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Published: Dec 25, 2014 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 7 Imported by: 0



AWS EC2 CPU-Credit custom metrics plugin for agent.


mackerel-plugin-aws-ec2-cpucredit [-instance-id=<id>] [-region=<aws-region>] [-access-key-id=<id>] [-secret-access-key==<key>] [-tempfile=<tempfile>]
  • if you run on an ec2-instance, you probably don't have to specify -instance-id & -region
  • if you run on an ec2-instance and the instance is associated with an appropriate IAM Role, you probably don't have to specify -access-key-id & -secret-access-key

AWS IAM Policy

the credential provided manually or fetched automatically by IAM Role should have the policy that includes an action, 'cloudwatch:GetMetricStatistics'

Example of mackerel-agent.conf

command = "/path/to/mackerel-plugin-aws-ec2-cpucredit"


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