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Package querytypes defines internal types used in the APIs to deal with queries.



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func BindVariableToValue

func BindVariableToValue(v interface{}) (querypb.Value, error)

BindVariableToValue converts a native bind variable value to a proto Value.

func BindVariablesToProto3

func BindVariablesToProto3(bindVars map[string]interface{}) (map[string]*querypb.BindVariable, error)

BindVariablesToProto3 converts internal type to proto3 BindVariable array

func BoundQueryToProto3

func BoundQueryToProto3(sql string, bindVars map[string]interface{}) (*querypb.BoundQuery, error)

BoundQueryToProto3 converts internal types to proto3 BoundQuery

func Proto3ToBindVariables

func Proto3ToBindVariables(bv map[string]*querypb.BindVariable) (map[string]interface{}, error)

Proto3ToBindVariables converts a proto.BinVariable map to internal data structure

func QueryAsString

func QueryAsString(sql string, bindVariables map[string]interface{}) string

QueryAsString prints a readable version of query+bind variables, and also truncates data if it's too long

func QueryResultListToProto3

func QueryResultListToProto3(results []sqltypes.Result) []*querypb.QueryResult

QueryResultListToProto3 temporarily resurrected.

func QuerySplitsToProto3

func QuerySplitsToProto3(queries []QuerySplit) ([]*querypb.QuerySplit, error)

QuerySplitsToProto3 converts a native QuerySplit array to the proto3 version


type BoundQuery

type BoundQuery struct {
	// Sql is the query
	Sql string

	// BindVariables is the map of bind variables for the query
	BindVariables map[string]interface{}

BoundQuery is one query in a QueryList. We only use it in arrays. For a single query, we just use Sql and BindVariables directly.

func Proto3ToBoundQuery

func Proto3ToBoundQuery(query *querypb.BoundQuery) (*BoundQuery, error)

Proto3ToBoundQuery converts a proto.BoundQuery to the internal data structure

func Proto3ToBoundQueryList

func Proto3ToBoundQueryList(queries []*querypb.BoundQuery) ([]BoundQuery, error)

Proto3ToBoundQueryList converts am array of proto.BoundQuery to the internal data structure

type QuerySplit

type QuerySplit struct {
	// Sql is the query
	Sql string

	// BindVariables is the map of bind variables for the query
	BindVariables map[string]interface{}

	// RowCount is the approximate number of rows this query will return
	RowCount int64

QuerySplit represents a split of a query, used for MapReduce purposes.

func Proto3ToQuerySplits

func Proto3ToQuerySplits(queries []*querypb.QuerySplit) ([]QuerySplit, error)

Proto3ToQuerySplits converts a proto3 QuerySplit array to a native QuerySplit array

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