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Ystia Orchestrator

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Yorc is an hybrid cloud/HPC TOSCA orchestrator.

It aims to support the whole application lifecycle, from deployment, scaling, monitoring, self-healing, self-scaling to application upgrade, over hybrid infrastructures (IaaS, HPC schedulers, CaaS).

Yorc is TOSCA native to allow handling complex applications in a standard way. Yorc is also workflow-driven, this means that it doesn't contain any hard-coded lifecycle logic. This allows to fully customize applications behavior and to execute custom workflows at runtime.

Yorc is designed for large-scale, it is built with a tasks / stateless workers model in mind allowing to scale it horizontally easily.

Finally, while you can easily interact with Yorc directly thanks to its comprehensive REST API and a modern CLI, the recommended way to use Yorc is to model your applications in a powerful TOSCA designer called alien4cloud and to use it to deploy and interact with your application at runtime. To do it we developed an Alien4Cloud plugin for Yorc

How to download the Ystia Orchestrator

Yorc releases can be downloaded from our BinTray account.

Grab the latest release here.

Docker images could be found on Docker Hub.

How to contribute to this project

We warmly welcome any kind of contribution from feedbacks and constructive criticism to code changes. Please read our contribution guidelines for more information.


The project documentation is available on readthedocs

Project History

This work was originally developed by Bull Atos Technologies under the project code name Janus. The project name changed to Ystia Orchestrator (Yorc) during the version 3.0 development cycle.


Yorc is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


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