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Interface types for simple* and permission* packages.

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General information

  • Version 5.0.0
  • License: MIT
  • Author: Alexander F. Rødseth <>
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    Package pinterface provides interface types for the xyproto/simple* and xyproto/permission* packages



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    const Version = 5.0

      Stable API within the same version number


      This section is empty.


      This section is empty.


      type ICreator

      type ICreator interface {
      	NewList(id string) (IList, error)
      	NewSet(id string) (ISet, error)
      	NewHashMap(id string) (IHashMap, error)
      	NewKeyValue(id string) (IKeyValue, error)

        Data structure creator

        type IHashMap

        type IHashMap interface {
        	Set(owner, key, value string) error
        	Get(owner, key string) (string, error)
        	Has(owner, key string) (bool, error)
        	Exists(owner string) (bool, error)
        	All() ([]string, error) // GetAll in version 4.0
        	Keys(owner string) ([]string, error)
        	DelKey(owner, key string) error
        	Del(key string) error
        	Remove() error
        	Clear() error

        type IHost

        type IHost interface {
        	Ping() error

          Database host (or file)

          type IKeyValue

          type IKeyValue interface {
          	Set(key, value string) error
          	Get(key string) (string, error)
          	Del(key string) error
          	Inc(key string) (string, error)
          	Remove() error
          	Clear() error

          type IList

          type IList interface {
          	Add(value string) error
          	All() ([]string, error)        // GetAll in version 4.0
          	Last() (string, error)         // GetLast in version 4.0
          	LastN(n int) ([]string, error) // GetLastN in version 4.0
          	Remove() error
          	Clear() error

          type IPermissions

          type IPermissions interface {
          	SetDenyFunction(f http.HandlerFunc)
          	DenyFunction() http.HandlerFunc
          	UserState() IUserState
          	AddAdminPath(prefix string)
          	AddUserPath(prefix string)
          	AddPublicPath(prefix string)
          	SetAdminPath(pathPrefixes []string)
          	SetUserPath(pathPrefixes []string)
          	SetPublicPath(pathPrefixes []string)
          	Rejected(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request) bool
          	ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request, next http.HandlerFunc)

            Middleware for permissions

            type IRedisCreator

            type IRedisCreator interface {
            	SelectDatabase(dbindex int)

              Redis data structure creator

              type IRedisHost

              type IRedisHost interface {

                Redis host (implemented structures can also be an IHost, of course)

                type ISet

                type ISet interface {
                	Add(value string) error
                	Has(value string) (bool, error)
                	All() ([]string, error) // GetAll in version 4.0
                	Del(value string) error
                	Remove() error
                	Clear() error

                type IUserState

                type IUserState interface {
                	UserRights(req *http.Request) bool
                	HasUser(username string) bool
                	BooleanField(username, fieldname string) bool
                	SetBooleanField(username, fieldname string, val bool)
                	IsConfirmed(username string) bool
                	IsLoggedIn(username string) bool
                	AdminRights(req *http.Request) bool
                	IsAdmin(username string) bool
                	UsernameCookie(req *http.Request) (string, error)
                	SetUsernameCookie(w http.ResponseWriter, username string) error
                	AllUsernames() ([]string, error)
                	Email(username string) (string, error)
                	PasswordHash(username string) (string, error)
                	AllUnconfirmedUsernames() ([]string, error)
                	ConfirmationCode(username string) (string, error)
                	AddUnconfirmed(username, confirmationCode string)
                	RemoveUnconfirmed(username string)
                	MarkConfirmed(username string)
                	RemoveUser(username string)
                	SetAdminStatus(username string)
                	RemoveAdminStatus(username string)
                	AddUser(username, password, email string)
                	SetLoggedIn(username string)
                	SetLoggedOut(username string)
                	Login(w http.ResponseWriter, username string) error
                	ClearCookie(w http.ResponseWriter)
                	Logout(username string)
                	Username(req *http.Request) string
                	CookieTimeout(username string) int64
                	SetCookieTimeout(cookieTime int64)
                	CookieSecret() string
                	SetCookieSecret(cookieSecret string)
                	PasswordAlgo() string
                	SetPasswordAlgo(algorithm string) error
                	HashPassword(username, password string) string
                	SetPassword(username, password string)
                	CorrectPassword(username, password string) bool
                	AlreadyHasConfirmationCode(confirmationCode string) bool
                	FindUserByConfirmationCode(confirmationcode string) (string, error)
                	Confirm(username string)
                	ConfirmUserByConfirmationCode(confirmationcode string) error
                	SetMinimumConfirmationCodeLength(length int)
                	GenerateUniqueConfirmationCode() (string, error)
                	Users() IHashMap
                	Host() IHost
                	Creator() ICreator

                  Interface for making it possible to depend on different versions of the permission package, or other packages that implement userstates.

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