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var MimeTypes = struct {
	TextPlain   string
	Tar         string
	OctetStream string
}{"text/plain", "application/tar", "application/octet-stream"}

MimeTypes stores the MIME content type.


func DetectContentType

func DetectContentType(c []byte) (string, map[string]string, error)

DetectContentType returns a best guess representation of the MIME content type for the bytes at c. The value detected by http.DetectContentType is guaranteed not be nil, defaulting to application/octet-stream when a better guess cannot be made. The result of this detection is then run through mime.ParseMediaType() which separates the actual MIME string from any parameters.

func Download

func Download(url string) (resp *http.Response, err error)

Download requests a given URL and returns an io.Reader.

func NewHTTPRequestError

func NewHTTPRequestError(msg string, res *http.Response) error

NewHTTPRequestError returns a JSON response error.

func ResumableRequestReader

func ResumableRequestReader(c *http.Client, r *http.Request, maxfail uint32, totalsize int64) io.ReadCloser

ResumableRequestReader makes it possible to resume reading a request's body transparently maxfail is the number of times we retry to make requests again (not resumes) totalsize is the total length of the body; auto detect if not provided

func ResumableRequestReaderWithInitialResponse

func ResumableRequestReaderWithInitialResponse(c *http.Client, r *http.Request, maxfail uint32, totalsize int64, initialResponse *http.Response) io.ReadCloser

ResumableRequestReaderWithInitialResponse makes it possible to resume reading the body of an already initiated request.


type ServerHeader

type ServerHeader struct {
	App string // docker
	Ver string // 1.8.0-dev
	OS  string // windows or linux

ServerHeader contains the server information.

func ParseServerHeader

func ParseServerHeader(hdr string) (*ServerHeader, error)

ParseServerHeader extracts pieces from an HTTP server header which is in the format "docker/version (os)" eg docker/1.8.0-dev (windows).

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