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func ConvertToString

func ConvertToString(model interface{}) string

    ConvertToString func is convert model to string.

    func Prepare

    func Prepare() *echo.Echo

      Prepare func is to prepare for unit test.


      type RequestBuilder

      type RequestBuilder struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        RequestBuilder builds request URL.

        func NewRequestBuilder

        func NewRequestBuilder() *RequestBuilder

          NewRequestBuilder is constructor.

          func (*RequestBuilder) Build

          func (b *RequestBuilder) Build() *RequestURL

            Build builds request url.

            func (*RequestBuilder) Params

            func (b *RequestBuilder) Params(name string, value string) *RequestBuilder

              Params set a request parameter of the reqest.

              func (*RequestBuilder) URL

              func (b *RequestBuilder) URL(url string) *RequestBuilder

                URL sets request base url.

                type RequestURL

                type RequestURL struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  RequestURL is the element to compose request url.

                  func (*RequestURL) GetRequestURL

                  func (r *RequestURL) GetRequestURL() string

                    GetRequestURL returns request url builded by request builder.