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type APIGatewayRequest

type APIGatewayRequest struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewAPIGateway

func NewAPIGateway(c *config.Config) *APIGatewayRequest

func (*APIGatewayRequest) CreateResource

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) CreateResource(restId, parentId, pathPart string) (string, error)

func (*APIGatewayRequest) CreateResourceRecursive

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) CreateResourceRecursive(restId, path string) (err error)

func (*APIGatewayRequest) CreateRestAPI

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) CreateRestAPI(name string) (string, error)

func (*APIGatewayRequest) CreateStage

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) CreateStage(restId, stageName string) error

func (*APIGatewayRequest) DeleteIntegration

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) DeleteIntegration(restId, resourceId, method string) error

func (*APIGatewayRequest) DeleteMethod

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) DeleteMethod(restId, resourceId, method string) error

func (*APIGatewayRequest) DeleteResource

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) DeleteResource(restId, resourceId string) error

func (*APIGatewayRequest) DeleteRestApi

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) DeleteRestApi(restId string) error

func (*APIGatewayRequest) DeleteStage

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) DeleteStage(restId, stageName string) error

func (*APIGatewayRequest) Deploy

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) Deploy(restId, stage, description string) error

func (*APIGatewayRequest) GetResourceIdByPath

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) GetResourceIdByPath(restId, path string) (string, error)

func (*APIGatewayRequest) GetStages

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) GetStages(restId string) []*apigateway.Stage

func (*APIGatewayRequest) PutIntegration

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) PutIntegration(restId, resourceId, method string, i *entity.Integration) (err error)

func (*APIGatewayRequest) PutMethod

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) PutMethod(restId, resourceId, httpMethod string, requestParameters map[string]*bool) error

func (*APIGatewayRequest) PutMethodResponse

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) PutMethodResponse(restId, resourceId, httpMethod string, statusCode int, responseParameters map[string]*bool, responseModels map[string]*string) error

func (*APIGatewayRequest) PutS3IntegrationResponse

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) PutS3IntegrationResponse(restId, resourceId, httpMethod string) error

func (*APIGatewayRequest) ResourceExists

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) ResourceExists(restId, resourceId string) bool

func (*APIGatewayRequest) StageExists

func (a *APIGatewayRequest) StageExists(restId, stageName string) bool

type CloudWatchRequest

type CloudWatchRequest struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CloudWatchRequest is the struct which wrap AWS cloud watch logs service.

func NewCloudWatch

func NewCloudWatch(c *config.Config) *CloudWatchRequest

func (*CloudWatchRequest) CreateOrUpdateSchedule

func (c *CloudWatchRequest) CreateOrUpdateSchedule(sc *entity.Scheduler) (string, error)

func (*CloudWatchRequest) DeleteSchedule

func (c *CloudWatchRequest) DeleteSchedule(name string) error

func (*CloudWatchRequest) GetScheduleArn

func (c *CloudWatchRequest) GetScheduleArn(name string) (string, error)

func (*CloudWatchRequest) PutTarget

func (c *CloudWatchRequest) PutTarget(scheduleName string, functionArn *string) error

func (*CloudWatchRequest) TailLogs

func (c *CloudWatchRequest) TailLogs(ctx context.Context, groupName, filter string)

type LambdaRequest

type LambdaRequest struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLambda

func NewLambda(c *config.Config) *LambdaRequest

func (*LambdaRequest) AddAPIGatewayPermission

func (l *LambdaRequest) AddAPIGatewayPermission(name, apiArn string) error

func (*LambdaRequest) AddCloudWatchPermission

func (l *LambdaRequest) AddCloudWatchPermission(name, eventArn string) error

func (*LambdaRequest) AddS3Permission

func (l *LambdaRequest) AddS3Permission(name, bucketName string) error

func (*LambdaRequest) CreateFunction

func (l *LambdaRequest) CreateFunction(fn *entity.Function, zipBytes []byte) (string, error)

func (*LambdaRequest) DeleteFunction

func (l *LambdaRequest) DeleteFunction(name string) error

func (*LambdaRequest) DeployFunction

func (l *LambdaRequest) DeployFunction(fn *entity.Function, zipBytes []byte) (string, error)

func (*LambdaRequest) FunctionExists

func (l *LambdaRequest) FunctionExists(name string) bool

func (*LambdaRequest) GetFunction

func (l *LambdaRequest) GetFunction(name string) (*lambda.FunctionConfiguration, error)

func (*LambdaRequest) InvokeFunction

func (l *LambdaRequest) InvokeFunction(name string, payload []byte) error

func (*LambdaRequest) UpdateFunction

func (l *LambdaRequest) UpdateFunction(fn *entity.Function, zipBytes []byte) (string, error)

func (*LambdaRequest) UpdateFunctionConfiguration

func (l *LambdaRequest) UpdateFunctionConfiguration(fn *entity.Function) error

type S3Request

type S3Request struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

S3Request is the struct which manages AWS s3 service.

func NewS3

func NewS3(c *config.Config) *S3Request

func (*S3Request) EnsureBucketExists

func (s *S3Request) EnsureBucketExists(bucket string) error

func (*S3Request) PutObject

func (s *S3Request) PutObject(bucket string, so *entity.StorageObject) error

type StsRequest

type StsRequest struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StsRequest is the struct which manages AWS sts service.

func NewSts

func NewSts(c *config.Config) *StsRequest

func (*StsRequest) GetAccount

func (s *StsRequest) GetAccount() (string, error)

GetAccount() gets account string by call GetCallerIdentity.

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