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const (
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const (
	// DefaultAddress is used if no other is specified.
	DefaultAddress = ":8080"


This section is empty.


func DetectAddress

func DetectAddress(addr ...string) string

func HostEnding

func HostEnding(log xlog.ILogger, context *HostBuilderContext)

func HostRunning

func HostRunning(log xlog.ILogger, context *HostBuilderContext)
func PrintLogo(l xlog.ILogger, env *HostEnvironment)

func RegisterConfigurationProcessor added in v1.6.1

func RegisterConfigurationProcessor(configure func(config IConfiguration, serviceCollection *dependencyinjection.ServiceCollection))

func RunningHostEnvironmentSetting

func RunningHostEnvironmentSetting(hostEnv *HostEnvironment)

RunningHostEnvironmentSetting ,get running hostenv setting.


type ApplicationChannel

type ApplicationChannel chan ApplicationEvent

ApplicationChannel 是一个能接收 ApplicationEvent 的 channel

type ApplicationEvent

type ApplicationEvent struct {
	Data  interface{}
	Topic string

type ApplicationEventPublisher

type ApplicationEventPublisher struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ApplicationEventPublisher 存储有关订阅者感兴趣的特定主题的信息

func NewEventPublisher

func NewEventPublisher() *ApplicationEventPublisher

func (*ApplicationEventPublisher) NewEvent

func (eb *ApplicationEventPublisher) NewEvent() chan ApplicationEvent

func (*ApplicationEventPublisher) Publish

func (eb *ApplicationEventPublisher) Publish(topic string, data interface{})

func (*ApplicationEventPublisher) Subscribe

func (eb *ApplicationEventPublisher) Subscribe(topic string, ch ApplicationChannel)

type ApplicationLife

type ApplicationLife struct {
	ApplicationStopped chan ApplicationEvent
	ApplicationStarted chan ApplicationEvent
	State              string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewApplicationLife

func NewApplicationLife() *ApplicationLife

func (*ApplicationLife) StartApplication

func (life *ApplicationLife) StartApplication()

func (*ApplicationLife) StopApplication

func (life *ApplicationLife) StopApplication()

type Configuration

type Configuration struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewConfiguration

func NewConfiguration(configContext *ConfigurationContext) *Configuration

func (*Configuration) Get

func (c *Configuration) Get(name string) interface{}

func (*Configuration) GetBool added in v1.6.1

func (c *Configuration) GetBool(name string) bool

func (*Configuration) GetConfDir

func (c *Configuration) GetConfDir() string

func (*Configuration) GetConfigObject added in v1.7.7

func (c *Configuration) GetConfigObject(configTag string, configObject interface{})

func (*Configuration) GetInt

func (c *Configuration) GetInt(name string) int

func (*Configuration) GetProfile

func (c *Configuration) GetProfile() string

func (*Configuration) GetSection

func (c *Configuration) GetSection(name string) IConfiguration

func (*Configuration) GetString

func (c *Configuration) GetString(name string) string

func (*Configuration) OnWatchRemoteConfigChanged added in v1.7.7

func (c *Configuration) OnWatchRemoteConfigChanged()

func (*Configuration) RefreshAll added in v1.7.7

func (c *Configuration) RefreshAll()

func (*Configuration) RefreshBy added in v1.7.7

func (c *Configuration) RefreshBy(name string)

func (*Configuration) Unmarshal

func (c *Configuration) Unmarshal(obj interface{})

type ConfigurationBuilder

type ConfigurationBuilder struct {
	Context *ConfigurationContext

func NewConfigurationBuilder

func NewConfigurationBuilder() *ConfigurationBuilder

func (*ConfigurationBuilder) AddEnvironment

func (builder *ConfigurationBuilder) AddEnvironment() *ConfigurationBuilder

func (*ConfigurationBuilder) AddFlagArgs

func (builder *ConfigurationBuilder) AddFlagArgs() *ConfigurationBuilder

func (*ConfigurationBuilder) AddJsonFile

func (builder *ConfigurationBuilder) AddJsonFile(name string) *ConfigurationBuilder

func (*ConfigurationBuilder) AddPropertiesFile added in v1.7.2

func (builder *ConfigurationBuilder) AddPropertiesFile(name string) *ConfigurationBuilder

func (*ConfigurationBuilder) AddYamlFile

func (builder *ConfigurationBuilder) AddYamlFile(name string) *ConfigurationBuilder

func (*ConfigurationBuilder) Build

func (builder *ConfigurationBuilder) Build() *Configuration

func (*ConfigurationBuilder) BuildEnv

func (builder *ConfigurationBuilder) BuildEnv(env string) *Configuration

type ConfigurationContext

type ConfigurationContext struct {
	ConfigType string

	EnableRemote   bool
	RemoteProvider IConfigurationRemoteProvider
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type ConfigurationProperties added in v1.7.7

type ConfigurationProperties struct {

type DataChannelSlice

type DataChannelSlice []ApplicationChannel

DataChannelSlice 是一个包含 DataChannels 数据的切片

type HostBuilder

type HostBuilder struct {
	Server    IServer               // Server
	Context   *HostBuilderContext   // context of Host builder
	Decorator IHostBuilderDecorator // host builder decorator or extension
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

host builder

func (*HostBuilder) Build

func (host *HostBuilder) Build() IServiceHost

Build host

func (*HostBuilder) Configure

func (host *HostBuilder) Configure(configure interface{}) *HostBuilder

Configure function func(IApplicationBuilder)

func (*HostBuilder) ConfigureServices

func (host *HostBuilder) ConfigureServices(configure func(*dependencyinjection.ServiceCollection)) *HostBuilder

ConfigureServices configure function by ServiceCollection of DI.

func (*HostBuilder) OnApplicationLifeEvent

func (host *HostBuilder) OnApplicationLifeEvent(lifeConfigure func(*ApplicationLife)) *HostBuilder

OnApplicationLifeEvent on application life event

func (*HostBuilder) SetEnvironment

func (host *HostBuilder) SetEnvironment(mode string) *HostBuilder

SetEnvironment set value(Dev,tests,Prod) by environment

func (*HostBuilder) UseConfiguration

func (host *HostBuilder) UseConfiguration(configuration IConfiguration) *HostBuilder

func (*HostBuilder) UseServer

func (host *HostBuilder) UseServer(server IServer) *HostBuilder

UseServer set IServer to host builder

func (*HostBuilder) UseStartup added in v1.6.7

func (host *HostBuilder) UseStartup(startupFunc func() IStartup) *HostBuilder

type HostBuilderContext

type HostBuilderContext struct {
	RequestDelegate        interface{}
	ApplicationCycle       *ApplicationLife
	HostingEnvironment     *HostEnvironment
	Configuration          IConfiguration
	HostConfiguration      *hostenv.HostConfig
	ApplicationServicesDef *dependencyinjection.ServiceCollection
	ApplicationServices    dependencyinjection.IServiceProvider
	HostServices           dependencyinjection.IServiceProvider

type HostEnvironment added in v1.6.1

type HostEnvironment struct {
	ApplicationName string
	Version         string
	Profile         string
	Args            []string
	Addr            string
	Port            string
	Host            string
	PID             int
	Server          string
	MetaData        map[string]string

func (HostEnvironment) IsDevelopment added in v1.6.1

func (env HostEnvironment) IsDevelopment() bool

func (HostEnvironment) IsProduction added in v1.6.1

func (env HostEnvironment) IsProduction() bool

func (HostEnvironment) IsStaging added in v1.6.1

func (env HostEnvironment) IsStaging() bool

type IApplicationBuilder

type IApplicationBuilder interface {
	Build() interface{}

type IConfiguration

type IConfiguration interface {
	Get(name string) interface{}
	GetString(name string) string
	GetBool(name string) bool
	GetInt(name string) int
	GetSection(name string) IConfiguration
	GetProfile() string
	GetConfDir() string
	GetConfigObject(configTag string, configObject interface{})
	RefreshBy(name string)

type IConfigurationProperties added in v1.7.7

type IConfigurationProperties interface {
	GetSection() string

type IConfigurationRemoteProvider added in v1.7.0

type IConfigurationRemoteProvider interface {
	GetProvider(*viper.Viper) *viper.Viper
	WatchRemoteConfigOnChannel(remoteViper *viper.Viper) <-chan bool

type IDataSource

type IDataSource interface {
	GetName() string
	Open() (conn interface{}, put func(), err error)
	Ping() bool

type IHostBuilderDecorator

type IHostBuilderDecorator interface {

	// OverrideConfigure is configure function by application builder.
	OverrideConfigure(configureFunc interface{}, builder IApplicationBuilder)
	// OverrideNewApplicationBuilder create application builder.
	OverrideNewApplicationBuilder(context *HostBuilderContext) IApplicationBuilder
	// OverrideNewHost Create IServiceHost.
	OverrideNewHost(server IServer, context *HostBuilderContext) IServiceHost
	// OverrideInnerConfigures inner configures for IOC
	OverrideIOCInnerConfigures(serviceCollection *dependencyinjection.ServiceCollection)

IHostBuilderDecorator Host Builder decorator or extension

type IHostService added in v1.6.7

type IHostService interface {
	Run() error
	Stop() error

type IServer

type IServer interface {
	GetAddr() string
	Run(context *HostBuilderContext) (e error)

type IServiceHost

type IServiceHost interface {
	SetAppMode(mode string)

type IStartup added in v1.6.7

type IStartup interface {
	ConfigureServices(collection *dependencyinjection.ServiceCollection)

type ServiceHost added in v1.6.6

type ServiceHost struct {
	HostContext *HostBuilderContext
	Server      IServer
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

host base

func NewServiceHost added in v1.6.6

func NewServiceHost(server IServer, hostContext *HostBuilderContext) ServiceHost

func (ServiceHost) Run added in v1.6.6

func (host ServiceHost) Run()

func (ServiceHost) SetAppMode added in v1.6.6

func (host ServiceHost) SetAppMode(mode string)

func (ServiceHost) Shutdown added in v1.6.6

func (host ServiceHost) Shutdown()

func (ServiceHost) StopApplicationNotify added in v1.6.6

func (host ServiceHost) StopApplicationNotify()

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