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const (
	// EncodingJSON indicates spans are encoded as a json byte array
	EncodingJSON = "json"
	// EncodingProto indicates spans are encoded as a protobuf byte array
	EncodingProto = "protobuf"

	// ConfigPrefix is a prefix for the ingester flags
	ConfigPrefix = "ingester"
	// KafkaConfigPrefix is a prefix for the Kafka flags
	KafkaConfigPrefix = "kafka"
	// SuffixBrokers is a suffix for the brokers flag
	SuffixBrokers = ".brokers"
	// SuffixTopic is a suffix for the topic flag
	SuffixTopic = ".topic"
	// SuffixGroupID is a suffix for the group-id flag
	SuffixGroupID = ".group-id"
	// SuffixEncoding is a suffix for the encoding flag
	SuffixEncoding = ".encoding"
	// SuffixDeadlockInterval is a suffix for deadlock detecor flag
	SuffixDeadlockInterval = ".deadlockInterval"
	// SuffixParallelism is a suffix for the parallelism flag
	SuffixParallelism = ".parallelism"
	// SuffixHTTPPort is a suffix for the HTTP port
	SuffixHTTPPort = ".http-port"

	// DefaultBroker is the default kafka broker
	DefaultBroker = ""
	// DefaultTopic is the default kafka topic
	DefaultTopic = "jaeger-spans"
	// DefaultGroupID is the default consumer Group ID
	DefaultGroupID = "jaeger-ingester"
	// DefaultParallelism is the default parallelism for the span processor
	DefaultParallelism = 1000
	// DefaultEncoding is the default span encoding
	DefaultEncoding = EncodingProto
	// DefaultDeadlockInterval is the default deadlock interval
	DefaultDeadlockInterval = 1 * time.Minute
	// DefaultHTTPPort is the default HTTP port (e.g. for /metrics)
	DefaultHTTPPort = 14271
	// IngesterDefaultHealthCheckHTTPPort is the default HTTP Port for health check
	IngesterDefaultHealthCheckHTTPPort = 14270


This section is empty.


func AddFlags

func AddFlags(flagSet *flag.FlagSet)

AddFlags adds flags for Builder


type Options

type Options struct {
	Parallelism int
	Encoding    string
	// IngesterHTTPPort is the port that the ingester service listens in on for http requests
	IngesterHTTPPort int
	DeadlockInterval time.Duration

Options stores the configuration options for the Ingester

func (*Options) InitFromViper

func (o *Options) InitFromViper(v *viper.Viper)

InitFromViper initializes Builder with properties from viper

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