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Published: Nov 6, 2022 License: MIT Imports: 3 Imported by: 0


Minimal Go app

This is a simple Android Go app template.

  • Install the latest Android SDK or extract the Android SDK command line tools into your preferred Android SDK root (available as archive at, see bottom of page).

  • Make sure you have the $ANDROID_HOME environment variable set to the Android SDK root (default is $HOME/android-sdk).

Android project

Directory android is a standard NDK project that has the AndroidManifest.xml as well gradle build files and the shared library we will built as a PREBUILT_SHARED_LIBRARY.


Change to the examples/minimal directory and run ANDROID_HOME=path/to/sdk ../" to build an APK ready for deployment.


Execute ../ && (adb uninstall com.go_android.minimal; adb install android/app-debug.apk) && adb logcat -c && adb logcat | grep "GolangExample:" to build the apk and then install and test on a connected device.


Delete the gradle build folders android/build, android/app/build and android/app/src/jniLibs, which contains the compiled shared libraries.


The Go Gopher

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