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func UserInvisibleModule

func UserInvisibleModule(m *module)

UserInvisibleModule is an option for `RegisterModule` that marks module not visible to user. Modules are user visible by default.


type Manager

type Manager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Manager is a component that initialises modules of the application in the right order of dependencies.

func NewManager

func NewManager() *Manager

NewManager creates a new Manager

func (*Manager) AddDependency

func (m *Manager) AddDependency(name string, dependsOn ...string) error

AddDependency adds a dependency from name(source) to dependsOn(targets) An error is returned if the source module name is not found

func (*Manager) InitModuleServices

func (m *Manager) InitModuleServices(target string) (map[string]services.Service, error)

InitModuleServices initialises the target module by initialising all its dependencies in the right order. Modules are wrapped in such a way that they start after their dependencies have been started and stop before their dependencies are stopped.

func (*Manager) IsUserVisibleModule

func (m *Manager) IsUserVisibleModule(mod string) bool

IsUserVisibleModule check if given module is public or not. Returns true if and only if the given module is registered and is public.

func (*Manager) RegisterModule

func (m *Manager) RegisterModule(name string, initFn func() (services.Service, error), options ...func(option *module))

RegisterModule registers a new module with name, init function, and options. Name must be unique to avoid overwriting modules. If initFn is nil, the module will not initialise. Modules are user visible by default.

func (*Manager) UserVisibleModuleNames

func (m *Manager) UserVisibleModuleNames() []string

UserVisibleModuleNames gets list of module names that are user visible. Returned list is sorted in increasing order.

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