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var Clients = cmap.New()

    This data structure holds all clients that are connected to Slack's RealTime API keyed by Team ID


    func InitClients

    func InitClients()

      InitClients initializes all clients which are present in Redis on boot. This looks for all hashes in the key RELAX_BOTS_KEY and calls NewClient for each hash present in the redis key. It also starts a loop to listen to REDIS_BOTS_PUBSUB when new clients need to be started. It listens to Redis on pubsub instead of a queue because there can be multiple instances of Relax running and they all need to start a Slack client.


      type Action

      type Action struct {
      	Name    string        `json:"name"`
      	Text    string        `json:"text"`
      	Type    string        `json:"type"`
      	Style   string        `json:"style"`
      	Value   string        `json:"value"`
      	Confirm ConfirmAction `json:"confirm"`

      type Attachment

      type Attachment struct {
      	Fallback       string   `json:"fallback"`
      	Color          string   `json:"color"`
      	Pretext        string   `json:"pretext"`
      	AuthorName     string   `json:"author_name"`
      	AuthorLink     string   `json:"author_link"`
      	AuthorIcon     string   `json:"author_icon"`
      	Title          string   `json:"title"`
      	TitleLink      string   `json:"title_link"`
      	Text           string   `json:"text"`
      	Fields         []Field  `json:"fields"`
      	ImageUrl       string   `json:"image_url"`
      	ThumbUrl       string   `json:"thumb_url"`
      	Footer         string   `json:"footer"`
      	FooterIcon     string   `json:"footer_icon"`
      	Ts             int64    `json:"ts"`
      	AttachmentType string   `json:"attachment_type"`
      	CallbackId     string   `json:"callback_id"`
      	Actions        []Action `json:"actions"`

      type Channel

      type Channel struct {
      	Id        string `json:"id"`
      	Created   int64  `json:"created"`
      	Name      string `json:"name"`
      	CreatorId string `json:"creator"`
      	Im bool

        Channel represents a channel in Slack

        type Client

        type Client struct {
        	Token     string `json:"token"`
        	TeamId    string `json:"team_id"`
        	Provider  string `json:"provider"`
        	Namespace string `json:"namespace"`
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          Client is the backbone of this entire project and is used to make connections to the Slack API, and send response events back to the user

          func NewClient

          func NewClient(initJSON string) (*Client, error)

            NewClient initializes a new client that connects to Slack's RealTime API The client is initialized by JSON that looks like this: {"token":"xoxo_token","team_id":"team_id","provider":"slack"} where token is the token used by the bot, team_id is the ID for the team and provider is "slack"

            func (*Client) IncrementHeartBeatsMissed

            func (c *Client) IncrementHeartBeatsMissed()

            func (*Client) Login

            func (c *Client) Login() error

              Login calls the "rtm.start" Slack API and gets a bunch of information such as the websocket URL to connect to, users and channel information for the team and so on

              func (*Client) LoginAndStart

              func (c *Client) LoginAndStart() error

                LoginAndStarts is a simple helper function that calls login and start successively so that it can be invoked in a goroutine (as is done in InitClients)

                func (*Client) ResetHeartBeatsMissed

                func (c *Client) ResetHeartBeatsMissed()

                func (*Client) Start

                func (c *Client) Start() error

                  Start starts a websocket connection to Slack's servers and starts listening for messages If it detects an "invalid_auth" or "inactive_account" message, it means that the token provided by the user has expired or is incorrect and so it sends a "disable_bot" event back to the user so that they can take remedial action.

                  func (*Client) Stop

                  func (c *Client) Stop() error

                    Stop closes the websocket connection to Slack's websocket servers

                    type Command

                    type Command struct {
                    	Id        string `json:"id"`
                    	Type      string `json:"type"`
                    	TeamId    string `json:"team_id"`
                    	UserId    string `json:"user_id"`
                    	ChannelId string `json:"channel_id"`
                    	Namespace string `json:"namespace"`
                    	Payload   string `json:"payload"`

                    type ConfirmAction

                    type ConfirmAction struct {
                    	Title       string `json:"title"`
                    	Text        string `json:"text"`
                    	OkText      string `json:"ok_text"`
                    	DismissText string `json:"dismiss_text"`

                    type Event

                    type Event struct {
                    	Type           string       `json:"type"`
                    	UserUid        string       `json:"user_uid"`
                    	ChannelUid     string       `json:"channel_uid"`
                    	TeamUid        string       `json:"team_uid"`
                    	Im             bool         `json:"im"`
                    	Text           string       `json:"text"`
                    	RelaxBotUid    string       `json:"relax_bot_uid"`
                    	Timestamp      string       `json:"timestamp"`
                    	Provider       string       `json:"provider"`
                    	EventTimestamp string       `json:"event_timestamp"`
                    	Namespace      string       `json:"namespace"`
                    	Attachments    []Attachment `json:"attachments"`

                      Event represents an event that is to be consumed by the user, for e.g. when a message is received, an emoji reaction is added, etc. an event is sent back to the user.

                      type Field

                      type Field struct {
                      	Title string `json:"title"`
                      	Value string `json:"value"`
                      	Short bool   `json:"short"`

                      type Im

                      type Im struct {
                      	Id        string `json:"id"`
                      	Created   int64  `json:"created"`
                      	CreatorId string `json:"user"`

                        Im represents an IM (Direct Message) channel on Slack

                        type Message

                        type Message struct {
                        	Id               string       `json:"id"`
                        	Type             string       `json:"type"`
                        	Subtype          string       `json:"subtype"`
                        	Text             string       `json:"text"`
                        	Timestamp        string       `json:"ts"`
                        	DeletedTimestamp string       `json:"deleted_ts"`
                        	Reaction         string       `json:"reaction"`
                        	Hidden           bool         `json:"hidden"`
                        	Attachments      []Attachment `json:"attachments"`
                        	// For some events, such as message_changed, message_deleted, etc.
                        	// the Timestamp field contains the timestamp of the original message
                        	// so to make sure only one instance of the event is sent to REDIS_QUEUE_WEB
                        	// only once, and will be used by the `shouldSendToBot` function
                        	EventTimestamp string `json:"event_ts"`
                        	ReplyTo string `json:"reply_to"`
                        	User    User
                        	Channel Channel
                        	RawUser    json.RawMessage `json:"user"`
                        	RawChannel json.RawMessage `json:"channel"`
                        	RawMessage json.RawMessage `json:"message"`
                        	RawItem    json.RawMessage `json:"item"`

                          Message represents a message on Slack

                          func (*Message) ChannelId

                          func (m *Message) ChannelId() string

                          func (*Message) EmbeddedItem

                          func (m *Message) EmbeddedItem() *Message

                          func (*Message) EmbeddedMessage

                          func (m *Message) EmbeddedMessage() *Message

                          func (*Message) UserId

                          func (m *Message) UserId() string

                          type Metadata

                          type Metadata struct {
                          	Ok           bool      `json:"ok"`
                          	Self         User      `json:"self"`
                          	Url          string    `json:"url"`
                          	ImsList      []Im      `json:"ims"`
                          	ChannelsList []Channel `json:"channels"`
                          	GroupsList   []Channel `json:"groups"`
                          	UsersList    []User    `json:"users"`
                          	Error        string    `json:"error"`
                          	Users    map[string]User
                          	Channels map[string]Channel

                            Metadata contains data about a Client, such as whether it has been authenticated for e.g. Ok == true means a connection has been made, as well as a map of channels, users and IMs

                            type Payload

                            type Payload struct {
                            	Message  string `json:"message"`
                            	ImageUrl string `json:"image_url"`

                            type User

                            type User struct {
                            	Id                  string `json:"id"`
                            	Name                string `json:"name"`
                            	Color               string `json:"color"`
                            	Timezone            string `json:"tz"`
                            	TimezoneDescription string `json:"tz_label"`
                            	TimezoneOffset      int64  `json:"tz_offset"`
                            	IsDeleted           bool   `json:"deleted"`
                            	IsAdmin             bool   `json:"is_admin"`
                            	IsBot               bool   `json:"is_bot"`
                            	IsOwner             bool   `json:"is_owner"`
                            	IsPrimaryOwner      bool   `json:"is_primary_owner"`
                            	IsRestricted        bool   `json:"is_restricted"`

                              User represents a user on Slack