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewSensorEventQueueRef

func NewSensorEventQueueRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *SensorEventQueue

NewSensorEventQueueRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func SensorManagerCreateEventQueue

func SensorManagerCreateEventQueue(manager *SensorManager, looper *Looper, ident int32, callback LooperCallbackFunc, data unsafe.Pointer) *SensorEventQueue

SensorManagerCreateEventQueue function as declared in android/sensor.h:228

func (*SensorEventQueue) Free

func (x *SensorEventQueue) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*SensorEventQueue) PassRef

func (x *SensorEventQueue) PassRef() *C.ASensorEventQueue

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*SensorEventQueue) Ref

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type SensorList

type SensorList C.ASensorRef

SensorList as declared in android/sensor.h:192

type SensorManager

type SensorManager C.ASensorManager

SensorManager as declared in android/sensor.h:184

func NewSensorManager

func NewSensorManager() *SensorManager

NewSensorManager allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewSensorManagerRef

func NewSensorManagerRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *SensorManager

NewSensorManagerRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func SensorManagerGetInstance

func SensorManagerGetInstance() *SensorManager

SensorManagerGetInstance function as declared in android/sensor.h:204

func (*SensorManager) Free

func (x *SensorManager) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*SensorManager) PassRef

func (x *SensorManager) PassRef() *C.ASensorManager

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*SensorManager) Ref

func (x *SensorManager) Ref() *C.ASensorManager

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type SensorRef

type SensorRef C.ASensor

SensorRef as declared in android/sensor.h:191

type SensorVector

type SensorVector struct {
	Status   byte
	Reserved [3]byte
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SensorVector as declared in android/sensor.h:119

func NewSensorVectorRef

func NewSensorVectorRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *SensorVector

NewSensorVectorRef creates a new wrapper struct with underlying reference set to the original C object. Returns nil if the provided pointer to C object is nil too.

func (*SensorVector) Deref

func (x *SensorVector) Deref()

Deref uses the underlying reference to C object and fills the wrapping struct with values. Do not forget to call this method whether you get a struct for C object and want to read its values.

func (*SensorVector) Free

func (x *SensorVector) Free()

Free invokes alloc map's free mechanism that cleanups any allocated memory using C free. Does nothing if struct is nil or has no allocation map.

func (*SensorVector) PassRef

func (x *SensorVector) PassRef() (*C.ASensorVector, *cgoAllocMap)

PassRef returns the underlying C object, otherwise it will allocate one and set its values from this wrapping struct, counting allocations into an allocation map.

func (SensorVector) PassValue

func (x SensorVector) PassValue() (C.ASensorVector, *cgoAllocMap)

PassValue does the same as PassRef except that it will try to dereference the returned pointer.

func (*SensorVector) Ref

func (x *SensorVector) Ref() *C.ASensorVector

Ref returns the underlying reference to C object or nil if struct is nil.

type SoftKeyboardState

type SoftKeyboardState int32
const (
	SoftKeyboardHidden SoftKeyboardState = iota

type StorageManager

type StorageManager C.AStorageManager

StorageManager as declared in android/storage_manager.h:28

func NewStorageManager

func NewStorageManager() *StorageManager

NewStorageManager allocates a new C object of this type and converts the reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func NewStorageManagerRef

func NewStorageManagerRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *StorageManager

NewStorageManagerRef converts the C object reference into a raw struct reference without wrapping.

func StorageManagerNew

func StorageManagerNew() *StorageManager

StorageManagerNew function as declared in android/storage_manager.h:88

func (*StorageManager) Free

func (x *StorageManager) Free()

Free cleanups the referenced memory using C free.

func (*StorageManager) PassRef

func (x *StorageManager) PassRef() *C.AStorageManager

PassRef returns a reference to C object as it is or allocates a new C object of this type.

func (*StorageManager) Ref

func (x *StorageManager) Ref() *C.AStorageManager

Ref returns a reference to C object as it is.

type StorageManagerObbCallbackFunc

type StorageManagerObbCallbackFunc func(filename string, state int32, data unsafe.Pointer)

StorageManagerObbCallbackFunc type as declared in android/storage_manager.h:98

func NewStorageManagerObbCallbackFuncRef

func NewStorageManagerObbCallbackFuncRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *StorageManagerObbCallbackFunc

func (StorageManagerObbCallbackFunc) PassRef

func (x StorageManagerObbCallbackFunc) PassRef() (ref *C.AStorageManager_obbCallbackFunc, allocs *cgoAllocMap)

func (StorageManagerObbCallbackFunc) PassValue

func (x StorageManagerObbCallbackFunc) PassValue() (ref C.AStorageManager_obbCallbackFunc, allocs *cgoAllocMap)

type UncalibratedEvent

type UncalibratedEvent struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

UncalibratedEvent as declared in android/sensor.h:143

func NewUncalibratedEventRef

func NewUncalibratedEventRef(ref unsafe.Pointer) *UncalibratedEvent

NewUncalibratedEventRef creates a new wrapper struct with underlying reference set to the original C object. Returns nil if the provided pointer to C object is nil too.

func (*UncalibratedEvent) Deref

func (x *UncalibratedEvent) Deref()

Deref uses the underlying reference to C object and fills the wrapping struct with values. Do not forget to call this method whether you get a struct for C object and want to read its values.

func (*UncalibratedEvent) Free

func (x *UncalibratedEvent) Free()

Free invokes alloc map's free mechanism that cleanups any allocated memory using C free. Does nothing if struct is nil or has no allocation map.

func (*UncalibratedEvent) PassRef

func (x *UncalibratedEvent) PassRef() (*C.AUncalibratedEvent, *cgoAllocMap)

PassRef returns the underlying C object, otherwise it will allocate one and set its values from this wrapping struct, counting allocations into an allocation map.

func (UncalibratedEvent) PassValue

func (x UncalibratedEvent) PassValue() (C.AUncalibratedEvent, *cgoAllocMap)

PassValue does the same as PassRef except that it will try to dereference the returned pointer.

func (*UncalibratedEvent) Ref

Ref returns the underlying reference to C object or nil if struct is nil.

type Unwind

type Unwind []func()

func (Unwind) Add

func (u Unwind) Add(cleanup func())

func (Unwind) Discard

func (u Unwind) Discard()

func (Unwind) Unwind

func (u Unwind) Unwind()

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