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GoCryptoTrader package Forexprovider

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How to enable
import (

c := currencylayer.CurrencyLayer{}

// Define configuration
newSettings := base.Settings{
  	Name: "CurrencyLayer",
	Enabled: true,
	Verbose: false,
	RESTPollingDelay: time.Duration,
	APIKey: "key",
	APIKeyLvl: "keylvl",
	PrimaryProvider: true,


mapstringfloat, err := c.GetRates("USD", "EUR,CHY")
// Handle error
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Package currencylayer provides a simple REST API with real-time and historical exchange rates for 168 world currencies, delivering currency pairs in universally usable JSON format - compatible with any of your applications. Spot exchange rate data is retrieved from several major forex data providers in real-time, validated, processed and delivered hourly, every 10 minutes, or even within the 60-second market window. Providing the most representative forex market value available ("midpoint" value) for every API request, the currencylayer API powers currency converters, mobile applications, financial software components and back-office systems all around the world. for product information for API documentation and supported functionality



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const (
	AccountFree = iota

	APIEndpointURL        = ""
	APIEndpointURLSSL     = ""
	APIEndpointList       = "list"
	APIEndpointLive       = "live"
	APIEndpointHistorical = "historical"
	APIEndpointConversion = "convert"
	APIEndpointTimeframe  = "timeframe"
	APIEndpointChange     = "change"

const declarations consist of endpoints and APIKey privileges


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type ChangeRate

type ChangeRate struct {
	Success   bool               `json:"success"`
	Error     Error              `json:"error"`
	Terms     string             `json:"terms"`
	Privacy   string             `json:"privacy"`
	Change    bool               `json:"change"`
	StartDate string             `json:"start_date"`
	EndDate   string             `json:"end_date"`
	Source    string             `json:"source"`
	Quotes    map[string]Changes `json:"quotes"`

ChangeRate is the response type that holds rate change data.

type Changes

type Changes struct {
	StartRate float64 `json:"start_rate"`
	EndRate   float64 `json:"end_rate"`
	Change    float64 `json:"change"`
	ChangePCT float64 `json:"change_pct"`

Changes is a sub-type of ChangeRate that holds the actual changes of rates.

type ConversionRate

type ConversionRate struct {
	Success bool   `json:"success"`
	Error   Error  `json:"error"`
	Privacy string `json:"privacy"`
	Terms   string `json:"terms"`
	Query   struct {
		From   string  `json:"from"`
		To     string  `json:"to"`
		Amount float64 `json:"amount"`
	} `json:"query"`
	Info struct {
		Timestamp int64   `json:"timestamp"`
		Quote     float64 `json:"quote"`
	} `json:"info"`
	Historical bool    `json:"historical"`
	Date       string  `json:"date"`
	Result     float64 `json:"result"`

ConversionRate is a response type holding a converted rate.

type CurrencyLayer

type CurrencyLayer struct {
	Requester *request.Requester

CurrencyLayer is a foreign exchange rate provider at NOTE default base currency is USD when using a free account. Has automatic upgrade to a SSL connection.

func (*CurrencyLayer) Convert

func (c *CurrencyLayer) Convert(from, to, date string, amount float64) (float64, error)

Convert converts one currency amount to another currency amount.

func (*CurrencyLayer) GetHistoricalData

func (c *CurrencyLayer) GetHistoricalData(date string, currencies []string, source string) (map[string]float64, error)

GetHistoricalData returns historical exchange rate data for every past day of the last 16 years.

func (*CurrencyLayer) GetRates

func (c *CurrencyLayer) GetRates(baseCurrency, symbols string) (map[string]float64, error)

GetRates is a wrapper function to return rates for GoCryptoTrader

func (*CurrencyLayer) GetSupportedCurrencies

func (c *CurrencyLayer) GetSupportedCurrencies() ([]string, error)

GetSupportedCurrencies returns supported currencies

func (*CurrencyLayer) GetliveData

func (c *CurrencyLayer) GetliveData(currencies, source string) (map[string]float64, error)

GetliveData returns live quotes for foreign exchange currencies

func (*CurrencyLayer) QueryCurrencyChange

func (c *CurrencyLayer) QueryCurrencyChange(startDate, endDate, baseCurrency string, currencies []string) (map[string]Changes, error)

QueryCurrencyChange returns the change (both margin and percentage) of one or more currencies, relative to a Source Currency, within a specific time-frame (optional).

func (*CurrencyLayer) QueryTimeFrame

func (c *CurrencyLayer) QueryTimeFrame(startDate, endDate, baseCurrency string, currencies []string) (map[string]interface{}, error)

QueryTimeFrame returns historical exchange rates for a time-period. (maximum range: 365 days)

func (*CurrencyLayer) SendHTTPRequest

func (c *CurrencyLayer) SendHTTPRequest(endPoint string, values url.Values, result interface{}) error

SendHTTPRequest sends a HTTP request, if account is not free it automatically upgrades request to SSL.

func (*CurrencyLayer) Setup

func (c *CurrencyLayer) Setup(config base.Settings) error

Setup sets appropriate values for CurrencyLayer

type Error

type Error struct {
	Code int    `json:"code"`
	Info string `json:"info"`

Error Defines the response error if an error occurred

type HistoricalRates

type HistoricalRates struct {
	Success    bool               `json:"success"`
	Error      Error              `json:"error"`
	Terms      string             `json:"terms"`
	Privacy    string             `json:"privacy"`
	Historical bool               `json:"historical"`
	Date       string             `json:"date"`
	Timestamp  int64              `json:"timestamp"`
	Source     string             `json:"source"`
	Quotes     map[string]float64 `json:"quotes"`

HistoricalRates is a response type holding rates priced from the past.

type LiveRates

type LiveRates struct {
	Success   bool               `json:"success"`
	Error     Error              `json:"error"`
	Terms     string             `json:"terms"`
	Privacy   string             `json:"privacy"`
	Timestamp int64              `json:"timestamp"`
	Source    string             `json:"source"`
	Quotes    map[string]float64 `json:"quotes"`

LiveRates is a response type holding rates priced now.

type SupportedCurrencies

type SupportedCurrencies struct {
	Success    bool              `json:"success"`
	Error      Error             `json:"error"`
	Terms      string            `json:"terms"`
	Privacy    string            `json:"privacy"`
	Currencies map[string]string `json:"currencies"`

SupportedCurrencies holds supported currency information

type TimeFrame

type TimeFrame struct {
	Success   bool                   `json:"success"`
	Error     Error                  `json:"error"`
	Terms     string                 `json:"terms"`
	Privacy   string                 `json:"privacy"`
	Timeframe bool                   `json:"timeframe"`
	StartDate string                 `json:"start_date"`
	EndDate   string                 `json:"end_date"`
	Source    string                 `json:"source"`
	Quotes    map[string]interface{} `json:"quotes"`

TimeFrame is a response type holding exchange rates for a time period

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