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func CompareDirectoryEntries

func CompareDirectoryEntries(e1 []os.FileInfo, e2 []os.FileInfo) error

CompareDirectoryEntries compares two sets of FileInfo (usually taken from a directory) and returns an error if different.

func ConsumeWithSpeed

func ConsumeWithSpeed(reader io.Reader, chunkSize int, interval time.Duration, stop chan bool) (n int, err error)

ConsumeWithSpeed reads chunkSize bytes from reader before sleeping for interval duration. Returns total read bytes. Send true to the stop channel to return before reading to EOF on the reader.

func ConvertSliceOfStringsToMap

func ConvertSliceOfStringsToMap(input []string) map[string]struct{}

ConvertSliceOfStringsToMap converts a slices of string in a map with the strings as key and an empty string as values.

func IsKilled

func IsKilled(err error) bool

IsKilled process the specified error and returns whether the process was killed or not.

func ListTar

func ListTar(f io.Reader) ([]string, error)

ListTar lists the entries of a tar.

func ParseCgroupPaths

func ParseCgroupPaths(procCgroupData string) map[string]string

ParseCgroupPaths parses 'procCgroupData', which is output of '/proc/<pid>/cgroup', and returns a map which cgroup name as key and path as value.

func RandomTmpDirPath

func RandomTmpDirPath(s string, platform string) string

RandomTmpDirPath provides a temporary path with rand string appended. does not create or checks if it exists.

func RunAtDifferentDate

func RunAtDifferentDate(date time.Time, block func())

RunAtDifferentDate runs the specified function with the given time. It changes the date of the system, which can led to weird behaviors.

func RunCommandPipelineWithOutput

func RunCommandPipelineWithOutput(cmds ...*exec.Cmd) (output string, exitCode int, err error)

RunCommandPipelineWithOutput runs the array of commands with the output of each pipelined with the following (like cmd1 | cmd2 | cmd3 would do). It returns the final output, the exitCode different from 0 and the error if something bad happened.


type ChannelBuffer

type ChannelBuffer struct {
	C chan []byte

ChannelBuffer holds a chan of byte array that can be populate in a goroutine.

func (*ChannelBuffer) Close

func (c *ChannelBuffer) Close() error

Close closes the go channel.

func (*ChannelBuffer) ReadTimeout

func (c *ChannelBuffer) ReadTimeout(p []byte, n time.Duration) (int, error)

ReadTimeout reads the content of the channel in the specified byte array with the specified duration as timeout.

func (*ChannelBuffer) Write

func (c *ChannelBuffer) Write(b []byte) (int, error)

Write implements Writer.

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Package checker provides Docker specific implementations of the go-check.Checker interface.
Package checker provides Docker specific implementations of the go-check.Checker interface.

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