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type Listener

type Listener struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Listener is a Mitti OSC message receiver

func MakeListener

func MakeListener(oscServer *osc.Server) *Listener

MakeListener creates a Mitti OSC message listener

func (*Listener) Listen

func (listener *Listener) Listen() chan State

Listen registers a new listener for the decoded Mitti messages

type State

type State struct {
	Remaining int
	Elapsed   int
	Hours     int
	Minutes   int
	Seconds   int
	Frames    int
	Progress  float64
	Paused    bool
	Loop      bool
	Updated   time.Time

State is the Mitti playback state from osc messages

func (*State) Copy

func (state *State) Copy() State

Copy creates a new copy of the Mitti state

func (*State) CueTimeElapsed

func (state *State) CueTimeElapsed(cueTimeElapsed string)

CueTimeElapsed gets the elapsed time on current Mitti cue

func (*State) CueTimeLeft

func (state *State) CueTimeLeft(cueTimeLeft string)

CueTimeLeft gets the time left on current Mitti cue

func (*State) String

func (state *State) String() string

func (*State) ToggleLoop

func (state *State) ToggleLoop(i int32)

ToggleLoop toggles the loop state

func (*State) TogglePlay

func (state *State) TogglePlay(i int32)

TogglePlay toggles the play/pause state

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