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The package neatns contains Novelty Search implementation for NEAT method of ANN's evolving



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const KNNNoveltyScore = 15

how many nearest neighbors to consider for calculating novelty score?


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type ItemsDistance

type ItemsDistance struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

the structure to hold distance between two items

type ItemsDistances

type ItemsDistances []ItemsDistance

The sortable list of distances between two items

func (ItemsDistances) Len

func (f ItemsDistances) Len() int

func (ItemsDistances) Less

func (f ItemsDistances) Less(i, j int) bool

func (ItemsDistances) Swap

func (f ItemsDistances) Swap(i, j int)

type NoveltyArchive

type NoveltyArchive struct {
	// the all the novel items we have found so far
	NovelItems []*NoveltyItem
	// the all novel items with fittest organisms associated found so far
	FittestItems NoveltyItemsByFitness

	// the current generation
	Generation int
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

The novelty archive contains all of the novel items we have encountered thus far. Using a novelty metric we can determine how novel a new item is compared to everything currently in the novelty set

func NewNoveltyArchive

func NewNoveltyArchive(threshold float64, metric NoveltyMetric) *NoveltyArchive

Creates new instance of novelty archive

func (*NoveltyArchive) EndOfGeneration

func (a *NoveltyArchive) EndOfGeneration()

the steady-state end of generation call

func (*NoveltyArchive) EvaluateIndividualNovelty

func (a *NoveltyArchive) EvaluateIndividualNovelty(org *genetics.Organism, pop *genetics.Population, onlyFitness bool)

evaluate the novelty of a single individual organism within population and update its fitness (onlyFitness = true) or store individual's novelty item into archive

func (*NoveltyArchive) EvaluatePopulationNovelty

func (a *NoveltyArchive) EvaluatePopulationNovelty(pop *genetics.Population, onlyFitness bool)

evaluate the novelty of the whole population and update organisms fitness (onlyFitness = true) or store each population individual's novelty items into archive

func (*NoveltyArchive) PrintFittest

func (a *NoveltyArchive) PrintFittest(w io.Writer) error

prints collected individuals with maximal fitness

func (*NoveltyArchive) PrintNoveltyPoints

func (a *NoveltyArchive) PrintNoveltyPoints(w io.Writer) error

prints collected novelty points to provided writer

func (*NoveltyArchive) UpdateFittestWithOrganism

func (a *NoveltyArchive) UpdateFittestWithOrganism(org *genetics.Organism) error

to maintain list of fittest organisms so far

type NoveltyItem

type NoveltyItem struct {

	// The generation when item was added to archive
	Generation int

	// The ID of associated individual organism */
	IndividualID int

	// The fitness of the associated organism
	Fitness float64
	// The novelty of this item
	Novelty float64
	// The item's age
	Age float64

	// The data associated with item
	Data []float64
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

The data holder for novel item's genome and phenotype

func NewNoveltyItem

func NewNoveltyItem() *NoveltyItem

Creates new novelty item

func (NoveltyItem) String

func (ni NoveltyItem) String() string


type NoveltyItemsByFitness

type NoveltyItemsByFitness []*NoveltyItem

The sortable list of novelty items by fitness

func (NoveltyItemsByFitness) Len

func (f NoveltyItemsByFitness) Len() int

func (NoveltyItemsByFitness) Less

func (f NoveltyItemsByFitness) Less(i, j int) bool

func (NoveltyItemsByFitness) Swap

func (f NoveltyItemsByFitness) Swap(i, j int)

type NoveltyMetric

type NoveltyMetric func(x, y *NoveltyItem) float64

The novelty metric function type. The function to compare two novelty items and return distance/difference between them

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