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Package release provides interfaces and default implementations for a Helm release manager, which is used by the Helm controller and reconciler to manage Helm releases in a cluster based on watched custom resources.



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var (
	// ErrNotFound indicates the release was not found.
	ErrNotFound = errors.New("release not found")


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type Manager

type Manager interface {
	ReleaseName() string
	IsInstalled() bool
	IsUpdateRequired() bool
	Sync(context.Context) error
	InstallRelease(context.Context) (*rpb.Release, error)
	UpdateRelease(context.Context) (*rpb.Release, *rpb.Release, error)
	ReconcileRelease(context.Context) (*rpb.Release, error)
	UninstallRelease(context.Context) (*rpb.Release, error)

Manager manages a Helm release. It can install, update, reconcile, and uninstall a release.

type ManagerFactory

type ManagerFactory interface {
	NewManager(r *unstructured.Unstructured) (Manager, error)

ManagerFactory creates Managers that are specific to custom resources. It is used by the HelmOperatorReconciler during resource reconciliation, and it improves decoupling between reconciliation logic and the Helm backend components used to manage releases.

func NewManagerFactory

func NewManagerFactory(mgr crmanager.Manager, chartDir string) ManagerFactory

NewManagerFactory returns a new Helm manager factory capable of installing and uninstalling releases.

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