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const (
	// DefaultMaxRetries indicates the max retry count.
	DefaultMaxRetries = 30
	// RetryInterval indicates retry interval.
	RetryInterval uint64 = 500
	// GCTimeFormat is the format that gc_worker used to store times.
	GCTimeFormat = "20060102-15:04:05 -0700"
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const (
	// Country is type name for country.
	Country = "C"
	// Organization is type name for organization.
	Organization = "O"
	// OrganizationalUnit is type name for organizational unit.
	OrganizationalUnit = "OU"
	// Locality is type name for locality.
	Locality = "L"
	// Email is type name for email.
	Email = "emailAddress"
	// CommonName is type name for common name.
	CommonName = "CN"
	// Province is type name for province or state.
	Province = "ST"


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var (
	// InformationSchemaName is the `INFORMATION_SCHEMA` database name.
	InformationSchemaName = model.NewCIStr("INFORMATION_SCHEMA")
	// PerformanceSchemaName is the `PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA` database name.
	PerformanceSchemaName = model.NewCIStr("PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA")
	// MetricSchemaName is the `METRICS_SCHEMA` database name.
	MetricSchemaName = model.NewCIStr("METRICS_SCHEMA")
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var SupportCipher = make(map[string]struct{}, len(tlsCipherString))

SupportCipher maintains cipher supported by TiDB.


func CheckSupportX509NameOneline

func CheckSupportX509NameOneline(oneline string) (err error)

CheckSupportX509NameOneline parses and validate input str is X509_NAME_oneline format and precheck check-item is supported by TiDB https://www.openssl.org/docs/manmaster/man3/X509_NAME_oneline.html

func ColumnToProto

func ColumnToProto(c *model.ColumnInfo) *tipb.ColumnInfo

ColumnToProto converts model.ColumnInfo to tipb.ColumnInfo.

func ColumnsToProto

func ColumnsToProto(columns []*model.ColumnInfo, pkIsHandle bool) []*tipb.ColumnInfo

ColumnsToProto converts a slice of model.ColumnInfo to a slice of tipb.ColumnInfo.

func CompatibleParseGCTime

func CompatibleParseGCTime(value string) (time.Time, error)

CompatibleParseGCTime parses a string with `GCTimeFormat` and returns a time.Time. If `value` can't be parsed as that format, truncate to last space and try again. This function is only useful when loading times that saved by gc_worker. We have changed the format that gc_worker saves time (removed the last field), but when loading times it should be compatible with the old format.

func DelKeyWithPrefix

func DelKeyWithPrefix(rm kv.RetrieverMutator, prefix kv.Key) error

DelKeyWithPrefix deletes keys with prefix.

func GetStack

func GetStack() []byte

GetStack gets the stacktrace.

func InternalHTTPClient

func InternalHTTPClient() *http.Client

InternalHTTPClient is used by TiDB-Server to request other components.

func InternalHTTPSchema

func InternalHTTPSchema() string

InternalHTTPSchema specifies use http or https to request other components.

func IsMemOrSysDB

func IsMemOrSysDB(dbLowerName string) bool

IsMemOrSysDB uses to check whether dbLowerName is memory database or system database.

func IsTLSExpiredError

func IsTLSExpiredError(err error) bool

IsTLSExpiredError checks error is caused by TLS expired.

func LoadTLSCertificates

func LoadTLSCertificates(ca, key, cert string) (tlsConfig *tls.Config, err error)

LoadTLSCertificates loads CA/KEY/CERT for special paths.

func MockPkixAttribute

func MockPkixAttribute(name, value string) pkix.AttributeTypeAndValue

MockPkixAttribute generates mock AttributeTypeAndValue. only used for test.

func RowKeyPrefixFilter

func RowKeyPrefixFilter(rowKeyPrefix kv.Key) kv.FnKeyCmp

RowKeyPrefixFilter returns a function which checks whether currentKey has decoded rowKeyPrefix as prefix.

func RunWithRetry

func RunWithRetry(retryCnt int, backoff uint64, f func() (bool, error)) (err error)

RunWithRetry will run the f with backoff and retry. retryCnt: Max retry count backoff: When run f failed, it will sleep backoff * triedCount time.Millisecond. Function f should have two return value. The first one is an bool which indicate if the err if retryable. The second is if the f meet any error.

func ScanMetaWithPrefix

func ScanMetaWithPrefix(retriever kv.Retriever, prefix kv.Key, filter func(kv.Key, []byte) bool) error

ScanMetaWithPrefix scans metadata with the prefix.

func SyntaxError

func SyntaxError(err error) error

SyntaxError converts parser error to TiDB's syntax error.

func SyntaxWarn

func SyntaxWarn(err error) error

SyntaxWarn converts parser warn to TiDB's syntax warn.

func TLSCipher2String

func TLSCipher2String(n uint16) string

TLSCipher2String convert tls num to string. Taken from https://testssl.sh/openssl-rfc.mapping.html .

func WithRecovery

func WithRecovery(exec func(), recoverFn func(r interface{}))

WithRecovery wraps goroutine startup call with force recovery. it will dump current goroutine stack into log if catch any recover result.

exec:      execute logic function.
recoverFn: handler will be called after recover and before dump stack, passing `nil` means noop.

func X509NameOnline

func X509NameOnline(n pkix.Name) string

X509NameOnline prints pkix.Name into old X509_NAME_oneline format. https://www.openssl.org/docs/manmaster/man3/X509_NAME_oneline.html


type ProcessInfo

type ProcessInfo struct {
	ID            uint64
	User          string
	Host          string
	DB            string
	Plan          interface{}
	Time          time.Time
	Info          string
	CurTxnStartTS uint64
	StmtCtx       *stmtctx.StatementContext
	StatsInfo     func(interface{}) map[string]uint64
	// MaxExecutionTime is the timeout for select statement, in milliseconds.
	// If the query takes too long, kill it.
	MaxExecutionTime uint64

	State                     uint16
	Command                   byte
	ExceedExpensiveTimeThresh bool

ProcessInfo is a struct used for show processlist statement.

func (*ProcessInfo) ToRow

func (pi *ProcessInfo) ToRow(tz *time.Location) []interface{}

ToRow returns []interface{} for the row data of "SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST".

func (*ProcessInfo) ToRowForShow

func (pi *ProcessInfo) ToRowForShow(full bool) []interface{}

ToRowForShow returns []interface{} for the row data of "SHOW [FULL] PROCESSLIST".

type SequenceSchema

type SequenceSchema interface {
	SequenceByName(schema, sequence model.CIStr) (SequenceTable, error)

SequenceSchema is implemented by infoSchema and used by sequence function in expression package. Otherwise calling information schema will cause import cycle problem.

type SequenceTable

type SequenceTable interface {
	GetSequenceID() int64
	GetSequenceNextVal(ctx interface{}, dbName, seqName string) (int64, error)
	SetSequenceVal(ctx interface{}, newVal int64, dbName, seqName string) (int64, bool, error)

SequenceTable is implemented by tableCommon, and it is specialised in handling sequence operation. Otherwise calling table will cause import cycle problem.

type SessionManager

type SessionManager interface {
	ShowProcessList() map[uint64]*ProcessInfo
	GetProcessInfo(id uint64) (*ProcessInfo, bool)
	Kill(connectionID uint64, query bool)
	UpdateTLSConfig(cfg *tls.Config)

SessionManager is an interface for session manage. Show processlist and kill statement rely on this interface.

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