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const (
	// EnvironmentVariablePrefix is the prefix used in Yorc commands parameters
	// passed as environment variables
	EnvironmentVariablePrefix = "YORC"


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var (
	// TfConsulPluginVersion is the Terraform Consul plugin lowest supported version
	TfConsulPluginVersion = "tf Consul plugin version"

	// TfAWSPluginVersion is the Terraform AWS plugin lowest supported version
	TfAWSPluginVersion = "tf AWS plugin version"

	// TfOpenStackPluginVersion is the Terraform OpenStack plugin lowest supported version
	TfOpenStackPluginVersion = "tf OpenStack plugin version"

	// TfGooglePluginVersion is the Terraform Google plugin lowest supported version
	TfGooglePluginVersion = "tf Google plugin version"
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var RootCmd = &cobra.Command{
	Use:   "yorc",
	Short: "A new generation orchestrator",
	Long: `yorc is the main command, used to start the http server.
Yorc is a new generation orchestrator.  
It is cloud-agnostic, flexible and secure.
	SilenceErrors: true,
	Run: func(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) {
		err := cmd.Help()
		if err != nil {

RootCmd is the root of yorc commands tree


func ConfigureYorcClientCommand

func ConfigureYorcClientCommand(c *cobra.Command, v *viper.Viper, cfgFile *string, noColor *bool)

ConfigureYorcClientCommand setups a Command of the CLI part of Yorc

func GetConfig

func GetConfig() config.Configuration

GetConfig gets configuration from viper

func GetYorcClientConfig

func GetYorcClientConfig(v *viper.Viper, cfgFile string) config.Client

GetYorcClientConfig retrives Yorc client configuration

func InitExtraFlags

func InitExtraFlags(args []string, cmd *cobra.Command)

InitExtraFlags inits infrastructure and vault flags

func RunServer

func RunServer(shutdownCh chan struct{}) error

RunServer starts a Yorc Server


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