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var ErrBugsnagUnconfigured = errors.New("bugsnag must be configured before installing this logrus hook")

    ErrBugsnagUnconfigured is returned if NewBugsnagHook is called before bugsnag.Configure. Bugsnag must be configured before the hook.


    func NewBugsnagHook

    func NewBugsnagHook() (*bugsnagHook, error)

      NewBugsnagHook initializes a logrus hook which sends exceptions to an exception-tracking service compatible with the Bugsnag API. Before using this hook, you must call bugsnag.Configure(). The returned object should be registered with a log via `AddHook()`

      Entries that trigger an Error, Fatal or Panic should now include an "error" field to send to Bugsnag.


      type ErrBugsnagSendFailed

      type ErrBugsnagSendFailed struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        ErrBugsnagSendFailed indicates that the hook failed to submit an error to bugsnag. The error was successfully generated, but `bugsnag.Notify()` failed.

        func (ErrBugsnagSendFailed) Error

        func (e ErrBugsnagSendFailed) Error() string

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