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Package apiversions provides information and interaction with the different API versions for the Container Infra service, code-named Magnum.



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func List

List lists all the API versions available to end-users.


type APIVersion

type APIVersion struct {
	// ID is the unique identifier of the API version.
	ID string `json:"id"`

	// MinVersion is the minimum microversion supported.
	MinVersion string `json:"min_version"`

	// Status is the API versions status.
	Status string `json:"status"`

	// Version is the maximum microversion supported.
	Version string `json:"max_version"`

APIVersion represents an API version for the Container Infra service.

func ExtractAPIVersions

func ExtractAPIVersions(r pagination.Page) ([]APIVersion, error)

ExtractAPIVersions takes a collection page, extracts all of the elements, and returns them a slice of APIVersion structs. It is effectively a cast.

type APIVersionPage

type APIVersionPage struct {

APIVersionPage is the page returned by a pager when traversing over a collection of API versions.

func (APIVersionPage) IsEmpty

func (r APIVersionPage) IsEmpty() (bool, error)

IsEmpty checks whether an APIVersionPage struct is empty.

type ErrMultipleVersionsFound

type ErrMultipleVersionsFound struct {
	Count int

ErrMultipleVersionsFound is the error when a request for an API version returns multiple results.

func (ErrMultipleVersionsFound) Error

func (e ErrMultipleVersionsFound) Error() string

type ErrVersionNotFound

type ErrVersionNotFound struct{}

ErrVersionNotFound is the error when the requested API version could not be found.

func (ErrVersionNotFound) Error

func (e ErrVersionNotFound) Error() string

type GetResult

type GetResult struct {

GetResult represents the result of a get operation.

func Get

func Get(client *gophercloud.ServiceClient, v string) (r GetResult)

Get will get a specific API version, specified by major ID.

func (GetResult) Extract

func (r GetResult) Extract() (*APIVersion, error)

Extract is a function that accepts a result and extracts an API version resource.


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