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var AN = yta.AN
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var ActN = yta.ActN
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var ForumAN = AN("")
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var PN = yta.PN


func NewCleanProposal

func NewCleanProposal(cleaner yta.AccountName, proposalName yta.Name, maxCount uint64) *yta.Action

CleanProposal is an action to flush proposal and allow RAM used by it.

func NewExpire

func NewExpire(proposer yta.AccountName, proposalName yta.Name) *yta.Action

NewExpire is an action to expire a proposal ahead of its natural death.

func NewPost

func NewPost(poster yta.AccountName, postUUID, content string, replyToPoster yta.AccountName, replyToPostUUID string, certify bool, jsonMetadata string) *yta.Action

NewPost is an action representing a simple message to be posted through the chain network.

func NewPropose

func NewPropose(proposer yta.AccountName, proposalName yta.Name, title string, proposalJSON string, expiresAt yta.JSONTime) *yta.Action

NewPropose is an action to submit a proposal for vote.

func NewStatus

func NewStatus(account yta.AccountName, content string) *yta.Action

Status is an action to set a status update for a given account on the forum contract.

func NewUnPost

func NewUnPost(poster yta.AccountName, postUUID string) *yta.Action

NewUnPost is an action undoing a post that is active

func NewUnVote

func NewUnVote(voter yta.AccountName, proposalName yta.Name) *yta.Action

NewUnVote is an action representing the action to undoing a current vote

func NewVote

func NewVote(voter yta.AccountName, proposalName yta.Name, voteValue uint8, voteJSON string) *yta.Action

NewVote is an action representing a simple vote to be broadcast through the chain network.


type CleanProposal

type CleanProposal struct {
	ProposalName yta.Name `json:"proposal_name"`
	MaxCount     uint64   `json:"max_count"`

CleanProposal represents the `` action.

type Expire

type Expire struct {
	ProposalName yta.Name `json:"proposal_name"`

Expire represents the `` action.

type Post

type Post struct {
	Poster          yta.AccountName `json:"poster"`
	PostUUID        string          `json:"post_uuid"`
	Content         string          `json:"content"`
	ReplyToPoster   yta.AccountName `json:"reply_to_poster"`
	ReplyToPostUUID string          `json:"reply_to_post_uuid"`
	Certify         bool            `json:"certify"`
	JSONMetadata    string          `json:"json_metadata"`

Post represents the `` action.

type Propose

type Propose struct {
	Proposer     yta.AccountName `json:"proposer"`
	ProposalName yta.Name        `json:"proposal_name"`
	Title        string          `json:"title"`
	ProposalJSON string          `json:"proposal_json"`
	ExpiresAt    yta.JSONTime    `json:"expires_at"`

Propose represents the `` action.

type Status

type Status struct {
	Account yta.AccountName `json:"account_name"`
	Content string          `json:"content"`

Status represents the `` action.

type UnPost

type UnPost struct {
	Poster   yta.AccountName `json:"poster"`
	PostUUID string          `json:"post_uuid"`

UnPost represents the `` action.

type UnVote

type UnVote struct {
	Voter        yta.AccountName `json:"voter"`
	ProposalName yta.Name        `json:"proposal_name"`

UnVote represents the `` action.

type Vote

type Vote struct {
	Voter        yta.AccountName `json:"voter"`
	ProposalName yta.Name        `json:"proposal_name"`
	Vote         uint8           `json:"vote"`
	VoteJSON     string          `json:"vote_json"`

Vote represents the `` action.

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