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type Element

type Element struct {
	Value interface{}
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Element) Next

func (e *Element) Next() *Element

func (*Element) Prev

func (e *Element) Prev() *Element

type List

type List struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

static linked list based array

func New

func New() *List

func NewSize

func NewSize(size int) *List

func (*List) Back

func (l *List) Back() *Element

func (*List) Front

func (l *List) Front() *Element

func (*List) InsertAfter

func (l *List) InsertAfter(v interface{}, mark *Element) *Element

func (*List) InsertBefore

func (l *List) InsertBefore(v interface{}, mark *Element) *Element

func (*List) Len

func (l *List) Len() int

func (*List) MoveAfter

func (l *List) MoveAfter(e, mark *Element)

func (*List) MoveBefore

func (l *List) MoveBefore(e, mark *Element)

func (*List) MoveToBack

func (l *List) MoveToBack(e *Element)

func (*List) MoveToFront

func (l *List) MoveToFront(e *Element)

func (*List) PushBack

func (l *List) PushBack(v interface{}) *Element

func (*List) PushBackList

func (l *List) PushBackList(other *List)

func (*List) PushFront

func (l *List) PushFront(v interface{}) *Element

func (*List) PushFrontList

func (l *List) PushFrontList(other *List)

func (*List) Remove

func (l *List) Remove(e *Element) interface{}

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