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var SlowQueryLogger = log.StandardLogger()

SlowQueryLogger is used to log slow query, InitLogger will modify it according to config file.


func InitLogger

func InitLogger(cfg *LogConfig) error

InitLogger initalizes PD's logger.


type FileLogConfig

type FileLogConfig struct {
	// Log filename, leave empty to disable file log.
	Filename string `toml:"filename" json:"filename"`
	// Is log rotate enabled. TODO.
	LogRotate bool `toml:"log-rotate" json:"log-rotate"`
	// Max size for a single file, in MB.
	MaxSize int `toml:"max-size" json:"max-size"`
	// Max log keep days, default is never deleting.
	MaxDays int `toml:"max-days" json:"max-days"`
	// Maximum number of old log files to retain.
	MaxBackups int `toml:"max-backups" json:"max-backups"`

FileLogConfig serializes file log related config in toml/json.

type LogConfig

type LogConfig struct {
	// Log level.
	Level string `toml:"level" json:"level"`
	// Log format. one of json, text, or console.
	Format string `toml:"format" json:"format"`
	// Disable automatic timestamps in output.
	DisableTimestamp bool `toml:"disable-timestamp" json:"disable-timestamp"`
	// File log config.
	File FileLogConfig `toml:"file" json:"file"`
	// SlowQueryFile filename, default to File log config on empty.
	SlowQueryFile string

LogConfig serializes log related config in toml/json.

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