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type BrintRole

type BrintRole struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*BrintRole) AddBridge

func (this *BrintRole) AddBridge(properties ...string)

func (*BrintRole) AddPort

func (this *BrintRole) AddPort(port string, ofPort uint, properties ...string) (string, error)

func (*BrintRole) DecRefCount

func (this *BrintRole) DecRefCount(networkID, podNs, podName string) error

func (*BrintRole) DelPortTable

func (this *BrintRole) DelPortTable(portID string) error

func (*BrintRole) DelTenantNetworkTable

func (this *BrintRole) DelTenantNetworkTable(networkID string) error

func (*BrintRole) GetDefaultGwIP

func (this *BrintRole) GetDefaultGwIP() string

func (*BrintRole) GetDefaultGwNetworkID

func (this *BrintRole) GetDefaultGwNetworkID() string

func (*BrintRole) GetPortTable

func (this *BrintRole) GetPortTable(portID string) (string, error)

func (*BrintRole) GetTenantNetworkTable

func (this *BrintRole) GetTenantNetworkTable(networkID string) (*brintsubrole.TenantNetworkValue, error)

func (*BrintRole) GetVlanID

func (this *BrintRole) GetVlanID(networkID string) (string, error)

func (*BrintRole) IncRefCount

func (this *BrintRole) IncRefCount(networkID, podNs, podName string) error

func (*BrintRole) InsertPortTable

func (this *BrintRole) InsertPortTable(portID, portName string) error

func (*BrintRole) InsertTenantNetworkTable

func (this *BrintRole) InsertTenantNetworkTable(networkID string, vni int, vlanID string) error

func (*BrintRole) LoadTenantNetworkTable

func (this *BrintRole) LoadTenantNetworkTable() error

func (*BrintRole) NeedDelTenantNetworkTable

func (this *BrintRole) NeedDelTenantNetworkTable(networkID string) bool

type BrtunRole

type BrtunRole struct {
	BridgeRole     brcomsubrole.BridgeRole
	PortRole       brcomsubrole.PortRole
	SyncClientRole brtunsubrole.SyncClientRole

func (*BrtunRole) AddNetwork

func (this *BrtunRole) AddNetwork(networkID string, vni int, vlanID string) error

func (*BrtunRole) AddPort

func (this *BrtunRole) AddPort(port string, ofPort uint, properties ...string) (string, error)

func (*BrtunRole) RemoveNetwork

func (this *BrtunRole) RemoveNetwork(networkID string) error

func (*BrtunRole) StartSync

func (this *BrtunRole) StartSync()

func (*BrtunRole) SyncSwitch

func (this *BrtunRole) SyncSwitch(cfg *jason.Object) bool


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