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var (
	// ErrNotfound represents the object is not found, not exist.
	ErrNotfound = errorType{codeNotfound, "not found"}

	// ErrAlreadyExisted represents the object has already existed.
	ErrAlreadyExisted = errorType{codeAlreadyExisted, "already existed"}

	// ErrInvalidParam represents the parameters are invalid.
	ErrInvalidParam = errorType{codeInvalidParam, "invalid param"}

	// ErrTooMany reprensents the objects are too many.
	ErrTooMany = errorType{codeTooMany, "too many"}

	// ErrInvalidType represents the object's type is invalid.
	ErrInvalidType = errorType{codeInvalidType, "invalid type"}

	// ErrTimeout represents the operation is time out.
	ErrTimeout = errorType{codeTimeout, "time out"}

	// ErrLockfailed represents that failed to lock.
	ErrLockfailed = errorType{codeLockfailed, "lock failed"}


func IsAlreadyExisted

func IsAlreadyExisted(err error) bool

IsAlreadyExisted checks the error is object AlreadyExisted or not.

func IsInvalidParam

func IsInvalidParam(err error) bool

IsInvalidParam checks the error is the parameters are invalid or not.

func IsNotfound

func IsNotfound(err error) bool

IsNotfound checks the error is object Notfound or not.

func IsTimeout

func IsTimeout(err error) bool

IsTimeout checks the error is time out or not.


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