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type TaskHandler

type TaskHandler func() error

TaskHandler Define function callbacks

type WorkPool

type WorkPool struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

WorkPool serves incoming connections via a pool of workers

func New

func New(max int) *WorkPool

New new workpool and set the max number of concurrencies

func (*WorkPool) Do

func (p *WorkPool) Do(fn TaskHandler)

Do Add to the workpool and return immediately

func (*WorkPool) DoWait

func (p *WorkPool) DoWait(task TaskHandler)

DoWait Add to the workpool and wait for execution to complete before returning

func (*WorkPool) IsClosed

func (p *WorkPool) IsClosed() bool

IsClosed Has it been closed?

func (*WorkPool) IsDone

func (p *WorkPool) IsDone() bool

IsDone Determine whether it is complete (non-blocking)

func (*WorkPool) SetTimeout

func (p *WorkPool) SetTimeout(timeout time.Duration)

SetTimeout Setting timeout time

func (*WorkPool) Wait

func (p *WorkPool) Wait() error

Wait Waiting for the worker thread to finish executing

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