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type Plan

type Plan interface {
	// Do iterates records and applies plan logic to the result set.
	// TODO: only get id or some fields.
	Do(ctx context.Context, f RowIterFunc) error
	// Explain the plan.
	Explain(w format.Formatter)
	// GetFields returns the result field list for a plan.
	GetFields() []*field.ResultField
	// Filter try to use index plan to reduce the result set.
	// If index can be used, a new index plan is returned, 'filtered' is true.
	// If no index can be used, the original plan is returned and 'filtered' return false.
	Filter(ctx context.Context, expr expression.Expression) (p Plan, filtered bool, err error)

Plan is the interface of query execution plan.

type Planner

type Planner interface {
	// Plan function returns Plan.
	Plan(ctx context.Context) (Plan, error)

Planner is implemented by any structure that has a Plan method.

type RowIterFunc

type RowIterFunc func(id interface{}, data []interface{}) (more bool, err error)

RowIterFunc is the callback for iterating records.

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